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Arabian Peninsula Media Roundup (July 21)

[Bombing Sanaa. Screenshot from [Bombing Sanaa. Screenshot from "Stop the War on Yemen" video.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Arabian Peninsula and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Arabian Peninsula Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.] 

Regional and International Relations

Gulf States Are Right to Fear Iran Deal Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi analyzes the economic and political implication of the nuclear deal with Iran for the Gulf states.

Why Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Neocons Hate the Iran Deal   Fred Kaplan argues that the regional and international opposition to the Iran deal “has nothing to do with the deal.”

Losing Leverage on Bahrain Sayed Alwadaei examines the US State Department’s decision to resume its “security assistance” to Bahrain.

Saudi king holds rare talks with Hamas leader Meshaal Khalid Meshaal meets with the Saudi king during his trip to the kingdom.

Australian woman arrested in Abu Dhabi to be deported soon, says Julie Bishop Emirati authorities arrest an Australian woman for “writing bad words on social media.”

Jailed US YouTuber seeks UAE pardon A US national jailed in Dubai is seeking a royal pardon.

Reports and Opinions

Saudi long-serving foreign minister Saud al-Faisal dies A news report on the death of Saud al-Faisal.

Prince Saud al-Faisal obituary Madawi al-Rasheed writes an obituary of Saud al-Faisal, emphasizing his dedication to promoting Saudi Arabia’s foreign interests.

Saud al-Faisal of Saudi Arabia, Quiet Force in Middle East, Dies at 75 Ben Hubbard reflects on al-Faisal’s legacy as a foreign minister.

Senior Saudi prince accuses cousin over alleged drugging and abduction Prince Sultan bin Turki files a criminal complaint in Switzerland against his cousin Prince Abdulaziz bin Fahd.

Car bomb explodes in Saudi capital Riyadh A car bomb exploded at a security checkpoint in Riyadh, killing the driver and wounding two policemen.

IS suspects held over 'plot' to attack Saudi mosques Saudi security forces arrest more than four hundred suspected members of the Islamic State.

UAE executes woman for killing American teacher Emirati authorities execute a woman accused of killing a US teacher.

Repression in Bahrain

Bahrain re-arrests prominent opposition leader The Bahraini interior ministry re-arrests Ibrahim Sharif.

Bahrain rights campaigner Nabeel Rajab freed from jail The Bahraini king pardons Nabeel Rajab after serving three months of a six-month jail sentence.

Crisis in Yemen

Today’s Civilian Victims in Yemen Will be Ignored Because U.S. and its Allies Are Responsible Glenn Greenwald examines the US role in the Saudi war on Yemen.

Yemen crisis: UN says humanitarian pause to start on Friday A news report on a humanitarian ceasefire to take effect until the last day of Ramadan.

Yemen crisis: Fighting breaks new UN ceasefire Saudi Arabia resumes its airstrikes on Yemen a few hours after the ceasefire took effect.

Jihadis likely winners of Saudi Arabia's futile war on Yemen's Houthi rebels Kareem Shaheen argues that Jihadi groups are the winners in the Saudi war on Yemen.

Aftermath: A Photo Essay on Yemen’s Victims of Saudi Airstrikes The Intercept publishes a photo essay on the Yemeni victims of the Saudi war.

Yemeni anti-rebel forces recapture Aden airport Forces loyal to the ousted Yemeni president recapture Aden.

Human Rights

Bahrain: Release Rights Activists Human Rights Watch calls upon the Bahraini authorities to immediately release Ibrahim Sharif.     

Oman: Online activist Ahmed Al-Moghairi detained by Internal Security Service The Gulf Center for Human Rights deplores the arrest of Ahmed al-Moghairi.

Bahrain: GCHR welcomes the release of Nabeel Rajab and calls for the release of all human rights defenders The Gulf Center for Human Rights welcomes the release of Nabeel Rajab.

Concern over Privacy as New Evidences Emerge on Spyware sales To Bahrain The Bahrain Center for Human Rights expresses concern over reports indicating Bahrain’s purchase of advanced surveillance tools.

Bahrain: Mohamed Faraj Deprived of Medical Care in Jaw Prison The Bahrain Center for Human Rights condemns the lack of adequate medical care for detainees in Jaw Prison. 



رحيل سعود الفيصل: عرّاب الديبلوماسية السعودية
A news report on the death of Saud al-Faisal, the former Saudi foreign minister. 

السعودية تودع سعود الفيصل
Saudi Arabia pays its tribute to Saud al-Faisal. 

