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On the Margins Roundup (August)

[Image of the remnants of a home in a village in northern Somalia. Image by najeeb/Flickr.] [Image of the remnants of a home in a village in northern Somalia. Image by najeeb/Flickr.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Mali, South Sudan, Somalia, Mauritania, Djibouti, and Comoros Islands and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the On the Margins Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each month's roundup to] 


اعتقال رئيس المبادرة الطلابية بمطار نواكشوط  A Mauritanian student is arrested at the airport, attempting to board a flight to a Palestine conference in Sudan.

تراجع التبادل التجاري لموريتانيا ب7.4% في الثلث الأول من 2014 Mauritania’s terms of trade weakened in the first quarter of 2014.

Two Members of "Kafana" Opposition Movement, Including Its Head "Jacob Ahmad", Arrested By Security Forces Security forces arrest two Mauritanian youth opposition activists. 

Le président Aziz investi pour un second mandat After winning eighty-two percent of the vote, Mauritanian President Aziz is sworn in for a second term.

Mauritanie: une femme passe derrière la caméra Mariem Mint Beyrouk is the first woman director-filmmaker who is feminizing the profession. 

Ebola : La Mauritanie renforce ses contrôles sanitaires aux frontières sud To combat Ebola, Mauritania strengthens health checks at the southern borders.

Protect Human Rights Defender Aminetou Mint El-Moctar The extremist group “Friends of the Prophet” issued a fatwa stating on Aminetou Mint El-Moctar that “whoever kills her or tears out her eyes will be rewarded by Allah.”

Base militaire Française en Mauritanie : C’est officiel ! France's military base in Mauritania is now official.

Human rights group accuses Mauritanian president of concealing slavery cases "The president interferes with the justice system to prevent it from considering cases of hundreds of slavery victims."


Somaliland’s bright young photographers – an interview with Mustafe An interview with photographer Mustafe from Somaliland. 

“Puntland ready to open talks with the Federal government” Puntland has been toiling and pleading for Somalia’s unity and is ready for a dialogue to instigate the cooperation between the two sides.

Al Shabaab Will Not Stop Attacks A new report by a security think tank group reveals that even if Kenyan military pulls out of Somalia, Al Shabaab militant group will not stop retaliatory attacks in Kenya.

Somali pirate leader arrested in Mogadishu on piracy related charges Garfanji--the second-ranking leader of the piracy industry--was arrested for possessing illegal arms and other charges related to piracy.

UK ban means Somalia flooded with low price khat BBC video reportage on the impact of the United Kingdom’s ban on khat, a plant used as a stimulant by Somali communities, on Somalis.

Allied forces launch renewed offensive in central Somalia Somali government forces launched heavy military operations in Somalia's central regions to drive out Al Shabaab, Somalia's RBC Radio reported.

UN Special Representative for Children in Armed Conflict visits Somalia Zerrougui is in Somalia to discuss ways to bring an end to the use of children in armed conflict with the government.

The population in crisis in Somalia will likely reach one million people by December Intensified conflict, restricted trade, and a below harvest have led to high prices, leading to increasing food insecurity.


Comoros Economy 2014: Recent Developments and Prospects Comoros has suffered from major institutional problems in recent years that have hampered its economy. 

'Amrouche Spat At No One,' Comoros Boss The head of Comoros’ football team denies allegations that a football player had spit on an opposing player during a game.


Police arrest Djibouti journalist covering demonstration A journalist in Djibouti was arrested while reporting on a demonstration held by opposition political parties.

Djibouti President tells Minnesota Somalis to rally behind government The President of Djibouti urged Somalis living in Minnesota to support the Somali government.

Suja Hamid al-Dulaimi Djibouti called for the release of a military officer currently in the custody of Eritrea.

Dire Dawa-Djibouti railway operation halted as MetEC demands office facility  Railway service between Ethiopia and Djibouti has been halted after a metals company demanded additional office space.


Keita: 'Mali will never be a caliphate' Malian President Keita rejects the idea that radical groups will gain the upper hand in Mali.

Women Beyond the Veil in Mali Photos on women’s return to a joyous life after jihadists are routed in Mali. 

Humanitarians at risk: Moctar and Nicodeme lost their lives in Mali Colleagues pay tribute to Moctar and Nicodeme after they lost their lives in Mali.

Ban Condemns Attack On UN Mali Base, Declares It 'Will Not Deter' Peace Efforts "Such attacks will not deter the United Nations from its efforts to support the Malian people in their search for peace in their country.” 

"Reality TV" leads to educational "reality radio" in Mali Interview with Farm Radio International: Could reality radio—a contest aimed at finding the "best new farmer"—contribute to poverty reduction in Mali?

Nurturing trees in Mali Agroforestry is helping farmers in Mali increase their resilience to the impacts of drought and climate change and providing them with a range of products. 

South Sudan

South Sudan Rebels Accuse Government of Planting Landmines South Sudanese rebels say that the government has used landmines in the country’s ongoing conflict. 

IGAD extends South Sudan peace talks as regional leaders postpone meeting IGAD has announced that the peace talks in South Sudan are to be extended until 28 August.

S. Sudan Army Repulses "Heavy" Rebel Attack in Jonglei The South Sudanese army claims to have defeated the country’s rebel forces after an attack.

The Endless Friction Next Door The South Sudan conflict has increasingly taken on an ethnic dimension, with Dinka supportive of the government and Neur in leading positions within the rebels.

South Sudan closes radio station, arrests editor "The government has taken a heavy hand to the media, even as political instability underlines the public's need for independent sources of information."

South Sudan's Coming Famine Renewed fighting in the war-torn country has derailed humanitarian relief efforts, and now tens of thousands are facing starvation.

S. Sudan Red Cross to provide counselling for war traumatised children The Red Cross launched a child protection unit to provide in school psychological counseling to children traumatized by the conflict.

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