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Egypt Braces for Friday Protests

[14 December 2012, pro-Morsi rally, the Arabic reads: [14 December 2012, pro-Morsi rally, the Arabic reads: "Yes to stability". Image originally posted to Wikipedia]

Deposed President Mohamed Morsi’s supporters and critics called for counter million-man demonstrations on Friday.

The Muslim Brotherhood called on all of Morsi's supporters across the nation to take part in the “Friday of Determination” against what they call a “coup against legitimacy." The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces removed Morsi from office on 3 July after four days of massive protests across the nation calling for early elections.

The pro-Morsi protests are scheduled to coincide with actions staged by their opponents.

Several activist groups called for a group iftar dinner in Tahrir Square and at the Ettehadiya Presidential Palace on Friday, as part of a mass protest called “The People Against Terrorism,” reported the state-run newspaper Al-Ahram on Thursday.

The grassroots Tamarod campaign, the motivational force behind the 30 June protests that deposed the president, also organized a demonstration on Friday called “Friday of Victory.”

Hussein Abdelghani, a member of the National Salvation Front — the country’s leading opposition coalition — accused the Muslim Brotherhood of separating itself from the rest of the Egyptian people and starting a war against the Armed Forces, Al-Ahram reported.

Protests are reported to be staged by anti-Morsi protesters on Friday around US embassies in several countries to denounce what some see as America’s interference in local affairs. Washington has repeatedly threatened to cut off its annual aid to Egypt since Morsi’s ouster.

Security sources say that measures are being taken to ensure safety for tomorrow’s protests, the state-run Egynews website reported on Thursday.

Security forces plan to secure all vital areas in Cairo as a safeguard against potential attacks on government institutions, the source said. Central Security Forces would reportedly be deployed around Tahrir Square and the Ettehadiya Presidential Palace. The security personnel cautioned Morsi supporters against engaging with the opposition, and warned that the authorities would respond firmly to any attempts to close roads or attack civilians.

Protests and clashes between Morsi supporters, their opponents and security forces since 3 July since the have left dozens dead and hundreds injured.       

The protests will take place on the historical date of 10 Ramadan, the date when the Armed Forces commemorate crossing the Suez Canal in 1973, forcing a retreat of the Israeli army. 

 [This article originally appeared on Mada Masr.]




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