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Syria Media Roundup (February 14)

[Guernica in Aleppo. Designed by Syrian artist Wissam al-Jazairy.] [Guernica in Aleppo. Designed by Syrian artist Wissam al-Jazairy.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Syria and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Syria Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.]


Regional and International Perspectives


Rethink Civil Society Amid Arab Turmoil Rami Khouri writes that “one of the profound developments now taking place in the ongoing Arab uprisings and transformations is the breakdown of these neat categories we have long used to understand and analyze political life.”

Lebanon: Syrian Students Prop Up Public Schools Rameh Hamieh says many Lebanese schools once forced to merge grades due to a lack of students can now remain open in part because of the refugee influx.


A New Levant: A Possible Way Through the Syrian Crisis Giandomenico Picco argues that “the war in Syria is not a national civil war but rather another manifestation of the changing  architecture of the region. Attempts at mediation which do not recognize this reality are unlikely to have sustainable results.”


The Gulf States and Syria’ Kristian Coates Ulrichsen on the role of the Gulf in a future agreement on Syria


Kuwait, the ‘Back Office of Logistical Support’ for Syria’s Rebels


Syrian Opposition Group to Open New York, Washington Offices

Did the CIA Betray Syria’s Rebels Mike Giglio claims  that “in a turn of events resonant of Iraq, many who had once been eager to work with the Americans feel betrayed, and some see meetings like those in Gaziantep as little more than a hostile intelligence-gathering exercise.”


Syrian Narratives


Violence and Democracy in Syria Haytham Manaa still believes a peaceful civil movement can solve the situation in Syria.


Where is Syria Now? Rita from Syria says “I no longer recognize myself, nor my country. Everything has changed.”


Syria’s Battle Royale Emile Hokayem says “the intensification of violence suggests that what many have dubbed "the grand battle for Damascus" is gathering force -- a major rebel offensive that has been in the works for several months may soon begin.”


Fighting Escalates in Syrian Capital Sam Dagher says “the outcome of the fight in Jobar could determine whether a fate similar to Aleppo in the north awaits Damascus, seat of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad”


The Syrian People Will not Kneel, Despite Threats From Outside and Within Syria Freedom Forever says Moaz Khatib’s initiatives reflect “clearly the will of the traditional bourgeoisie and especially of Damascus, to find a solution that maintains its class interests, which were served by the current regime for decades, but that became threaten completely with this popular revolution.”

BBC Documentary Examines Syria’s State TV Channel al Ikhbariya


A New Phase for the Struggle in Syria Patrick Seale notes three major developments in Syria.


Time and Questions Razan Ghazzawi on how her notion of time was transformed during the Syrian uprising


Inside Syria


How to Start a Battalion (in Five Easy Lessons) Ghaith Abdul Ahad says you need young men, weapons, someone who knows how to operate a laptop, a “hint” of Islamism and a few thousand dollars.


Inside Rebel-Held Prison in Aleppo Baysan el-Sheikh meets with the two brothers allegedly running the prison.


Behind the Lens: A Week in Sha’ar, Aleppo A collection of photographs by Nicole Tung, covering the violence in Aleppo.


In Aleppo: Bread Lines and Disenchantment With the FSA Steven Sotloff notes that some Aleppines initially supporting the armed opposition have become disillusioned after its numerous missteps.


Homs’ Displaced Residents Begin to Return After Year of Sustained Bombing Jonathan Steele on the city’s “relative calm”


Syria: War Moves Closer to Khan al -Sheeh Palestinian Camp Anas Zarzar says the battles are moving from Yarmouk to the country’s second largest refugee camp.

Syria Conflict Affects Medicine Supplies Lina Sinjab reports on the issue from Damascus.


Syria Considers Taking up Dialogue With Opposition Antoun Issa takes the pulse from Damascus.


Sima, A Student Turned Nurse From Homs About her Life During the Uprising in Syria

Arts and Social Media


Social Media Buzz: Facebook Diplomacy and Terrorist Chants in Binnish Mohammed Sergie’s weekly social media buzz.


Syria: The Basics A Prezi presentation by Lara Setrakian


The Campaign to Save New York’s ‘Little Syria’ Todd Fine on the efforts to preserve the neighborhood, destroyed during large property-seizure actions supported by the government.


The Eisentein Mujahideen: A Film Critique of Syria’s Combat Videos Another excellent satire by Karl Sharro


The Art of War: Syria’s Artists Find Pain and Fame on the Frontlines Aryn Baker interviews various artists who were able to capitalize on the commercial aspects of war and exile.

Join in on Twitter Today: An Arab American Conversation on Syria A talk by Rana B. Khoury and Yisser Bittar, on the developments and the future of Syria.


Twitter Devolutions Marc Lynch says “if we take seriously social media's role in the revolutions, how can we avoid asking tough questions about how it might have affected their aftermath?”


Reactions and Responses: Twitter Devolutions Marc Lynch responds to the critics of his “Twitter Devolutions” article, claiming that his goal was “to push for a more complete account of the specific ways in which the new internet based media impact politics for better and for worse.”



Open Democracy’s Conference “Syria Peace: What, How, When?” Held in London on February 12, 2013.


The Battle for Syria A summary of the conference held on February 8, 2013, with Paul Salem, Frederic Hof, Henry Barkey and Emile Hokayem.




في البحث عن حل سحري للكارثة السورية
Talal Al-Mayhani argues that negotiations with the regime, that will face inevitable obstacles, could solve  the current “Syrian catastrophe” as long as they take into consideration certain principles.

الجهاديون مرض الثورة السورية

Rateb Sha’bo criticizes the jihadi elements in the armed resistance while highlighting the impact of their actions on the situation in Syria.


Majed Hebbo writes about bargaining between prisoners and the Baathist regime, in which the latter pressures the former to cooperate and become an informant.

هؤلاد سرقوا الثورة السورية
Abdel Bari Atwan writes about the deteriorating situation in Syria, revealing his pessimism about the future.

ماذا لو هزم السوريون؟

Michel Kilo predicts what would happen if Al-Assad were to stay in power.


العنف كنتاج للثورة و...كضــرورة لها

Ward Kasouha writes about violence in the context of revolutions and uprisings.


تعديل القوانين التي تميّز ضد المرأة ضرورة

Alia Ahmad writes about the need to amend the laws that are against women’s equal rights in the Syrian constitution.


لعنة العلويّين في سوريا: “ذنبنا أننا أبناء طائفة الرئيس

Raheel Ibrahim on the “Alawite curse.”


الفنانون التشكيليّون يتطلعون إلى مزيد من الرعاية

Jan Bland on the future of Syrian artists.


العدد ١٢-١٣ من مجلة شام 

The 12-13 issue of Sham Journal, which contains articles about the political solution in Syria.


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