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Arabian Peninsula Media Roundup (July 28)

[Gulf Arab states remain divided over the Iranian nuclear agreement. Image from USDS.] [Gulf Arab states remain divided over the Iranian nuclear agreement. Image from USDS.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Arabian Peninsula and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Arabian Peninsula Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.]

Regional and International Relations

Are Arab Oil Monarchies divided over Iran Deal? Juan Cole examines the Gulf states’ divided position over the nuclear deal with Iran.

We Cannot Defeat ISIS Until We Stop Iran and Saudi From Pouring Fuel on the Sectarian Fire Sultan Sooud Al-Qassemi argues that the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria is taking advantage of the Sunni-Shi‘i tension in the region.

Bahrain-Iran ties in crisis after 'hostile remarks' A news report on the strain in Bahraini-Iranian relations.

Reports and Opinions

French outraged over beach closure for Saudi king's visit A news report on the French authorities’ decision to close the public beach on the French Riviera while King Salman vacations there.

Crisis in Yemen

Saudis declare Yemen ceasefire, as air strike 'kills 120' The Saudi-led coalition suspends its bombardment of Yemen for five days following airstrikes in Taiz that left more than one hundred Yemenis dead.

Yemen bombing by Shia rebels leaves scores dead Forty-five Yemenis die when the Houthis shelled an area north of Aden.

Yemen conflict: Loyalists 'enter last Aden district' Forces loyal to the Yemeni exiled government assert that they are advancing into the last part of Aden.

Yemen's Imposed Federal Boundaries Tobias Thiel argues that the conflict in Yemen is “rooted in local quarrels over power sharing, resources and subnational identities.”

Actually, Oldest Qur’ans are in Sanaa, Yemen & in Danger of Saudi Bombing Juan Cole reports on the impact of the Saudi airstrikes on the cultural heritage of Yemen.

Aid worker in Yemen: 'We fear for our lives every day' A worker for Islamic Relief writes about the hardship and fears of living under siege.

Human Rights

Oman: Internal Security Service continues to target freedom of expression online; Saed Jadad released The Gulf Center for Human Rights reports on the Omani authorities’ ongoing persecution of those who speak out critically online.

US Decision to Lift Arms Ban Doesn’t Reflect Bahrain's Ongoing Drop in Respect for Human Rights The Bahrain Center for Human Rights deplores the United States’ decision to supply Bahrain with weapons.

Bahrain NGOs commend UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention decisions on Bahrain The Bahrain Center for Human Rights commends the United Nations Working on Arbitrary Detention for declaring eight Bahraini prisoners of conscience to be arbitrarily detained.


اليمن: 55 قتيلاً في قصف لطائرات التحالف
Fifty-five Yemenis die during a Saudi airstrike in Taiz.

داعش يشارك في «تحرير» عدن
A news report on the role of the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria in the recapturing of Aden.

اليمن: قوات هادي تتقدم باتجاه قصر الرئاسة في عدن
Troops loyal to the ousted Yemeni president march towards the presidential palace in Aden.

الجيش اليمني ينفي «تحرير» عدن
The Yemeni army the “liberation” of Aden.

اليمن: طائرة سعودية محملة بالسلاح "تفتتح" مطار عدن
A Saudi airplane carrying weapons lands at the airport in Aden.

عدن تستقبل أول سفينة مساعدات منذ انطلاق "الحزم" السعودي
Aden receives the first ship carrying aid since the beginning of the Saudi military operation.

أنصار الله: «غزوة عدن» عطّلت الحل السياسي
The Houthis say that the “raid of Aden” has disrupted a political solution to the crisis in the country.

خريطة الانتشار العسكري في محافظة عدن
Lockman Abdullah discusses the military situation on the ground in Aden.

معركة عدن مستمرة... ووساطة في القاهرة
A news report on the ongoing battle for Aden.

المقابلة | محمد علي الحوثي: أخبار مبشرة قريباً في عدن
Ali Jahiz interviews Mohammed Ali al-Houthi about the Saudi military operation in Yemen.

عدن.. مركز الإغاثة والشرعية
A news report on the emergence of Aden as the site of aid and “legitimacy” of the Riyadh-based Yemeni government.

مقتل 20 شخصاً في معارك بين الحوثيين وأنصار هادي
Twenty people die during clashes between the Houthis and supporters of the ousted Yemeni president.

الاتفاق النووي.. الخليج بين الخوف والرجاء
Fouad Ibrahim argues that reactions of the Gulf states to the nuclear deal with Iran oscillate between fear and hope.

نقاط قوة "داعش" وضعفه في السعودية
A news report on the strength and weakness of the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria in Saudi Arabia.

بغداد: تصريحات المالكي حول السعودية لا تمثلنا
Baghdad asserts that Nouri al-Maliki’s latest statement about Saudi Arabia does not represent its position.

إني أشهد... لماذا نحر الإعلام الغربي ضميره على مذبح آل سعود؟
Andrew Hammond examines Saudi Arabia’s control of Western media.

فرنسا: إغلاق شاطئ عام خلال إجازة الملك سلمان
A news report on the French authorities’ decision to close the public beach on the French Riviera while King Salman vacations there.

ضاحي خلفان: لم أهاجم الملك سلمان
The Emirati deputy police chief denies reports that he criticized King Salman.

البرزاني يستقبل وزير خارجية قطر: الوضعان السوري والعراقي مترابطان
The Qatari foreign minister meets with the president of Kurdistan to discuss issues related to Iraq and Syria.

كارتر في السعودية
The US secretary of defense arrives in Saudi Arabia.

وزير الخارجية المصري يزور السعودية
The Egyptian foreign minister pays a visit to Saudi Arabia.

الإمارات تجرم التمييز الديني والعرقي
The United Arab Emirates issues laws that criminalize religious and racial discrimination.

الكويت: سنة سجن لمغرّد بتهمة الإساءة للقضاء
A Kuwaiti court upholds the jail sentence of a man on charges of insulting the judiciary.

أيها الوليد: لا أهلاً ولا سهلاً
Zuhair al-Sabbag writes on Prince bin Alwaleed’s intention to visit Israel soon.

ظريف من الكويت: لتعاون إيراني - خليجي ضد الإرهاب
The Iranian foreign minister calls upon the Gulf states to cooperate with it in fighting terrorism.

إيران تتهم البحرين بافتعال التوتر في المنطقة
Iran accuses Bahrain of creating tension in the region.


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