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Yaman Salahi

The Echo Chamber of "Campus Anti-Semitism"

[The room of the California State Assembly. Image from Wikimedia Commons.]

Although few people are aware of the United States Commission on Civil Rights’ (USCCR) 2006 findings about "campus anti-Semitism," they have recently been invoked in a growing number of campaigns that threaten to curb students' First Amendment right to freedom of expression.  The USCCR findings on this issue form part of an echo chamber whereby a network of partisan, Israel-aligned organisations and activists repeat the same claims, often unchallenged, before ...

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Yaman Salahi

Yaman Salahi follows developments impacting the free speech rights of Arab and Muslim students, particularly with respect to Israel/Palestine activism. He recently graduated from Yale Law School and is also an alumnus of the University of California, Berkeley and Cal Students for Justice in Palestine.