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Egypt Media Roundup (February 11)

[Anti-sexual harassment march to Tahrir on February 6. Image originally posted to Flickr by Gigi Ibrahim.] [Anti-sexual harassment march to Tahrir on February 6. Image originally posted to Flickr by Gigi Ibrahim.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Egypt and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Egypt Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.] 

“Muslim Brotherhood want aide as top Egypt cleric”
Mulim Brotherhood member Abdul Rahman al-Bar is the most likely candidate to win the selection for the position of Grand Mufti.

“Clashes mark Friday demonstrations”
Violence erupts in cities across Egypt as protesters demand the resignation of the government.

“Update: One killed, 211 injured in nationwide clashes”
Police forces arrest ninety-three people in cities that witnessed violent clashes on Friday.

“Administrative Court rules to ban YouTube for 30 days”
The court rules in favor of the ban in order to make Google remove a film that insults Prophet Mohamed.

“NGOs’ prison visit rejected”
The interior ministry rejected a requested by human rights organizations to visit the Port Said prison as families of inmates warn of poor conditions.

“State TV presenter interrogated for asking Qandil about torture”
Information minister refers state TV presenter Ahmed Abdel Aziz to interrogations for asking the prime minister on air about the case of the man who was stripped and beaten by the security forces.

“Draft NGOs bill 'more repressive' than Mubarak era law: CIHRS”
According to the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, the new draft law restricts NGO work to development and social care.

“Security sources: Egyptian activist tortured to death”
Mohamed El-Gendy was taken to detention center in the desert and tortured for three days.

“Unidentified man attempts assault of Iranian president”
The president if Iran, who arrived in Egypt for the meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, was attacked after his visit to the Al-Hussein Mosque.

“Justice Minister's torture comments prompt walkout”
Ahmed Mekky says the current regime is not to blame for torture incidents.

“Egypt's incompetent politics turn citizens against the state”
Issandr Al-Amrani says the dominant discourse of a clash between the Muslim Brotherhood and the secular opposition does not explain the recent clashes in Egypt.

“Egypt Conflict Alert”
The lack of consensus between political factions in Egypt is threatening the country’s stability.

“Egypt: A twilight without a new dawn”
Nervana Mahmoud writes that the current wave of violence is due to revolutionary momentum, political instability, and irresponsible leadership.

“Egypt’s static security sector”
The lack of security apparatus reform fuels violence in Egypt.

“In Translation: A president who does not know how to address his people”
A translation of Nawara Negm’s piece on President Morsi’s speech addressing recent violent clashes.

“Morsi's Guns”
Egypt is in crisis but not on the verge of a second revolution.

“Damietta LNG plant idled as Egypt keeps its gas at home”
Liquefied gas plant in Damietta stops working as gas shortages in the country cut exports.

“Mob sex attacks and the everyday reality for street children”
Nelly Ali challenges conspiracy theories about mob sexual harassment, pointing out the horrifying reality in which street children live.

“Guest Post: Why We Don’t Support Egypt’s IMF loan”
An interview with Ahmad Shokr, founder of the initiative “Drop Egypt’s Debt.”


In Arabic:

“بالفيديو.. «التحرير» تنشر شهـادتى محمد وزياد.. أصغر معتقلين فى عهد مرسى”
A child tells his story of being detained and tortured after joining a protest in late January.

“النشطاء السياسيون بالإسكندرية يكشفون قصص تعذيبهم بسجن برج العرب"
Activists from Alexandria reveal new evidence of torture of arrested protesters in the Borg Al-Arab prison.

“«مكي»: الطب الشرعي أكد وفاة «الجندي» في حادث سيارة.. و«المصلحة»: التقرير لم يصدر”
Presidential advisor says the coroner’s report indicated that activist Mohamed Al-Gendy died in a car crash.

“والدة قتيل مركز المقطم لـ«الشروق»: أبلغوني بالهاتف أن ابني انتحر”
The mother of the victim of violent methods at a rehabilitation center in Cairo tells her story.

“«النيابة العامة» تنتهى من التصالح مع «حسين سالم» خلال أسابيع”
The General Prosecution is close to reaching a settlement with fugitive businessman Hussein Salam for fifty percent of his assets.

“نوارة نجم تكتب: أيها الإخوة الإسلاميون «طلعتو ديننا»”
Nawara Negm criticizes the Muslim Brotherhood’s approach to politics and says their politics fail because they ignore the people.

“سـياسة فـوق البشـر”
Ibrahim El-Hodeiby criticizes Egyptian politicians who are using incidents of violence and their victims in their political games.

“عاديون وسياسيون”
Wael Gamal says that Egyptian politicians on all sides are removed from the ordinary Egyptian people and their demands.


Recent Jadaliyya articles on Egypt:

لقاء مع عبد الرحمن منصور الذي جعل من 25 يناير تاريخاً نتذكره
A translation of Linda Herrera’s story about Abd El-Rahman Mansour and his contribution to the Egyptian Revolution.

روايات موسيقية من اسطنبول
Egyptian culture and cultural products have influenced Turkish artists for decades.

الشرطة تكافح الشعب
Mohamed Eleter writes that there are indications that there is a deal between the new regime and the Ministry of Interior.

The Dignity of Hamada Saber
Paul Sedra criticizes the ridicule of Hamada Saber’s forced denial of being beaten by security forces.

Police Brutality Persists Two Years after Egypt Revolution: Rights Activists
Ahram Online’s summary of recent incidents of violence and torture against protesters.

The Thin Line between Revolution And Sedition
Mohamed Elmasry’s response to Adel Iskandar’s article on the train tragedy in Egypt that took the lives of dozens of soldiers.

Morsi Mubarak
Khalil Bendib’s caricature of Mohamed Morsi and Hosni Mubarak.

شاهد عيان
Yassin Gaber writes about the recent incident of police stripping and beating a protester in the street. 

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