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Nada Ghandour-Demiri

DARS Page Co-Editor

The Urban Subalterns and the Non-Movements of the Arab Uprisings: An Interview with Asef Bayat

[Asef Bayat. Image from]

This interview was conducted with Asef Bayat via electronic correspondence. In it, Bayat discusses the inside-out character of neoliberal cities in the Arab world and its influence on the recent wave of protests known collectives as the Arab uprisings. In addition, Bayat elaborates on the notion of urban subalterns, and the existence of social "non-movements" of the poor and the youth.  Nada Ghandour-Demiri (NGD): You recently published an article in City ...

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Nada Ghandour-Demiri


Nada Ghandour-Demiri is a Research Fellow in the School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies at the University of Bristol, where she acquired her PhD. Her doctoral thesis explored the ways in which nonviolent resistance against the Israeli occupation is being conducted and disciplined. She is currently working as a researcher with Jadaliyya, and is co-editor of the DARS Page.