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Syria Media Roundup (February 7)

[Abandoned street. Bostan al Dewan, Homs. 2 February 2013. Via Lens Young Homsi.] [Abandoned street. Bostan al Dewan, Homs. 2 February 2013. Via Lens Young Homsi.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Syria and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Syria Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.]

Regional and International Perspectives

The Syrian Regime Bravely Condemns the Israeli Airstrike on Syria
Bassam Haddad’s satirical piece on the regional response to Israel’s airstrike. 

Cross-Talk: Syria Exploited  Joshua Landis, Rafif Joujeti and Alon Liel discuss the latest developments in Syria, following the Israeli airstrike.

Israel in Syria Asad AbuKhalil says the Syrian regime is now finding itself between a rock and a hard place, because “the Syrian army, which has by and large remained loyal to the regime, could face major defections in protest against this regime reluctance.”

Netanyahu, Lapid and Syria Mazal Mualem says “anyone who kept track of the prime minister’s announcements last week, even before the assault in Syria, can easily identify the connection Netanyahu makes between Assad’s loss of control in Syria and a possible solution to his own personal political headache.”

Declarations du Chef de la Coalition Nationale Syrienne a Munich Ignace Leverrier translates to French Ahmed Moazz Al Khatib’s message to Sergei Lavrov whom he met last week. 

Turkey Steps Up its Criticism of Israel Turkey also criticized the Syrian regime for not retaliating against Israel.

The Rise of Syria’s Kurds Heiko Wimmen and Muzehher Selcuk on accusations leveled against the Democratic Union Party (PYD) by the armed Syrian opposition and Turkey, who view the PYD as a mouthpiece of the Syrian regime and an organization advancing the Kurdistan Workers Party`s (PKK) interests in the region.   

Influx of Syrian Refugees Neither Boom Nor Bust Lebanese Market Hassan Chakrani uses a preliminary survey from the IMF to challenge the prevailing narrative wanting that Syrian refugees have been a burden on the Lebanese economy.

Lebanon’s Sunnis Feel Threatened Following Arsal’s Ambush Elie Hajj writes about the climate of mistrust within the Lebanese military as a result of the ambush. 

Syrian Jihadist Groups Take Conflict to Lebanon Jean Aziz says the recent attack in Lebanon’s Arsal reveal a dangerous escalation in violence between the Lebanese army and anti-regime extremist groups operating in Syria.

Suicide Bombing Connected to Turkish Policies on Syria, Iran
Cengiz Candar explores the many scenarios discussed by “terror experts.”

Syria is Not Iraq Shadi Hamid is in favor of a US intervention in Syria and says that “in due time, the Obama administration's inability or unwillingness to act may be remembered as one of the great strategic and moral blunders of recent decades.”  

Zaatari Syrian Refugee Camps Becoming Refugee City, according to Mona al-Omari

Syrian Narratives

Two Years of Meta-Narratives: How Not to Cover Syria
Ella Wind and Audrey Ann Lavallée write a satire profiling the (counter) productive types of contributors who have written about the crisis.

Assad’s Scorched-Earth Policy Precludes Real Negotiations
Robin Yassin-Kassab argues that “Mr Al Khatib and the NC, who have made efforts to reach out to regime soldiers and minority groups, should do more to address those who are tied to the regime not by ideology but by fear of the future

Uprising’s First Druze Defector Declared Dead Marlin Dick reports on the death of Khaldoun Zeineddine, the leader of the Sultan Pasha al-Atrash Battalion of the Free Syrian Army

Al-Khatib’s Negotiation Proposal: A Crisis of Leadership? Karl Sharro says “this makeshift approach to leadership will continue to squander the sacrifices of the Syrian people if not rectified urgently.”

Syria’s Secular Revolution Lives On Omar Hossino on the various anti-sectarian elements of the revolution, found among religious leaders, grassroots movements, Sharia courts and militant groups.

Piecing Together Accounts of a Massacre in Syria Liam Stack uses various journalists` first-hand accounts of the events, and suggests that many of the victims were from rebel-held areas.

Quiq River- The River of Martyrs Free Syrian Translators offer an English version of an All4Syria entry that uses various maps and pictures to make sense of what happened to the people found dead in Quiq River.

Paths to Change: Peaceful vs Violent Martin Shaw on the effectiveness of peaceful resistance.

Syria’s Activists: Politics of Anger Vicken Cheterian says “the idea that the west will accept a protracted conflict in order to weaken Syria as a state, exhaust it as a society, and reduce its ability to play a role in the region, is now widespread among the opposition. It is another bleak signal in a conflict without end.”

Medicine as Weapon of War in Syria Saleyha Ahsan on the difficulty doctors face in reaching zones affected by the Syrian crisis.

Inside Syria

Oneness of God and Plurality of Syria Rita From Syria says “Salamiyeh has been politically active for decades, but since the beginning of the current uprising it has played a special role. Its demonstrations led by secular parties were critical in exposing the regime's accusations of the revolution as being driven by Salafist elements or as a foreign conspiracy.

Trying to Live and Work in Ravaged Homs
Lina Sinjab reports from a devastated but seemingly quieter city.

Syria Rebel Raids Expose Secrets of Once-Feared Military Martin Chulov sends an interesting first-hand account of an army officer who was asked by the regime in 2007 not to retaliate against an Israeli military airstrike, and he implies that the same scenario repeated itself last week.

Syria Considers Taking Up Dialogue with Opposition Antoun Issa says the regime “may be receptive to opposition leader Moaz al-Khatib’s offer for dialogue earlier in the week.”

