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Shiva Bayat


First Jordanian Elections post Arab Uprisings; Challenges of Reporting from Syria

[Ink stained fingers after voting. Image by james_gordon_losangeles via. flickr]

This week, Amman-based activist and writer Hisham Bustani updates VOMENA on the first Jordanian parliamentary elections since the Arab uprisings, and what they mean for the country. More than thirty journalists were killed in Syria in 2012 alone. Istanbul-based freelance journalist Justin Vela talks about the challenges and pitfalls of reporting from a Syrian warzone. [Correction from Hisham Bustani: To correct a mistake I made in the interview regarding the ...

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Al Jazeera America: Purely a Business Endeavor? Interview with Adel Iskandar

[Al Jazeera and Current Logo]

Last week, Qatar-based media giant Al Jazeera purchased Al Gore’s failing Current TV for five hundred million dollars. After years of being snubbed by American cable networks, is Al Jazeera’s expansion purely a business endeavor? This week, Malihe Razazzan spoke with Jadaliyya's Media and Reporting Co-Editor and adjunct professor at Georgetown University Adel Iskandar about the motives behind Al Jazeera's buy-out, the station's background and influence, ...

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The State of Egypt Today: Political Protests and Freedom of Press


On 22 November, thousands of protesters took to the streets when President Mohammad Morsi unilaterally granted himself sweeping powers to govern Egypt. He later rescinded some provisions of his decree but forced through a draft constitution and set a deadline for a popular referendum to enshrine it. Where is Egypt's political crisis heading? And who is in charge? VOMENA's Khalil Bendib put these questions to Cairo-based independent journalist Ahmad Shokr Egyptian ...

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Egyptian Protesters and Imprisoned Iranian Hunger Striker: Interviews with Mona El Ghobashy, Hesham Sallam and Hadi Ghaemi

[Nasrin Sotoudeh, imprisoned lawyer and human rights activist. Photo from ICHR]

Egyptians are revolting once again but this time against an elected President: Mohammed Morsi, who just passed a series of presidential decrees giving him near-dictatorial powers. Almost two years after the fall of Hosni Mubarak, Egypt remains mired in major political struggles between the remnants of Hosni Mubarak's regime, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the rest of Egyptian political opinion. What is the balance of power as it stands now between the different competing ...

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Exclusive: Shahin Najafi on the Perils of Being an Artist in Iran

[cover of Shahin Najafi's album Hich Hich Hich. photo by Reza Ahmadi]

Iranian musician and songwriter Shahin Najafi describes himself as an artist who shows no mercy to any group or any part of the political spectrum. In his work nothing appears to be sacred; his lyrics constantly question political authoritarianism, social injustice, ideological dogmas, and cultural taboos. Shahin Najafi’s defiant spirit put him at loggerheads with the authorities in Iran and compelled him to leave the country in 2004 in order to continue his work ...

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Shiva Bayat


Shiva Bayat is the Youth Program Coordinator at the Arab Cultural and Community Center in San Francisco. She received her B.A. in art and ehtnic studies from San Francisco State University in 2012. Shiva is an intern with the Jadaliyya Media Page.