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Rita from Syria


All Armies - the Syrian Regime, the FSA and Islamist - Are Thieves

[Kids leading the protest of Bustan Al-Qasr. Photo by Rita from Syria.]

During the 1990s, my small village which felt like it was cut off from half the known world experienced a strange new phenomenon. A big mosque was built by donors from the city of Hama, the cost of which at the time outstripped the earnings of the residents of the whole village combined. The thing I remember most about the mosque was the huge quantities of rice and olive oil deposited in front of the mosque to distribute among the regular visitors. We began to see a few of ...

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The FSA: How to Lose Support and Alienate People in No Time

[A Free Syrian Army fighter prepares to fire an RPG on regime forces in Homs, Syria. Image from Wikimedia Commons.]

By December 2011, peaceful protests had stopped being confined to Fridays and had become part of our daily life. Regime suppression continued apace, but we felt we had a modicum of safety. In response to regime attacks on peaceful protests, members of the FSA took on the responsibility of protecting the protest movement. Armed with a deep conviction in our revolution rather than any heavy weapons, the embryonic FSA used to keep watch in the alleys and alert us to the coming ...

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 Rita from Syria

Rita is a Syrian opposition activist. She lives in Damascus and studies at Damascus University.