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Amro Ali and Dina El-Sharnouby


Youth and Citizenship in the Digital Era: Critique of an Emerging Phenomenon


In a clip that is quite telling of how far relations between digital-savvy youth and power structures have come; the botched, now incarcerated, heir to Egypt’s throne, Gamal Mubarak, was asked a question on his view regarding the youth of Facebook. The young Mubarak dismissed the question mockingly by asking another reporter to answer it causing the audience to burst out in a fit of laughter. That was prior to the 25 January 2011 Egyptian Revolution. Today, as the leaked ...

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Amro Ali and Dina El-Sharnouby


Amro Ali is a political analyst, stand-up comedian, and PhD scholar at the University of Sydney's Department of Government and International Relations. His research examines the resurgence of soft-power through Egypt's non-state actors. He has a Master of Arts with Honours in Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies and a Master of Diplomacy from the Australian National University. Currently based in Alexandria, Egypt, he blogs at and his Twitter handle is @_amroali.

Dina El Sharnouby (MA, American University in Cairo) is an Adjunct Instructor in the Departments of Sociology/Anthropology/Psychology and Egyptology at the American University in Cairo. Her MA thesis entitled, “Youth and the 25th Revolution in Egypt: Agents of Change and its Multiple Meanings” is an analysis of how youth in Egypt were deployed before, during, and after the revolution. Her major research interests focus on youth, youth movements, and notions of democratization in the Arab World generally, and in Egypt specifically.