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Tariq Tell


A Rejoinder to the Response of Lama Abu Odeh: On Jordan, the Hashemite Regime, and the Current Mobilizations

[Mt. Nebo, seen from the east, circa 1915. Image from Oregon State University Archives]

[This article was written as a rejoinder to Lama Abu Odeh's  response to the author's interview on the history of state formation in Jordan and regime-society relations in the context of the Arab uprisings. Click here to read Lama Abu Odeh's response, and click here to read the original interview with Tariq Tell.] Lama Abu Odeh begins her response to my two-part interview published in Jadaliyya by congratulating me for offering readers an analysis of Jordan’s ...

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Tariq Tell


Tariq Tell is a Jordanian scholar and activist. He is the author of "Guns, Gold, and Grain: War and Food Supply in the Making of Modern Jordan" and co-editor (with Eugene Rogan) of Village, Steppe, and State: The Social Origins of Modern Jordan. His manuscript, entitled The Social and Economic Origins of Monarchy in Jordan, is due for release in January 2013.