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Arabian Peninsula Media Roundup (February 19)

[Saudi women protesting in Buraidah for the release of their detained family members, October 2012. Image from Twitter Pic/BintBattuta87] [Saudi women protesting in Buraidah for the release of their detained family members, October 2012. Image from Twitter Pic/BintBattuta87]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Arabian Peninsula and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Arabian Peninsula Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.]

Regional and International Relations

Comment: UAE and Pakistan: harassing the ‘heretics’ Mohammad Taqi writes on the harassment of Shia Pakistanis in the Gulf state, which has been taking place for two years now, in Daily Times.

Israel’s Prisoner X Is Linked to Dubai Assassination in a New Report Jodi Rudoren writes on a report published in the Kuwaiti newspaper Al Jarid, which claims that Ben Zygier, the Australian-Israeli man known as Prisoner X, took part in the assassination of the Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai in 2010, in The New York Times.

Saudi princes warn of damage to UK relations if allegations emerge in trial Owen Bowcott writes on the Saudi royals’ efforts to prevent the disclosure of documents on disputed transactions that are at the center of a trial in London, in The Guardian.

Reports and Opinions

Saudi Arabia: Arrested for Protesting Detainment, Again Bayan Perazzo reports on the arrest of at least forty women and twelve children in Qassim and Riyadh last week for protesting the arbitrary detainment of family members, on Muftah.

The Laryngitic Dog Sheila Carapico analyzes the latest disclosure of the CIA’s use of a Saudi base to carry out drone strikes in Yemen, and the American media’s silence on the role of Riyadh in assisting the American administration in its war there, on Middle East Research and Information Project.

The Arab Spring and Lèse-Majesé Shahira Salloum argues that the charge of "defaming the majesty of the emir, sultan, or king" in the Gulf countries is a new charge whose purpose is to repress criticism, on Al-Akhbar English.

Kuwait: Who is the Most Vulnerable? Mona Kareem blogs on the sentences of the three members of parliament who were accused of insulting the emir, on Al-Akhbar English.

Repression in Bahrain

Bahrain protests second anniversary of uprising – Thursday, 14 February 2013 Matthew Weaver and Jon Henley provide live update on developments in Bahrain, in The Guardian. 

Teenager killed in Bahrain anniversary protests A news report on clashes between security forces and protesters commemorating the second anniversary of the Bahraini uprising, on BBC.

Bahrain to investigate latest protest deaths A news report on the Bahraini government’s announcement that it will launch an investigation into the death a teenager and a policeman during rallies marking the second anniversary of the uprising, on Al Jazeera English.

Arrests follow fresh Bahrain violence A news report on clashes between security forces and protesters in a Shia village during the funeral of the teenager killed last week, on Al Jazeera English.

Bahrain: Nurses’ leader calls for international solidarity A news report on the appeal by Rula al Saffar, President of Bahrain Nursing Society, to the international community to exert pressure on the government to end violence, on MENA Solidarity Network.

Bahrain: it’s time to act Ali Alaswad argues that it is time for the Bahraini government to engage with the opposition, and for the international community to step up its pressure on the government, in The Guardian.

Decades of Oppression Foment Bahrain Revolution Shahira Salloum examines the history of protests in the kingdom, and the current demands of people, on Al-Akhbar English.

Bahrain’s Arab spring chapter is still being written two years on Ian Black analyzes the political scene in Bahrain on the second anniversary of the uprising, in The Guardian.

Bahrain: Silencing the voice of the voiceless Katherine Gallagher reflects on human rights abuses in Bahrain, on Al Jazeera English.

“Two Years of Deaths and Detentions”: Bahraini Pro-Democracy Protesters Mark Anniversary of Uprising A media report on the second anniversary of the Bahraini uprising, including an interview with Maryam Alkhawaja, the acting president of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, on Democracy Now.

POMED Notes: “The Precarious Ally: Bahrain’s Impasse and U.S. Policy in the Gulf” A report on a panel discussion on Bahrain organized by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and featuring Toby Craig Johns, Matar Ebrahim Matar, Jon Alterman, Frederic Wehrey and Karim Sadjadpour, on Project on Middle East Democracy.

Crisis in Yemen

Deaths mar Yemen’s 2011 revolt anniversary A news report on the death of two protesters during rallies commemorating the second anniversary of the Yemeni uprising, on BBC.

Human Rights Watch

Yemen: Political Interference in Massacre Probe A statement by the organization condemning the failure of the current Yemeni government to hold members of the previous government accountable in the shooting of protesters on 18 March 2011.

Kuwait: Court Acquits Activists of ‘Offending Emir’ A statement by the organization commending the Kuwaiti governments for acquitting activists accused of insulting the emir.

Saudi Arabia: Free Ex-Judge Sentenced to 15 Years A statement by the organization calling upon the Saudi government to release Sulaiman al-Rashoodi, a former judge who is sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment.

Kuwait: Rights Setbacks Amid Political Crisis The organization’s assessment of Kuwait’s human rights record in its World Report 2013.


عامان على "14 فبراير": البحرين تزداد ثورة
An article featuring testimonies on the second anniversary of the Bahraini uprising by journalists and activists including Shahira Salloum, Hussein Youssef, Ahlam Khuza'i, Ali al-Aswad, Ayat Qirmizi, Masouma Mohammad Mirza, Youssef Rabi', Elaine Murthagh, Rula al-Saffar, and Mohammed al-Masqati.

