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On Super Mosquito: An Interview with Sudanese Cartoonist Khalid Albaih

SAMAR MEDIA - Cartoonists from the Arab world Episode 6: "Khalid Albaih - Sudan » Filmed : 05/2014 Broadcast 27 March 2015 Khalid Albaih is a Sudanese cartoonist who shot to international fame in 2011, when one his drawings predicting the fall of the Middle Eastern authoritarian regimes went viral after the start of the Tunisian revolution. His cartoons have struck a chord with young revolutionaries from Egypt to Yemen. In his interview with SAMAR, he talks about the ...

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"Tahrir," My Revolution

[Protesters gather in Tahrir Square on 29 July 2011. Photo by Hossam el-Hamalawy]

Two years ago, Egyptians took to the streets to demand “bread, freedom, and social justice.” The first demonstrations, which took place on 25 January 2011, rapidly turned into massive protests against Hosni Mubarak and an eighteen-day uprising that led to the Egyptian dictator’s resignation on 11 February. Two years after, what is left of the January 25 Revolution? This series of eight videos made by SAMAR MEDIA (click here to find out more) reflects on the events ...

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Syrian Cartoonist Ali Ferzat: 'They broke my hands to stop me from drawing Assad' (Video)

[Image from Samar Media.]

In this series of interviews, leading cartoonists from the Arab world talk about the revolutions transforming the region through the prism of their own work. Below, we feature the first interview in the series, conducted with Ali Farzat, the Syrian cartoonist who was attacked by thugs, considered to be part of the Syrian regime's shabbiha. They beat him and broke both of his hands. The films were made by Samar Media, a project launched by Stand Alone ...

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 Samar Media

SAMAR is a new media dedicated to the Arab world. We produce and broadcast on the web video content in Arabic, English and French, which provides thorough analysis of leading issues and promotes exceptional individuals and projects. As a member of the STAND ALONE MEDIA network, SAMAR is proud to be an inspiring "slow media" that makes knowledge and creation available to the widest number. Born in the aftermath of the "Arab spring", SAMAR offers the keys to understand the dynamics at work in North Africa and the Middle East.