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Kifah and Jennifer


King Abdullah II of Jordan, World Statesman?

[King Abdullah II of Jordan speaks at the inauguration of the newly-elected parliament, in Amman, Jordan, 10 February 2013. Photo by Mohammad Hannon via AP Photo]

This week, Jeffrey Goldberg published a now infamous interview with King Abdullah II of Jordan in The Atlantic. Its contents have reverberated all around the blogosphere, generating heated real-life debates. Even before the full interview was made public, the New York Times culled out the most egregious of quotes for an article on 18 March. It was this truncated version that was initially circulating through the Internet and in the media in Jordan. Increasingly, references ...

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Jon Stewart's Theater of the Absurd

[Screen shot of

Soon after King Abdullah II ascended the throne of Jordan in 1999, he began using media and advertising campaigns to distinguish himself from his father King Husayn and to present his policies to his subjects.  While for decades King Husayn’s picture appeared all over the country – garbed in bedouin, military, and Western costume – almost immediately, Abdullah trumped his father in sheer size of display by propping up an enormous poster of himself along University Road ...

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 Kifah and Jennifer

Kifah and Jennifer are pseudonyms for these contributors, as they wish to remain anonymous.