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Ed Gaier, Samer Araabi, and Sara Jawhari


Symbolism in Peril

[Image from The Economist.]

Recently, The Economist covered the major changes occurring in Egyptian national politics that are establishing the foundation for the country’s future. The cover photo used features the pyramids as volcanoes. After some initial joking amongst ourselves at the expense of Economist editors about their apparent confusion over Egyptian politics and/or geology, we decided to interpret the implications of the photo upon an uncritical audience. [Image from The Economist.] To ...

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Ed Gaier, Samer Araabi, and Sara Jawhari


Ed Gaier is a full-time researcher for communications strategy consultants in Washington, DC and is
the project manager for the Arab Studies Institute’s Production of Knowledge Project. He received his
bachelor’s from Siena College and master’s degree from George Mason University: both for political
science. Ed continues to pursue his academic interests through writing and research as an independent

Samer Araabi is the Government Relations Manager at the Arab American Institute. He is also a
contributor to a number of foreign policy publications including the Institute for Policy Studies,
the Balkans Project, Foreign Policy in Focus, the Inter Press Service, and Al Jazeera. Samer recently
graduated from the London School of Economics with a Masters in Conflict Studies, and holds dual
degrees in Political Theory and Economics.

Sara Jawhari is a Palestinian American living in Kansas City, MO. She is a senior at the University
of Kansas, majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Peace and Conflict Studies. She hopes to
one-day work as a traveling freelance journalist and documentary filmmaker.