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Sonny Singh


Soul Searching for the Roots of White Supremacist Terror in the United States

[Candles lit during a vigil in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Photo by Brianne O'Brien, via Flickr.]

I heard about what was unfolding in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, last Sunday when I saw the words “shooting” and “Sikh temple” on the screen of CNN as I walked into a hotel lobby. It felt like a punch in the stomach. Despite the lack of concrete information, I and other Sikhs who I talked with in those first few hours all knew in our guts what was happening: another hate attack.  Sobbing in front of a computer screen in the hotel’s business center, I thought about ...

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Sonny Singh


Sonny Singh is a musician, educator, and activist based in Brooklyn, NY. He plays in the bhangra funk band Red Baraat and has written for the Huffington Post, The Langar Hall, Colorlines, and the Asian American Literary Review. You can find him here and follow him on Twiter at @brooklynsingh.