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Egypt Media Roundup (December 16)

[10 February 2012, protesters took the street against the military rule at the time. The cardboard in Arabic reads: [10 February 2012, protesters took the street against the military rule at the time. The cardboard in Arabic reads: "To SCAF, your hands are covered in blood of Egypt's youth." Image originally posted to Flickr by Lilian Wagdy.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Egypt and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Egypt Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.]  

164 Killed, 592 Arrested in Sinai Since July
State-owned Ahram newspaper reports on the Egyptian military’s “War on Terror” in Sinai.

Rights Group Says New Constitution is Below Expectation
The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) releases analysis on new draft constitution.

Revolutionary Front’s Student Arm Denies Collaboration with Morsi Supporters
Yasser Al-Kot, Revolutionary Front Student Media Coordinator, denied meeting with Supreme Council of Armed Forces or Muslim Brotherhood loyalists in press conference.

Sisi Meets US Congress Delegation
US congressional delegation meets with Defense Minister Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi and interim President Adly Mansour to discuss controversial articles of the new draft constitution.

SPECIAL COVERAGE | Looming Poverty Line: The Struggle For Bread
“Aswat Masriya presents a special coverage on the struggle of Egyptians for a living in light of the country's deteriorating economy.”

Morsi As Symbol
Islam Abdel-Rahman argues, “To this day, the Anti-Coup movement does not recognize what happened in Egypt in July as only a military coup, but as full blown counter-revolution.”

Egypt’s Mythical ‘Law and Order’
Mina Fayek argues, “The Egyptian authorities appear to be more concerned with how to curb their opponents than they are with the future of the country and the wellbeing of its citizens.”

Women’s Rights in Egypt: The Anti-Sexual Harassment Movement
Lucy Marx writes on the rise of anti-sexual harassment movements in Egypt that demand equality for all women socially, politically, and economically.

Egypt Takes Hard Line Against Student Protests
Ayah Aman writes on the oppressive measures used by the Egyptian government against student protests.

Demolishing Alexandria’s Heritage
Iason Athanasiadis argues, “Egypt's post-revolutionary instability has contributed to the demolition of Alexandria's historic districts.”

Egypt's Nilesat Shut Down 10 'Sectarian' Islamist Channels in 2013
Head of Nilesat, the Egyptian satellite company, says ten channels were taken off the air “following complaints against their content.”

Does the Constitution Matter?
Dr. Mohamed Fouad argues that the success of a constitution is measured by how it is implemented not by “semantics”.

The Egyptian Lobbies
Dr. H. A. Hellyer analyzes the stance of Egyptian lobbyists and advocates in Washington DC and London.

Egypt’s Others
Mohmoud Salem says, “Unlike what most revolutionaries believe, the felool’s main weakness is not their backwards thinking or rigid adherence to state structures which are decaying or dysfunctional, but rather, the overstatement of their power.”

Op-ed Review: The New Constitution
Thoraia Abou Bakr reviews two articles on the new constitution.

Iron and Steel Strike Deal Falls Through, Workers Continue to Protest
Workers of Iron and Steel Company continue protests, as the deal brokered with top government official deemed unsatisfactory.

Update: Security Says its Ready for Constitution Referendum January 14 and 15
Interim president Adly Mansour announced the national constitutional referendum will be held on 14 and 15 January 2014.

Brothers’ Bloc Defeated in Doctors Syndicate Elections
Jano Charbel argues the act of voting members of the Muslim Brotherhood out of the Doctors Syndicate is a clear indication of “a broader societal shift against the group.”

The Interior Ministry’s Uncertainty Principle
Mohamad Salama Adam says, “Ibrahim’s [Interior Minister] goal is to preserve the ministry’s interests, represented in the personal interests of its men at the micro level, as well as their social standing.”

Egypt's Future: Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Joker
Alfred Raouf identifies the main sociopolitical forces in Egypt through a deck of cards analogy.   

