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Tariq Tell


Early Spring in Jordan: The Revolt of the Military Veterans

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The Jordanian Hirak grassroots movement of 2011–2013 is increasingly being recognized as a social and political protest movement born out of discontent in East Bank hinterlands long thought to be home to unflagging supporters of Jordan’s autocratic regime. The movement’s foundations were laid in the spring of 2010 by a revolt of Jordanian military veterans that combined an East Bank nationalism critical of the government’s approach to the Palestine question with an ...

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A Rejoinder to the Response of Lama Abu Odeh: On Jordan, the Hashemite Regime, and the Current Mobilizations

[Mt. Nebo, seen from the east, circa 1915. Image from Oregon State University Archives]

[This article was written as a rejoinder to Lama Abu Odeh's  response to the author's interview on the history of state formation in Jordan and regime-society relations in the context of the Arab uprisings. Click here to read Lama Abu Odeh's response, and click here to read the original interview with Tariq Tell.] Lama Abu Odeh begins her response to my two-part interview published in Jadaliyya by congratulating me for offering readers an analysis of Jordan’s ...

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Tariq Tell


Tariq Tell is a Jordanian scholar and activist. He is the author of "Guns, Gold, and Grain: War and Food Supply in the Making of Modern Jordan" and co-editor (with Eugene Rogan) of Village, Steppe, and State: The Social Origins of Modern Jordan. His manuscript, entitled The Social and Economic Origins of Monarchy in Jordan, is due for release in January 2013.