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JAD FOR REEL Podcast - Jadaliyya's First (BETA) Podcast

[Note: This first episode is only in BETA form, and was recorded in early September. Listen below!]

Jadaliyya marks its third year anniversary this week by venturing into new multimedia dimensions. The first phase of this expansion is into audio and, specifically, a monthly podcast. The program, Jad For Reel عن جد, is a digest of Jadaliyya’s hottest content each month. It features the most widely shared pieces in Arabic and English, a selection of interviews conducted by and/or with Jadaliyya’s Co-Editors, as well as original analysis provided exclusively to the program.


The podcast is neither a traditional news program nor simply an audio round-up of Jadaliyya’s content. Instead, it attempts to bridge analysis and featured content in original audio programming. The thirty-minute program is ideal for commutes, workouts, morning coffee, and even really wild coke parties. While the monthly digest only contains snippets of Jadaliyya’s written and audio content, all material will be available online at in unadulterated form as well as on iTunes for download.

Shortly, the Arabic component of the podcast will enter the line-up! عن جد

‘An Jad/For Reel begins modestly with a run-down of Jadaliyya’s most broadly circulated pieces in new social media, selections of its featured interviews, and analysis from Jadaliyya contributors. In the course of its development, the podcast will venture into music, conversations between Jadaliyya co-editors, roundtable discussions among contributors, readings from novelists, poets, and essayists, and live musical and theatrical performances. For Reel. The project is an organic outgrowth of its parent e-zine which features an average of thirty new pieces each week. Like the e-zine, a team of dedicated volunteers leads the podcast effort. Audio production and tapings take place in Jadaliyya’s compound and birthplace on Oakcrest Court. Come visit…join the program.

In this beta episode, ‘An Jad/For Reel’s team, launches their first audio recording. The episode, which is Syria-heavy in light of recent events that also dominated Jadaliyya’s pages, is an experiment in format and sound and therefore subject to change with time (and experience!). This episode features a capsule of Jadaliyya’s hottest headlines. It also includes a snippet of Jadaliyya Co-Editor’s Bassam Haddad’s interview on MSNBC on the, now moot, possibility of a US airstrike on Syria. Co-Editor Noura Erakat interviews Omar Dahi, Economics Professor at Hampshire College, about his article "Chemical Attacks and Military Interventions", and about the crisis in Syria more generally. The episode also covers recent events in Egypt as summarized by independent political analyst and journalist, Ahmad Shokr in his interview with Voices of the Middle East and North Africa. Egypt coverage includes an interview by Co-Editor Malihe Razazan with Yasmine El-Rifae, a leading member of Operation Anti-Sexual Harrasment.

The episode benefits from an impromptu interview with Hesham Sallam, Jadaliyya Co-Editor of the Egypt page about recent developments in Egypt. It ends with a visit from Egypt’s most recent Presidents, Hosni Mubarak and Muhammad Morsi, General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, and of course, General Tantawi. 

Tune in now and every month. 

Podcast Materials

Bachelet, Sebastian. Migrants in Morocco: 'Go Home or Face Death' (9 August 2013)

Dahi, Omar. Chemical Attacks and Military Interventions (28 August 2013)

Goldberg, Ellis. Constituting Generals (12 August 2013)

Haddad, Bassam. Military-Business Alliances in Egypt Before and After 30 June: Interview with Wael Gamal (20 July 2013)

Jadaliyya Egypt Editors. The Officers’ War of Terror (27 July 2013)

Jadaliyya Reports. The Body as a Site of Contest: Sherene Seikaly on the Gendered Exercise of Power and Resistance (11 June 2013)

Jadaliyya Reports. US Strike on Syria An "Uncalculated Adventure": Jadaliyya Co-Editor Bassam Haddad on MSNBC (1 September 2013)

Kirollos, Mariam. Sexual Violence in Egypt: Myths and Realities (16 July 2013)

Razazan, Malihe. Rising Up Against Sexual Violence: An Interview with Yasmin El-Rifae of Operation Anti-Sexual Harassment (12 July 2013)

Voices of the Middle East & North Africa. Coming Full Circle? An Interview with Egyptian Journalist Ahmad Shokr (22 August 2013)



Hosts: Noura Erakat, Samia Errazzouki, Nehad Khader

Executive Producer: Bassam Haddad

Writer and Producer: Noura Erakat

Associate Producer & Researcher: Nusayba Hammad

Audio Mixing and Muslc Selection: Bassam Haddad

Make-Up: Tahiyyah Kariokka


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