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Mohammad Ali Kadivar

A New Oppositional Politics: The Campaign Participants in Iran’s 2013 Presidential Election

[Iranian President-elect Hasan Rowhani gestures as he speaks at a press conference in Tehran, Iran, Monday, 17 June 2013. Image by Ebrahim Noroozi/AP Photo.]

Iranian politics took all of us by surprise again. While the election of Hassan Rowhani as the new president of Iran marks an important turning point in the factional rivalries and elite conflict in Iran, the process of the election also displayed a rather new model of oppositional politics in Iran. This new pragmatist model combines conventional methods of politics such as electoral participation with unconventional tactics such as street demonstrations and popular ...

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تحديات الانتخابات الرئاسية الايرانية المقبلة

[الانتخابات الأيرانية عام ٢٠٠٩. متظاهرون في النرويج. المصدر ويكيليكس]

یبدو أن الانتخابات الرئاسية المقبلة في إيران والمزمع عقدها في عام ٢٠١٣  ستؤدي إلى تعميق الانقسامات في صفوف المعارضة الايرانية؛ بينما بدأت أطراف من المعارضة التداول حول المشاركة في الانتخابات، يرفض بعضها مبدأ المشاركة فيها ،على سبيل المثال  قال سعيد حجاريان، وهو أحد المنظرين للمعارضين في الداخل إن الانتخابات هي "فرصة للتنظيم والعمل" وفي الوقت نفسه رأى الصحفي والناشط البارز مرتضى كاظميان أنها ستشمل منتسبي النظام فقط ولن تسمح السلطة لأي من القوى الديمقراطية ...

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To Participate or Boycott? Challenges of the 2013 Election and the Iranian Opposition

[Iranian presidential election 2009 protests, Oslo, Norway. Image from Wikimedia Commons.]

The upcoming 2013 presidential election in Iran seems to be activating and deepening the fissures within the Iranian opposition. While parts of the opposition have started deliberating and discussing about participation in the election, other sections oppose participating on principle. A prominent reformist strategist, for example, suggested that election is “an opportunity for organizing and action.” Meanwhile, another famous activist journalist wrote that the only possible ...

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Mohammad Ali Kadivar


Mohammad Ali Kadivar is an associate editor at Social Forces and a PhD candidate at the sociology department at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.