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Amal Kaawash أمل كعوش


وين كنتوا قبل؟

[رسم أمل كعوش خاص بجدلية]

في الذكرى الخامسة والستين لنكبة فلسطين   [رسم أمل كعوش خاص بجدلية]

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Omar Saad: "I will not be a soldier in your army"

[Illustration by Amal Kaawash for Jadaliyya]


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The Balfour Declaration: 95 Years Later

[Cartoon by Amal Kawaash]

The Balfour Declaration was issued on 2 November 1917 as a letter from Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom Sir Arthur James Balfour to Baren Walter Rothschild, a leader in the Zionist movement. It was subsequently incorporated into the Sevres Peace Treaty with Turkey and the Mandate for Palestine.  

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Sabra and Shatila . . . Thirty Years Later

[Illustration by Amal Kaawash for Jadaliyya] [

    " لا يتبخر الدم بل يغوص في الأرض" "Blood does not evaporate. It sinks into the earth."                                                     --Talal Salman

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Amal Kaawash أمل كعوش

Amal Ziad Kaawash is a Palestinian cartoonist, vocalist, and songwriter. She runs the Meiroun blog at She is Jadaliyya's official cartoonist.