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Raha Iranian Feminist Collective


Sanctions Against Iran: A Duplicitous "Alternative" to War

[EU stepping on the Iranian government; an old Iranian man being crushed says

Media reports on Iran oscillate wildly between threats of imminent military action and hopeful reports of diplomatic progress. Amidst this confusing din, there is a constant truth: the United States has not ceased its economic bullying of Iran, nor has the threat of war receded. As Dennis B. Ross, the Obama Administration’s former Iran advisor, told the New York Times, “now you have a focus on the negotiations...It doesn't mean the threat of using force goes away, but it ...

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Essential Readings: Iran

[Image by Farhad Rajabali]

In recent years, there has been a deluge of popular English-language writings by Iranians in exile, as well as hand-wringing public policy books by U.S.-based think tank pundits, all insisting on the same basic message: Iran represents a geo-political problem of unparalleled importance. While the stated goal of these books and organizations is to educate the English-reading global public about Iran, very often the message comes laced with support for militarily enforced ...

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Solidarity and Its Discontents

[Poster for Brooklyn Green Scroll March in September 2009.]

While building solidarity between activists in the U.S. and Iran can be a powerful way of supporting social justice movements in Iran, progressives and leftists who want to express solidarity with Iranians are challenged by a complicated geopolitical terrain. The U.S. government shrilly decries Iran’s nuclear power program and expands a long-standing sanctions regime on the one hand, and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad makes inflammatory proclamations and harshly ...

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 Raha Iranian Feminist Collective


Raha Iranian Feminist Collective is an NYC-based group of Iranian and Iranian-American women working towards gender and sexual justice, and opposed to militarism and imperialism. They believe that all genuine liberation comes from below. Contact them at