المنامة: إعادة اعتقال ناشط معارض
The Bahraini interior ministry re-arrests the activist, Ibrahim Sharif. 

البحرين | عفو ملكي عن الناشط نبيل رجب «لأسباب صحية»
The Bahraini king grants Nabil Rajab a royal pardon “for medical reasons.”

مئة قتيل حصيلة قصف طائرات العدوان السعودي لمعسكر موالٍ لهادي
Saudi airplanes mistakenly kill one hundred soldiers and officers loyal to the ousted Yemeni president in Hadramawt.  

الحكومة اليمنية توافق على هدنة بشرط الوفاء "بضمانات" أساسية
The Yemeni government agrees to a ceasefire. 

هدنة إنسانية في اليمن بدءاً من مساء غد حتى نهاية شهر رمضان
The United Nations announces that a humanitarian truce will take effect immediately until the end of Ramadan. 

انتهاك هدنة اليمن
Saudi Arabia resumes its airstrikes on Yemen a few hours after the ceasefire takes effect. 

الحوثيون يقصفون مواقع سعودية بـ54 صاروخاً وقذيفة
The Houthis bomb Saudi positions in Jizan. 

الحوثي يهدّد بإعلان التعبئة العامة إذا استمر "العدوان" السعودي
The leader of the Houthis says that he will mobilize the whole country if the Saudi aggression continues. 

طلائع الحكومة المستقيلة.. في عدن
Supporters of the ousted Yemeni president recapture Aden. 

اليمن: عودة وزراء وحريق في مصفاة عدن
Ministers and officials from the ousted Yemeni government arrive in Aden. 

الرياض: توقيف 3 سعوديين يشتبه في صلتهم بتفجير الكويت
Saudi authorities arrest three nationals suspected of links to the mosque attacks in Kuwait. 

الكويت: 29 متهماً في تفجير مسجد "الصادق"
The Kuwaiti prosecutor formally charges twenty-nine suspects in connection with the mosque attack. 

الصباح للكويتيين: لنتكاتف في وجه الفتنة
The Kuwaiti emir urges the Kuwaiti people to stand together in the face of “sedition.” 

لافروف يدعو السعودية وتركيا إلى التحالف مع سوريا
The Russian foreign minister calls upon Saudi Arabia and Turkey to work with Syria to confront the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria. 

الملك السعودي يبحث مع أمير قطر مستجدات المنطقة
The Saudi king met with the Qatari emir to discuss regional issues. 

الجبير: السعودية ستتصدى لأي تدخل إيراني "سلبي"
The Saudi foreign minister asserts that Saudi Arabia will stand up against any “negative” Iranian intervention in the region.

الرياض: سنواجه محاولات إثارة الاضطرابات!
Saudi Arabia welcomes the nuclear deal with Iran, but asserts that the sanctions should remain imposed “because of its support for terrorism.” 

دول الخليج والاتفاق النووي: ترحيب ومخاوف!
A news report on the Gulf states’ reactions to the nuclear deal with Iran. 

الاتفاق النووي وتداعياته الجيو ـ اقتصادية على قطر والإمارات
Mustafa al-Labad analyzes the geo-economic repercussions of the nuclear deal with Iran for Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. 

السعودية: مقتل مطلوب برصاص الشرطة
The Saudi interior ministry says that police killed an “extremist suspect.” 

الرياض: إحباط هجوم انتحاري
The Saudi authorities thwart a suicide attack in Riyadh. 

الرياض: إصابة شرطيين في تفجير انتحاري
A car bomb exploded at a security checkpoint in Riyadh, killing the driver and wounding two policemen. 

"داعش" يتبنى هجوم الرياض: الانتحاري قتل خاله قبل التفجير
The Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria claims responsibility for the car bomb in Riyadh. 

السعودية: السجن والجلد لشيعي يقيم الصلاة بمنزله
The Saudi authorities sentence a man to two months in prison and sixty lashes for holding mass prayer in his house. 

السعودية: تغييرات في رئاسة الديوان الملكي ووزارة الإسكان
A news report on a cabinet reshuffle in Saudi Arabia. 

يوم قرّر السعوديون أن يُبيدوا أهل الكويت
Jafar al-Bakli writes on Saudi Arabia’s Ikhwan attack on the Kuwaiti people in 1920. 

مشعل في السعودية لفتح «عهد جديد»
Khalid Meshaal meets with the Saudi king during his trip to the kingdom. 

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