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Egypt Media Roundup (December 23)

[9 April 2011, protester in dismay of the military rule following 25 January uprising in 2011. The Arabic reads: [9 April 2011, protester in dismay of the military rule following 25 January uprising in 2011. The Arabic reads: "Back to square one." Image originally posted to Flickr by Sarah Carr]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Egypt and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Egypt Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.] 

April 6 Withdraws Support From Post-Morsi Roadmap, Protests Jailing of Comrades
"The April 6 Youth Movement announced Sunday that it will drop its support for Egypt's transitional roadmap, put into effect following the ouster 3 July of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, after three prominent activists were slammed with harsh jail sentences."

Speaking of Double-Speak…
Joel Gulhane responses to Michele Bachmann's recently published article in which she supports the interim government and the military, and labels the Muslim Brotherhood as a "terrorist" group.                                                                         

Travel Ban on Brotherhood Judges, 70 Brothers Referred to Criminal Court
An investigations judge summoned leading pro-Brotherhood judges and issued them with a travel ban."

Azhar and Brotherhood Exchange Conflicting Fatwas Over Referendum
Al-Azhar releases a statement in support of the constitutional referendum.

Suez Protester Shot Friday by Police Has Died
Protester Bassem Mohsen dies as a result of police shooting during a protest on Friday.

Egyptian Social Democratic Party Will Vote 'Yes' in Constitution Referendum
Lead Social Democratic Party will vote yes to the constitution, despite reservations on some articles and the late intervention of the military on select wording."

“Down with Your State if Our Freedom is Absent”
Sara Khorshid says, "Egyptian youth, who are considered to be the main catalyst for the 25 January uprising, are increasingly angry at the ruling regime over the undemocratic measures it has adopted and its continued crackdown on their fellow youth."

Al-Jamaa Al-Islamiya to Boycott Referendum
The Islamist group says it will not participate in constitutional referendum on 14 and 15 January.

Three Years in Prison for Activists
Three prominent leaders of the April 6 Movement sentenced to three years in prison and a fifty thousand Egyptian pound fine for violating the recently approved protest law.

Politicians Call for President First, Parliament Later
Political figures recommend holding presidential elections before parliamentary ones.

The “Yes” Vote and the Divine
Mostafa Hashish analyzes Salafist Shiekh Ali Goma'a's support of the constitutional referendum.

Whose Fight?
Mai Shams El-Din argues that opposing positions of university faculty affect the conflict between security forces and students at Cairo and Azhar Universities. 

Morsi Aides Transferred to Tora Prison
Essam al-Haddad and Ayman Ali transferred to Tora prison.

Morsi Referred to Egypt Criminal Court in Prison Escape Case     
Ousted President Mohamed Morsi faces charges related to prison escape in 2011.

Leading Salafist Yasser Borhami Urges Yes Vote on Constitution
Salafist leader endorses new draft constitution.

Shifting Tides for Egypt’s Bloggers
Nadine El Sayed focuses on the shifts in the public's reactions to social and mainstream media during the months before and after 25 January and 30 June uprisings.

Morsi is Not a Symbol
Maged Mandour argues the events following the 30 June uprising did not turn Morsi into a "unifying figure."     

Hosni Mubarak Sons and Ex-PM Acquitted in Corruption Trial         
"Egyptian court clears Gamal and Alaa Mubarak and Ahmed Shafiq over sale of plot of land in 1995."

Morsi and 35 Brothers Face Terrorism and Espionage Charges
Prosecutor general slams ousted president Mohamed Morsi and thirty-five Muslim Brotherhood leaders with new charges.                   

Elections Experts Worry that Egypt’s New Elections Will Make the Same Mistake as Last Time
Steven Hill argues, "It will be both tragedy and farce if Egypt uses the same defective method for its next presidential election and ends up once again with polarizing candidates in the runoff, or a president that lacks broad support."

85 Arrested in Pro-Brotherhood Protests Friday
Police dispersal of pro-Muslim Brotherhood demonstrations lead to arrests in several governorates in Egypt.

Crackdown on Civil Society Groups Now Worse than Under Mubarak, Warn Rights Activists
Human rights activists warned that oppression of non-governmental organizations is worse than Mubarak era.

Women Behaving Boldly
Naira Antoun argues that arresting female protesters makes them "targets of political blackmail."   

Frozen In Switzerland
Amira Salah-Ahmed delves into legal and political explanations on the extension of the freeze on Mubarak's assets in Swiss banks for three more years.

Education With a Higher Goal?
Farida Makar analyzes articles related to education in the new draft constitution.  

Egypt Pushes to Keep Politics Out of Soccer, Sports
Ayah Aman writes on the role of politics in Egyptian sports.

