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Egypt Media Roundup (December 30)

[6 June 2011, protersters gather in front of Ministry of Interior. The Arabic reads: [6 June 2011, protersters gather in front of Ministry of Interior. The Arabic reads: "No to MOI thuggery." Image originally posted to Flickr by Sarah Carr.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Egypt and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Egypt Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.] 

27 Students Detained in Al-Azhar Clashes         
"Protests and clashes continue at Al-Azhar University despite the intervention of security forces and the detention of students."

Egypt’s Grand Mufti Calls on Citizens to Vote in Referendum
Shawky Allam Egypt's Grand Mufti calls for a "yes" vote on the national constitutional referendum.

Egypt's Decision Fuels Vigilante Violence Against Muslim Brotherhood
Mohannad Sabry says, "The Egyptian government's labeling the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization has seemingly fueled vigilante violence against Brotherhood members."

Fighting Lies With Lies
Basil El-Dabh argues that false narratives publicized by various political forces in Egypt including the Muslim Brotherhood increase unrest in the country.

Op-Ed Review: The Muslim Brotherhood
Daily Egypt News reviews Bilal Fadl and Wael Abdelfatah's articles responding to the interim government's classification of the Muslim Brotherhood as a "terrorist organization."

Central Security Forces Storm Al-Azhar University as Protests Continue
Clashes between Azhar University students and security forces erupt on Sunday.

UPDATE: 4 Injured in Blast Near Egypt's Sharqiya Military Intelligence HQ         
Explosion goes off near Military Intelligence Headquarters in the city of Anshas injuring four soldiers. 

Egypt Has to Learn the Lesson
Dr. H. A. Hellyer posits that before and after the January 25 Revolution the state has constantly averted establishing a roadmap that addresses the demands of the revolution.  

Three Dead, Hundreds Arrested Nationwide in Friday Protests
Mada Masr reports on clashes between Muslim Brotherhood supporters and security forces on the first day of what Brotherhood loyalists called the "Week of Anger."

Nour Party Campaigning Across Egypt in Support of New Constitution
Salafist party is lobbying for a yes vote in the January referendum on the draft constitution."

Egypt Bans Muslim Brotherhood's Newspaper
Egyptian interim government furthers its restrictive measures on the Muslim Brotherhood's publications.

Egypt: Back With A Vengeance
The Guardian Editorial postulates that the bombing of police headquarters in Mansoura is a result of the government's exclusionary practices against opposing forces.    

Egypt Declares Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Group
Mohannad Sabry argues that labeling the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization will lead to regional ramifications on the group.

Poll: 35% Blame Brothers For Bombing
Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research Center (Baseera) releases poll results following the Daqahlia Security Directorate bombing.

Those Who Harm Egyptians Will 'Vanish From the Face of the Earth': El-Sisi
General Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi vows to protect Egyptians against "terrorism."

Egypt Orders 18 Brotherhood Members Held on Terror Charges: State Media
Government crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood continues.

Brotherhood Vows Protests Despite ‘Terror’ Listing
Classifying the Muslim Brotherhood as a "terrorist organization" does not discourage the group from continuing protests, the Brotherhood states.

Explosion in Nasr City Injures Five
Bomb goes off outside girls' dormitories of Al-Azhar University in Cairo.

Five Year Sentences For Supporting MB
"Abdel Latif [Interior Ministry Spokesperson] added that the leaders of the group, or anyone providing financial aid, or passing on information to the organization, would be punished with a hard labor sentence."

Activists Hunger Strike in Tora Prison
Ahmed Maher, Mohamed Adel, and Ahmed Douma start hunger strike over "harsh treatment" in Tora prison facility.

Govt Officially Lists MB As 'Terrorist Group'
Interim government officially classifies the Muslim Brotherhood as a "terrorist organization."

Former Prime Minister Arrested
Former Prime Minister Hesham Qandil arrested according to statement issued by Ministry of Interior.

Sinai-Based Jihadist Group Claims to Have Carried Out Deadly Mansoura Bombing
Ansar Bait Al-Maqdes claims responsibility for deadly blast that went off at security headquarters in Mansoura.

The Battle for Egypt’s Doctors' Union
Wael Nawara writes on Dr. Mona Mena a Christian female doctor who took control of Doctors Syndicate ending the Muslim Brotherhood's twenty-eight-year domination of the union.

Egypt Braces for Constitution Referendum
Ayah Aman focuses on government preparations for national constitutional referendum on 14 and 15 January 2014.

Military Judiciary Trumps All Justice
Adel Ramadan sheds light on articles in the draft constitution that absolve the commander-in-chief of the Egyptian Armed Forces from judicial and legislative questioning and trials. 

#EgyConstitution : “No” as an Answer is not an Option for Real in the Constitution Referendum
Zeinobia, in her latest blog entry, responds to the arrest of leading Muslim Brotherhood member for printing a poster advocating for a "No" vote on the constitutional referendum. 

