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Arabian Peninsula Media Roundup (May 26)

[The Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria claimed responsibility for the mosque bombings in Sanaa and Qatif on 22 May. Image from eesti/flickr.] [The Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria claimed responsibility for the mosque bombings in Sanaa and Qatif on 22 May. Image from eesti/flickr.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Arabian Peninsula and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Arabian Peninsula Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.]

Regional and International Relations

Saudi Arabia attack: Islamic State claims Shia mosque bombing The Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria claims the attack on a Shi'a mosque in Qatif.

Islamic State claims Yemen mosque attack - IS Twitter statement The Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria claims responsibility for an attack on a Shi'a mosque in Sanaa.

Daesh/ISIL blows up Shiite Mosque in Saudi Arabia, seeking Sectarian Civil War Juan Cole argues that the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria is seeking to ignite a sectarian war in the region.

Terrorism in Saudi Arabia: Bloodshed in the kingdom An Economist article on the implication of the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria’s operation inside Saudi Arabia.

German court to hear case brought by relatives of Yemen drone attack victims Kate Connolly reports on a German court’s decision to hear a case of a drone attack in Yemen.

Why Saudi Arabia has lost faith in the US Kim Ghattas examines US-Saudi relations in light of the summit at David Camp.

Classified document on Bahrain rankles Britain decades later Noah Browning reports on a legal battle between an activist group and Britain over a decades-old document on the relations between Britain and Bahrain’s ruling family.

Qatar’s money buys self-preservation Nussaibah Younis argues that Qatar’s “latest foray into the London property market is about more than simple investment.”

Reports and Opinions

Saudi Arabia advertises for eight new executioners as beheading rate soars A news report on Saudi Arabia’s search for eight new executioners.

City in the sky: world's biggest hotel to open in Mecca Oliver Wainwright writes on a new megahotel in Mecca.

Saudi Arabia 'seeking to head United Nations Human Rights Council' Roisin O’Connor argues that Saudi Arabia’s bid to head up the United Nations’ Human Rights Council is “the final nail in the coffin for the credibility” of the organization.

Crisis in Yemen

A Call to Resist Saudi (and US) Aggression in Yemen Sheila Carapico argues that the Saudi military operation in Yemen pits the elites of the Gulf states against the poor.

Yemen government says no peace talks with Houthis yet The Riyadh-based Yemeni government asserts that it will not agree to peace talks until the Houthis quit the cities.

Yemeni president to snub UN-sponsored talks in Geneva Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi insists that the Houthis should withdraw from cities across the country before the Geneva talks.

Yemen medics: 'We hear gunshots and shelling and move the patients to safety' A news report on the challenges facing Yemeni doctors during the Saudi aggression on Yemen.

How Yemen information minister's tweets broadcast the fall of Sana'a Ian Black reports on Nadia al-Sakkaf’s tweets on the fall of Sanaa.

Yemenis fleeing to Somaliland 'struggle for survival' A news report on the condition of Yemenis arriving in Somaliland.

Migrant Workers

Amnesty: Qatar 'still failing' migrant workers A news report on Amnesty International’s report on the ongoing ill-treatment of migrant workers.

Qatar refuses to let Nepalese workers return to attend funerals after quake The Qatari authorities denied Nepalese workers the permission to attend funerals after the earthquake in Nepal.

BBC demands explanation for arrest of crew investigating Qatar World Cup The BBC is asking for a full explanation from the Qatari authorities for the detention of its journalists for two days while investigating the situation of migrant workers.

Human Rights

EU: Seek Release of Gulf Activists Human Rights Watch asks the European Union High Representative to urge Gulf states to release human rights activists.

Saudi Arabia’s Cruel Stranglehold Amnesty International condemns the ongoing Saudi operations in Yemen. 

Bahrain: Rajab sentenced to prison, Al-Khawaja ends hunger strike, while Al-Singace’s health at risk, Abdulemam fined and Jawad released The Gulf Center for Human Rights reports on the conditions of Bahraini jailed human rights activists.

Two Men Ordered Deported After Bahraini Citizenship Revoked The Bahrain Center for Human Rights expresses concern over the deportation of two Bahraini citizens.


الأمم المتحدة: "أنصار الله" ستشارك في مؤتمر جنيف
The United Nations asserts that the Houthis will participate in the Geneva conference, which aims to solve the crisis in Yemen.

الكويت: البرلمان يرفض استجواب وزير حول عاصفة الحزم
The Kuwaiti parliament refuses the request of a member to interrogate the foreign minister on Kuwait’s role in Operation Decisive Storm.

بوتفليقة يردّ على السعودية: مع اليمنيين في تقرير مصيرهم
A news report on a looming crisis between Saudi Arabia and Algeria over the war on Yemen.

إيران: نؤيد حواراً يمنياً مستقلاً
Iran asserts that it supports a dialogue between the different Yemeni factions “without external intervention.”

الحوثي: نرفض شرعنة العدوان السعودي
The Houthi leader rejects any efforts to legitimize the Saudi attacks on Yemen.

إعلان الرياض: «رسالة سلام».. تستبعد الحوثيين وصالح
A news report on the end of the conference held in Riyadh last week, which called for peace and an end to the Houthis’ “rebellion.”

طغاة الخليج في «كامب ديفيد»: على خطى السادات
Asad AbuKhalil analyzes the meeting between the United States and the Gulf states at Camp David.

داعش يتبنى تفجير القطيف: أبشروا بأيام سود تسوءكم
The Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria claims the attack on a Shi'a mosque in Qatif.

انتحاريو «داعش»... كرة النار التي تحرق أطراف الثوب السعودي
Mariam Abdullah analyzes the implication of the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria’s attack inside Saudi Arabia.

السعودية | القطيف تشيّع ضحاياها اليوم... وسلمان يعد بالقصاص
King Salman asserts that those behind the attack on the mosque in Qatif will be punished.

مجتهد: أحد أحفاد الملك سعود يتراجع عن بيعته للمحمدين
One of King Saud bin Abdullaziz’s grandson hints that he is withdrawing his homage of the crown and the deputy crown princes.

هنية: انفراج في العلاقة مع السعودية بعد اتصال سلمان بمشعل
Elie Hanna examines the relations between Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian authority in Gaza.

الإمارات: السجن لخمسة «ضباط أمن» قطريين
An Emirati court sentences five Qataris to prison on charges of insulting Emirati figures.

الكويت: حكم نهائي بسجن البراك سنتين
Kuwait’s Appeal Court upholds Barrak al-Mussallam’s two-year sentence.

الكويت: وفاة جاسم الخرافي
The former Kuwaiti speaker of the parliament passed away last week.

البحرين: الحكم على سلمان إلى 16 حزيران
The Bahraini regime postpones the sentencing of Ali Salman until the middle of June.

دول الخليج: الضربات الجوية لا تكفي في العراق وسوريا
The Gulf Arab states say that airstrikes against the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria are not enough.

كتاب | تاريخ الدولة السعودية الثانية: آل سعود يأكلون بعضهم * 2
Al-Akhbar publishes excerpts of Nassir al-Said’s The History of Al Saud (Part II).

كتاب | عبد العزيز والحور والزور والإنكليز * 3
Al-Akhbar publishes excerpts of Nassir al-Said’s The History of Al Saud (Part III).

كتاب | الشريعة السعودية * 4
Al-Akhbar publishes excerpts of Nassir al-Said’s The History of Al Saud (Part IV).

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