Activist Trip to Liberated Syria
A group of Syrian Americans visit an internal camp, where Syrians speak about the harsh conditions they face there.

Syria: The Former English Teacher Turned Aleppo’s Female Sniper Ruth Sherlock’s sensationalist profile of a woman sniper now called “Guevara”

Arts and Social Media

The First Daraya Local Council Press Conference Free Syrian Translators provide English subtitles for this press conference held on January 31, which addressed the local and national military and humanitarian situation

From Aleppo, An Artifact of a Calmer Age Susan Stamberg reports on woven skull caps, “a single object, of silk and silver, speaks of what once was — and might, someday, be again.”

New Texts Out Now: Sally K. Gallagher, Making Do in Damascus Sally Gallagher says “the main question the book addresses is how women draw on, and in some cases are able to reshape, gender ideals to make a life for themselves over a generation of economic and technological change.

Social Media Buzz: Massacres, Finger Pointing and Russian Backlash Mohammed Sergie’s weekly entry on Syria topics circulating widely on social media platforms.

Tammam Azzam’s Kiss: An Unromantic Commentary on the Syrian Conflict Jonathan Jones suggests that by using Gustav Klimt paintaing, Azzam “invokes one of the most universal works of art to try and touch international hearts that are OK with ignoring his country's pain.”

Syrian Drama Takes Crisis Nadjat Anzour`s new series called “Under the Nation`s Sky,” addresses the consequences of the Syrian crisis on the people.

I am Syria publishes its “Syria lesson toolkit” for teachers to talk about the conflict with their students “without having to feel like you are an expert,” in an initiative to promote “Foreign policy education.”

Sunday Times Tells Freelance Journalist to Stop Sending Photographs From Syria Policy Deputy Foreign Editor Graeme Paterson said “this is because it could be seen as encouragement go out and take unnecessary risks in the future.”

Les Revolutionnaires ne Manquent pas en Syrie de Motifs d’Optimisme Ignace Leverrier translates twenty-five of the one hundred things for which Syrians must be optimistic about, as outlined in the All4syria blog.

A Film that Foretold the Downfall of the Baathist Conceits Hassan Hassan remembers the life and works of filmmaker Omar Amiralay, who passed away shortly before the mass protests in Syria.

Policy and Reports

Month-by-Month Summary of Developments in Syria (Updated)
A report from the International Crisis Group

The Syrian Islamic Front: A New Extremist Force Aaron Y. Zelin writes about this new extremist group that emerged in December and complicates “Washington's efforts to find rebel factions that align with U.S. interests”

Misery Beyond the War Zone: Life for Syrian Refugees and Displaced Populations in Lebanon
A special report prepared by Doctors without Borders


المعارضة السورية وامتحان مبادرة الخطيب
Al-Quds on the attack of the Syrian opposition on the initiative of Muath Al-Khatib.

اسرائيل و سوريا و المعارضة: سر الضربة و أسرار التفاوض
Once again, Sami Kleib writes about what he views as the futile work of the Syrian opposition in the context of geopolitical interests and pressures.

سورية ساحة حروب بالنيابة ومقايضات دولية
Raghda Dergham writes about the Syrian proxy war and the negotiations between Moscow and the U.S to find a solution for the struggle in the country.

النصرة وما أدراك ما النصرة ؟
Michel Kilo writes about the Annusra Front.

لن يعود السوريون إلى زمن الصحف الثلاث
Rashed Issa on the media sector during the rule of Al-Assad and the revolution that will put an end to the regime’s control over information in the country.                                                       

الثورة أو "النصرة"
Hazem Saghieh argues that, contrary to the claim of its supporters, Annusra is strengthening the regime rather than weakening it.              

اسرائيل ستندم.. نحن في الانتظار
Abdel Bari Atwan writes about the implications of the recent Israeli attack on the research center in Damascus.                                                                                                                        
القدر عندما يسخر من الطاغية
Omar Kaddour writes about the discourse of mockery, sarcasm and satire that has prevailed in public when speaking about the Syrian regime and its tyrant.                                                                                                
خطاب الأسد: أنا... أو لا أحد
Samir Al-Hassan presents his analysis of the “strategy” of Al-Assad.                                        

في مشكلات المعارضة السورية
Omar Al-Asad writes about the discrepancy between the official opposition’s positions and strategies and the reality of the situation faced by the people on the ground in Syria. 

الروس يبحرون [1/3]
Yasser Qobelat writes about the Russian role in Syria in a 3-part series of articles. In this one, he refers to the Russian Marine’s presence in Syria.                                                                                          

قاعدة على ساحل أزمة [2/3]
Yasser Qobelat’s second part of the series. Here, he talks about the Soviet strategy in building a strong base for its interventions inside and outside the country, and the special relationship between Syria and Russia after the Soviet establishment of their base in Tartous.                                                                                            

روسيا وسوريا: مهمات واختصاصات [3/3]
Yasser Qobelat’s last article in the series in which he talks about Syrian-Russian relations in general and in the light of the current struggle in the country.                                                                                                              
الناشطون السوريون مختلفون حول مستقبل العلاقة مع إسرائيل
The Damascus Bureau on the polarizing topic among Syrian activists of the future of Israeli-Syrian relations.                                                                                                                                          

مقابلة العماد فهد جاسم الفريج
Recent interview on Syrian national TV with The minister of Defense Fahd Jassem Al-Fareij.                                   

روايات موسيقية من اسطنبول
May Sabbagh writes about the exchange of music and symphonies from Turkey across the Arab borders, reaching the Balkans and even the United States. 


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