14 Egyptian Women Will Rejoin Student Protests After Release From Jail
Walaa Hussein interviews members of "7 a.m." Female Movement following their release from jail.

Despite Risks, Women Continue to Protest in Egypt
Enas Hamed writes on preparations female protesters make before heading to demonstrations in order to avoid harassment.

Muslim Brotherhood's New TV Channel Unlikely to Influence Viewers
Nervana Mahmoud reflects on Rabaa TV, Muslim Brotherhood's recently launched TV channel broadcasting from Turkey.

Trial Against Police for 37 Prison Transfer Deaths Postponed
Third session of the trial against officers allegedly involved in killing thirty-seven inmates en route to Abu Zaabal prison facility is postponed to 24 December.

Rights Group Accuses Prosecutors of Altering Evidence
National Community for human Rights and Law accuses the prosecutor general of “tampering with legal documents and manipulating the court schedules of officers facing trial on charges of brutality and the murder of protesters.” 

Save Alexandria, and Free Sherif Farag
Amro Ali writes on the detention of activist Sherif Farag.

Helwan Iron and Steel Workers Threaten Wednesday Cabinet Protest
Thousands of workers at Helwan Iron and Steel Company threaten to resume protests outside Cabinet on Wednesday.

University Students Continue to Protest
Muslim Brotherhood loyalists continue protests at Azhar and Cairo universities. 


In Arabic:

مصادر بـ«السجون»: مرسي يوقع على قرار إحالته للجنايات في «التخابر».. ومصر تطالب الإنتربول بالقبض على القرضاوي
Egyptian authorities request Interpol to arrest religious cleric Youssef al-Qaradawi in addition to Muslim Brotherhood and HAMAS leaders. 

إبريل 6: حبس دومة وماهر وعادل «انتقام» من ثورة يناير.. والنظام الحالي تنكر لوعوده
April 6 Movement says the sentence against the three activists undermines the demands of January 25 Revolution.

"تحالف دعم الشرعية يعلن رسميا مقاطعة الاستفتاء.. ويقول "لو تم تمريره فسوف نبطله في الشارع
National Coalition in Support of Legitimacy officially announces boycott of constitutional referendum.

الدساتير فى مصر المضحكة المبكية
Najih Ibrahim presents the setbacks of the 2012 and 2013 constitutions.

عودٌ غير حميد
Fahmi Hewaidi reflects on the security forces' raid on Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights.

حسن عبد البر: سترحل يا “ببلاوي” غير مأسوفٍ عليك
Hasan Abdel Br argues that the demands of the January 25 Revolution have not been met.

د. محمد حسن خليل : وتحررت نقابة الأطباء
Dr. Mohamed Hasan Khaleel reflects on the vote against Brotherhood members of Doctors Syndicate.

بالفيديو.. الأمن يطلق قنابل الغاز لتفريق الإخوان بالمهندسين
Al-Badeel publishes video of police shooting tear gas at pro-Brotherhood protest.

مظاهرات تدعو لمقاطعة الاستفتاء على الدستور بأربع مراكز بالشرقية
Muslim Brotherhood supporters and several political forces call for boycott of the national constitutional referendum. 

«إبريل 6»: نرفض إجراء الانتخابات الرئاسة قبل «البرلمان»
April 6 Movement refuses holding parliamentary elections after presidential ones.

وزير الأوقاف يدعو الشعب لدعم الجيش لتحقيق الاستقرار
Dr. Mohamed Mokhtar Juma'a, Minister of Endowments, calls for supporting the military.

محامي «المعزول»: مرسي لا يعترف بالمحاكمة.. ومصر على أنه الرئيس الشرعي
Morsi's lawyer says the former president insists that he is the legitimate president of Egypt and does not recognize the court in charge of his case.

الصدام الشامل يقترب
Emad El-Din Hussein argues that the increasing polarization between pro and anti-Brotherhood might lead to a point of "no return."

الإخوان بين الثورة والسلطة
Ammar Ali Hasan analyzes the Muslim Brotherhood's one-year rule.  

مسيرة لطلاب "الإخوان" بالمدينة الجامعية لـ"أزهر أسيوط" رفضا للدستور
Pro-Muslim Brotherhood protest against the constitutional referendum at Al-Azhar University on Friday.

غياب المستقبل فى رؤية القوى السياسية
Ibrahim Mansour argues Egyptian political forces do not have a clear political and economic vision of the country's future.


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سلام على علي شعث
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Remembering Ali Shaath
Maysara Abdulhaq, Lina Attalah, and Sherene Seikaly write an obituary on Ali Shaath.

أحمد فؤاد نجم
Nidal El Khairy keeps the memory of the late poet Ahmed Fouad Najm alive in this portrait.

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