Egypt Turns to Business, Civil Society in Nile Water Dispute
Ayah Aman argues that the Egyptian government's attempts to reduce tensions over Nile water disputes with neighboring countries by reaching out to civil society groups and private businesses.

Egypt's Coptic Churches on Alert During Christmas Holidays
Walaa Hussein focuses on the Egyptian authorities' tightened security measures to protect Coptic churches during the holidays.

PHOTO GALLERY: Egypt's Mansoura Security Headquarters Damaged by Deadly Bombings
Ahram Online published photos of an explosion targeted Daqahlia Security Directorate in Mansoura.

Clashes Outside Ain Shams University
Fady Ashraf reports on pro-Morsi and security forces clashes around Ain Shams University.

The Weak State
Mahmoud Salem writes that the imprisonment of revolutionary activists is in fact an indication of the state's weakness and ineffectiveness.     

Local Papers Publish Evidence in Morsi Case
Released evidence link Morsi's prison escape case in 2011 to HAMAS and Hezbollah.

Morsi, MB leaders 'Start Hunger Strike'
450 Muslim Brotherhood affiliated prisoners, including ousted president Mohamed Morsi, begin hunger strike.

Update: Mansoura Explosion Kills 12
"Twelve people were killed in an explosion targeting the Daqahlia Security Directorate in Mansoura early Tuesday."

Protesters March Against Activists' Sentence
Protesters rally in Downtown Cairo to voice their discontent with the sentence against revolutionary activists. 

Being Nubian in Egypt, and in the Constitution
Fatma Emam Sakory focuses on the sociopolitical struggles she faced as a Nubian in Egypt. 

Between Support & Discord: Gulf-Egypt Relations after June 30
Sharif Elashmawy argues that the support Gulf States gave to Egyptian interim government led to local and regional implications.

Behind the Scenes
Mohamed Shabaan analyzes the maneuvering tactics of the "current de facto military leadership" in providing a political opening to the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists "without any of them holding a majority in the political scene." 

Good-Bye, Bassem
Mohamed Elmeshad and Lina Attalah remember Bassem Mohsen who was killed by police forces in Suez last week. 

Green Belt Land Case Adjourned
"Cairo’s South Criminal Court adjourned on Monday the trial of former Minister of Housing Mohamed Ibrahim Suleiman to February 25."


In Arabic:

صور خاصة لبوابة الشروق من داخل جامعة الأزهر
Al-Shurouk publishes exclusive photos on clashes between students and security forces in Al-Azhar University.

ما يمكن قوله فى بيان الإخوان
Wael Abdelfatah analyzes the reactionary practices of the state and the Muslim Brotherhood following the 30 June uprising.

ما يمكن قوله فى إعلان الإخوان منظمة إرهابية
Wael Abdelfatah poses questions to the interim government on declaring the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group.  

إدراج "الإخوان" جماعة إرهابية بالمناهج التعليمية العام المقبل
Ministry of Education to list the Muslim Brotherhood as a "terrorist" group in school curricula.

«صفحات تابعة لـ«الإخوان» تنشر أسماء وبيانات ضباط لـ«غرفة عمليات فض رابعة
Muslim Brotherhood Facebook page releases names of officers claimed to be involved in the violent dispersal of Rabea sit-in.  

تامر موافي: عدالة السحل في مجتمع ذكوري
Tamer Muwafi criticizes the justification of mistreatment of female protesters based on their political affiliations. 

بالفيديو.. الأمن يطلق الغاز لتفريق تجمع طلابى بالأزهر
Elbadil publishes video of security forces shooting tear gas canisters to disperse students at Azhar University.

اشتباكات بين طلاب الإخوان والأمن أمام جامعة أسيوط
Clashes between Muslim Brotherhood students and the security forces in Asyout University.

عاجل| الحبس سنتين لطالب بتهمة التظاهر بدون إذن في طنطا
Student sentenced to two years in prison for protesting without prior approval.

حكومة صناعة الإرهاب
Bilal Fadl posits that government's oppressive laws and practices push hesitant citizens to turn to terrorism.

ليست هذه وعود الثورة
Amr Khafaga argues classifying the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group blocked all possible ways of communication between the government and the group.

الحركة العمالية والثورة في مصر: حوار من طرف واحد
Mustafa Al-Basyouni argues that the lack of political organization and weakness of labor unions limited the influence of labor movements after the 25 January Revolution.

العساكر المصرية المعصومة
Fehmi Huwaidi writes on police denial of killing protesters. 

وزارة التضامن تقرر تشكيل لجنة لإدارة أموال وأنشطة جمعيات الإخوان
Ahemd Borae Minister of Social Solidarity to form oversight committees to control Brotherhood's financial and social activities.

إنهم يكتبوننى
Bilal Fadl compiles several literary excerpts of local, regional, and international authors that seem to reflect his own political views on the current situation in Egypt.  

«حوار مع المواطنة «مصرية
Amr Hamzawy writes a hypothetical conversation between a writer and an Egyptian citizen on state laws and practices undermining the demands of 25 January and 30 June uprisings.


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