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Khelil Bouarrouj


Neither Allah, Nor Master

[A screenshot from Al Jazeera coverage of Nadia el Fani's film.]

An exploration of secularism and public religiosity in post-revolution Tunisia, Nadia el Fani's Neither Allah, Nor Master serves more as a vehicle for an intellectual who poses as a victim of Islamism. The film attempts to probe into the question of fasting and alcohol sales during the Islamic month of Ramadan when Muslims abstain from food and drink from sunrise to sunset, and when many liquor stores close their doors. The premise is simple: an atheist Tunisian is at the ...

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Khelil Bouarrouj is a New York University graduate student in Near Eastern studies at the Hagop Kevorkian Center. He has previously published for al Akhbar English and is a writer and editor for the Kevorkian Center's Kalamna blog. Forthcoming, he will publish a book review in Crossroads: International Journal of Arabian, Gulf, and Yemeni Studies.