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Natalia Sancha

Families of Kidnapped Lebanese in Syria Cut Off Access to the Airport in Beirut

[The Moqdad familly and eleven kidnapped Lebanese block the old airport road in Beirut. Image by Natalia Sancha.]

In an irony of history, the old Lebanon, feared in the decade of the 1970s for its hijackers, is now the victim of kidnappings. The confusion is greater when Lebanese are kidnapped in Syria and Syrians are kidnapped in Lebanon as a deliberate proxy war between pro-Syrian regime groups in Lebanon, and detractor groups in Syria. [Families of the eleven Lebanese kidnapped respond to press and ask for immediate release of their relatives.]   The media reports began to ...

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Natalia Sancha

Natalia Sancha is an active journalist, political analyst, and photographer. She collaborates with several Spanish media sources (La Voz de Galicia, Foreign Policy, Política Exterior, and Afkar/Ideas), and published with Spanish think-tanks that focus on the MENA region. She maintains her blog, Inside Middle East, and keeps some of her photography at After completing her M.A. in Arab Studies from Georgetown University, Natalia Sancha joined the Spanish NGO Cives Mundi and has been based in Beirut, Lebanon since 2008.