A Window of Opportunity
Hiba Afify argues that transitional government is establishing a new order through the legislative power granted to interim president Adly Mansour. 

Wrecking Ball
Sarah Carr argues the current situation in Egypt can be compared to the pre-January 25 Revolution.   

Constitutional Wrangling
Mai Sham El-Din writes on reactions of analysts to the new draft constitution.

Leftist Reservations
Akram Ismail and Elham Eidarous argue that fulfilling demands of the January 25 Revolution is contingent on engagement of civic forces in the social and political spheres.     

Discipline, Dread and the Estate
Jahd Khalil reviews Mona Abaza’s book “the Cotton Plantation Remembered.”

Egypt’s Hunger Games
Hiba Afify argues, “The Egyptian state is getting so comfortable that not only can it not be bothered to cover up its undemocratic actions, but is proudly flexing its oppressive muscles to let everyone know that it’s back, and stronger than ever.”

Students Clash With Police Forces at Ministry of Defense
Muslim Brotherhood loyalists clashed with security forces near the Ministry of Defense.

Court Orders 45 More Days Detention for Islamist Leaders
Islamists leaders to remain in detention for forty-five more days, based on court orders.

Journalist Killings in Egypt Remain Unresolved
Shadi Rahimi focuses on the investigation of the killing of Egyptian reporter Al-Hosseiny Abou Deif, who was murdered during Morsi’s presidency.

Egypt to Purchase Military Equipment From Russia
“Russia to supply Egypt with two billion dollars worth of military equipment.”

Student Protests Met With More Gas
Mada Masr reports on clashes between students and police at Azhar and Mansoura Universities.

Rights Groups Demand Rabea Inquiry
Thirteen Egyptian and International human rights organizations criticize Egyptian authorities on the violent crackdown of two pro-Morsi sit-ins in August.

Abd El Fattah, 24 Others Referred to Criminal Court for Defying Protest Law
Activists referred to criminal court for defying protest law, and their trial to be held on 22 December 2013.


In Arabic: 

«قاضي «مبارك»: إعلان القرارات النهائية للإعلام بعد الانتهاء من شهادة «عنان
Mubarak trial on killing protesters in 2011 is scheduled to continue on 11, 12, and 13 January 2014.

!محمد عبد الحكم دياب: الاستفتاء على الدستور أمام احتمال “الاختطاف الثاني” للثورة
Mohamed Abdel-Hakam Diyab argues national constitutional referendum is a second attempt to “highjack” January 25 Revolution.

تامر موافي: بين الاستفتاء على الدستور والاستفتاء على الثورة
Tamer Muwafi writes on advertising campaigns advocating for a “yes” vote on the constitutional referendum.

!السيد شبل: حد يشتري دولة؟
Assayyed Shibl lists three implications that led to the failure of the public sector in Egypt since the 1970s.

كيف ننتقد الحكومة ولا نفيد الإخوان؟
Emad El-Din Hussein argues that criticizing the interim government is beneficial for the Muslim Brotherhood, in which the group is taking it to its advantage.

إخوانو فوبيا
Fahim Hwedi explains the rise of “Brotherhood-phobia”, and compares it with “Islamophobia”. 

الحرية للمعتقل الذي لا نحبه
Bilal Alaa argues political forces should refrain from oppressing their rivals in order to gain freedom.

تيار الاستقلال بـ«الأطباء»: هذه أسباب انتصارنا على قائمة الإخوان
Ismail El-Khouli interviews Dr. Ehab Al-Taher, Secretary General of Independent Doctors Syndicate, who lists reasons for voting Muslim Brotherhood members out of Doctors Syndicate.  

محدّث- بالفيديو عمال الحديد والصلب يتظاهرون أمام مجلس الوزراء لتأكيد استمرارهم في الاعتصام حتى تلبية مطالبهم
Aswat Masriya publishes video of workers’ protest at Iron and Steel Company.

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