إضراب وعصيان مدني اليوم
Ahmed Youssef reports on the strikes and civil disobedience in Bahrain last Thursday, on the second anniversary of the Bahraini uprising.

انطلاق الحوار البحريني على وقع "نداءات الثورة"
A news report on the start of the national dialogue conference in Bahrain and the opposition's plans to intensify protests on the second anniversary of the uprising.

الجلسة الثانية للحوار اليوم… والمسيرات تتوسع إلى الخارج
A news report on the second session of the national dialogue amid plans to commemorate the second anniversary of the uprising in Bahrain and abroad.

المنامة: الاحتجاجات تطفئ شمعتها الثانية
A news report on the second anniversary of the Bahrain uprising and the opposition's decision to reconsider its participation in the national dialogue.

البحرينيون ينفضون في جولة ثالثة: قتيل وعشرات الجرحى من المتظاهرين… واتفاق على إصدار قرارات من الحوار
A news report on the demonstrations and protests on the second anniversary of the Bahraini uprising.

الحكومة البحرينية تدعو للإبلاغ عن أي محاولة لفرض إضراب بالقوة الخميس
A news report on the Bahraini government's request to report any attempt to force people to take part in the strikes last Thursday.

البحرين تعلن عن ضبط خلية "إرهابية" تقول انهم تنقلوا بين إيران ولبنان والعراق
A news report on the Bahraini government's announcement that it discovered eight members of a "terrorist" cell in the country, who moved between Iran, Iraq and Lebanon.

الأمين العام ل"المنبر الديموقراطي" ل"السفير": لا مخرج للبحرين إلا الحوار الجاد والملكية الدستورية
An interview with the secretary-general of the Progressive Democratic Forum, a leftist opposition organization in Bahrain.

أحمد سيف حاشد… صديق المظلومين
Jamal Jubran writes on the attack on the Yemeni member of parliament, Ahmed Youssef Hashid, by the security forces when they attempted to disperse the two-week-long sit-in protesting the lack of medical care for Yemenis injured during the uprisings.

اليمن: وجهات نظر مختلفة لثورة واحدة
Jamal Jubran examines the diverse perspectives on the Yemeni uprising on its second anniversary.

هكذا أجهضت أحلام اليمنيين
Joumana Farhat analyzes how the Yemeni people's dreams have been aborted with the failure of the Yemeni revolution.

عامان على ثورة اليمن: "الإصلاح" يرث صالح
Joumana Farhat argues that though the former Yemeni president, Ali Abdulla Saleh, had to succumb to the Yemeni people's demands and step down, his regime is still in power.

هادي وباسندوة يعيشان في "ظل" صالح
A news report on the tense relationship between the former Yemeni president and the current president and prime minister.

اليمن: عصا مجلس الأمن تستفز الجنوبيين
Joumana Farhat examines the reaction to the Security Council's announcement on Yemen, which is seen to reflect the Saudi view on the crisis there.

الشباب اليمني مقصى من السياسة
Fari' al-Muslimi argues that Yemeni youth is excluded from any meaningful political participation.

مأزق الطوباوية السعودية
Madawi Al-Rasheed examines the premises of Saudi utopia.

تصاعد القلق السعودي
Sa'ad Allah Muzra'ati writes on Saudi Arabia's anxiety over its regional role, internal affairs (especially the question of succession and the uprising in the Eastern Province), and relationship with the United States with respect to the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Tunisia.

وفاة امير الرياض تفتح الباب امام صراعات آل سعود على المناصب السيادية
A news report on the struggle over power in the Saudi royal family after the death of Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz, the emir of Riyadh.

اعفاء محمد بن سعد وتعيين تركي بن عبدالله محله: السعودية: قائد القوات البرية خالد بن اميرا للرياض
A news report on the appointment of Prince Khalid bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz, the commander of the ground forces, as the emir of Riyadh.

السعودية توقع اتفاقية تبادل السجناء مع الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية
A news report on a prisoner exchange agreement between Saudi Arabia and the United States.

فضيحة مالية تهدد العلاقات السعودية البريطانية
A news report on a financial scandal involving Saudi princes that may jeopardize Saudi-British relations.

بيان الأخوات المعتصمات أمام ديوان المظالم
A statement issued by women who staged a sit-in in front of the Board of Grievances, in which they condemn the treatment they received in the police station in Qassim.

يجب على السعودية الإفراج عن القاضي السابق المحكوم عليه بالسجن 15 سنة
A statement by Human Rights Watching demanding the immediate lease of Sulaiman al-Rashoodi, a judge who is sentenced to fifteen years in prison.

مطلوب حلول مفصلية للخل السكاني الخليجي
Ali Mohammed Fakhro calls for finding serious solution to populations imbalances in the Gulf countries.

قائد درع الجزيرة: التدريبات العسكرية في الكويت مجدولة ولا علاقة لها بأحداث المنطقة
A news report on the statement made by the commander of the Peninsula Shield Force that the military exercise in Kuwait is pre-scheduled and unrelated to the developments in the region.

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