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Amin Alsaden


Dissipating Dissent: Morocco's Stabilizing Spatial Tactics

[An image of some of the new building in the Casablanca Marina Development. Image taken on June 2012 by author.]

When considering the wave of uprisings that swept the Arab world recently, otherwise known as the “Arab Spring,” Morocco is often perceived as the exception to the rule. The country’s socio-political profile led many to believe that it was only a matter of time for the disgruntled masses to take to the streets and bring down another regime that has monopolized governance for decades and on whom the country’s ills can be blamed. Morocco has survived the unrest, however, and ...

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Amin Alsaden


Amin Alsaden is a doctoral student at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University. His research revolves around the role politics play in determining forms of architectural and urban modernism in non-western contexts, particularly in the MENA region. His dissertation focuses on salient cultural and institutional buildings in Baghdad, Iraq, around and following the mid-twentieth century, a period that witnessed unprecedented intellectual and artistic growth and multifaceted novel cultural production.