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Lara Aryani


المملكة العربية السعودية وحرب الشرعية في اليمن


 في 21 نيسان\إبريل، 2015 أعلن التحالف العسكري للدول العربية الذي تقوده السعودية أن "عملية عاصفة الحزم"، الحملة العسكرية ضد اليمن التي شُنّتْ في 25 آذار\مارس، دخلت في طور جديد أكثر سلمية، تحت مسمى "إعادة الأمل". بعد ذلك بوقت قصير، ألقى الرئيس اليمني عبد ربه منصور هادي خطابه الأول للأمة من منفاه في المملكة العربية السعودية، مكرراً الكثير من التهم والإنذارات نفسها ضد الحوثيين. وقد استُؤنف القصف بعد ساعات فقط من إعلان التحالف، وبعد أكثر من أسبوع، لم ...

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Saudi Arabia and the War of Legitimacy in Yemen

[A Yemeni child at Mazraq IDP camp in 2009, displaced from his home in Saada during

On 21 April 2015, the Saudi-led war coalition of Arab states announced that “Operation Decisive Storm,” the military campaign against Yemen that started on 25 March, had transitioned to a new, more peaceful phase, codenamed “Operation Restore Hope.” Shortly thereafter, Yemeni President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi delivered his first speech to the nation from exile in Saudi Arabia, repeating many of the same accusations against, and ultimatums to, the Houthis. The bombing resumed ...

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Crafting Chaos: Presidential Games and Yemen's Escalating Violence

[Protester confronting regime forces. Image from]

I am sitting in the dark, having enjoyed a remarkable 6 consecutive hours of electricity today in our house near the “Square of Fear”, a roundabout in an affluent neighborhood of Sana’a that sits between the houses of General Ali Mohsen and Hamid al-Ahmar. The sounds of mortars, missiles and gunfire echo from across the city in al-Hasaba, where al-Jazeera will tell me tomorrow morning that 41 people were killed overnight. If we were to believe Yemen State Television and the ...

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Of the Elites, By the Elites, For the Elites: An Update on Yemen's Revolution

[Image from European Press Photo Agency]

As the clock ticks closer to Friday, Yemenis and observers of Yemen are bracing themselves for the unknown. Reports of a prospective deal between Ali Saleh and Ali Mohsen for a mutual resignation flooded social networking sites, Yemeni homes and Taghyir Square today, speculating hopefully on its potential to spare the country further bloodshed. Saleh dispelled those rumors in a TV appearance Thursday night, looking haggard and worn and declaring he would not be stepping ...

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Yemen's Turn: An Overview

[Poster of Ali Abdullah Saleh. Arabic text reads

To begin to understand the trajectory of recent political developments in Yemen, it is necessary to cast one’s eye back further than the heady days of 2011. Undoubtedly, events in Egypt and Tunisia have lent considerable force to demonstrations in the capital, Sana’a. However, it would be unfair to the thousands of Yemenis who for years have organized daily protests throughout the country and the thousands who have been killed, imprisoned, injured and tortured by the state ...

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