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Nehad Khader

Land Day and the Politics of Representation

[Crop of image of 1972 PLO poster.]

On 30 March 1976, after the Israeli government published a plan to expropriate Palestinian lands for state use, along with an order to impose a curfew on several Palestinian villages, the Palestinian community in Israel called for a general strike and protests throughout the country. Israeli police and military killed six protestors, injured hundreds, and arrested hundreds more. Palestinians now commemorate March 30th as Land Day. Many claim that the protests in 1976 ...

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DAM: Crime, Honor, and Hip-Hop

[DAM's Tamer Nafar, Mahmood Jreri, and Suhell Nafar]

Palestinian rap trio DAM dropped their latest video “If I Could Go Back in Time” a week ago at a press conference in Ramallah. Working in cooperation with UN Women, the subject of the song is domestic violence and crimes against women. With this release, DAM members Mahmoud Jreri, Suhell Nafar, and Tamer Nafar affirm their reputation as audacious socially-conscious rappers by continuing to take on taboo issues in Palestinian society. They do so through hip-hop, whose ...

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The Last Friday Film Review: DC Premiere at DC Palestinian Film and Arts Festival

Photo still from the film

Youssef leans over his salmon-colored cement balcony overlooking Amman’s poorer neighborhoods. The houses in the distance are stacked one over the other like a bland-colored Lego city covered in smog. He sips his coffee alone, listening to the sound of the call to prayer. The scene is so grand and the solitary man is so central that the call to prayer fades into the background, ricocheting off the buildings in the distance. It seems little more than an echo in his ears. Some ...

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Nehad Khader

Nehad Khader is an educator, an artist, and art curator. She earned her masters in Arab Studies from Georgetown University with a focus on art movements in the Arab world. Nehad is board member and programming committee chair of the DC Palestinian Film and Arts Festival and is a contributor to the online magazine thisthatSAID. She is Managing Editor of Tadween Publishing.