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Arabian Peninsula Media Roundup (August 25)

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[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Arabian Peninsula and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Arabian Peninsula Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.]

Regional and International Relations  

U.S. boosts support role in Saudi-led airstrikes on Yemen W.J. Hennigan, Laura King, and Zaid al-Alayaa argue that the recent Saudi gains in Yemen are due to enhanced intelligence provided by forty-five US advisers.

The Saudi Royals — Unchained The US president, not willing to further upset Saudi Arabia following the nuclear deal with Iran, has given it a free hand to bomb Yemen.

British hostage 'held by al-Qaeda' in Yemen released Emirati forces free Robert Semple, who was held by al-Qa‘ida in Yemen.

India PM in UAE to boost trade and security ties A news report on the Indian prime minister’s visit to the United Arab Emirates.

Reports and Opinions

UAE authorities re-arrest prominent academic Emirati authorities arrest Nasser bin Ghaith following tweets on the anniversary of the Rabaa massacre in Egypt two years ago.

First Saudi women register to vote For the first time in the history of Saudi Arabia, women can vote and run for office in the municipal elections.

Saudi websites hacked by 'well-intentioned' group A news report on the hacking of twenty-four Saudi government websites.

How Uber Is Changing Life For Women In Saudi Arabia Evie Nagy examines how Uber services in Saudi Arabia made a huge difference in women’s mobility.

Crisis in Yemen

Why Are We Ignoring the War on Yemen? Sonali Kolhatkar examines the media silence on the Saudi aggression on Yemen.

The US-Backed Saudi Coalition Is Winning in Yemen Juan Cole provides an assessment of the recent Saudi victories in Yemen.

Saudi Arabia and the US: More military misfires Stephen Richter and Bill Humphrey argue that Saudi Arabia’s way of handling the crisis in Yemen shows that it is following the footsteps of the United States.

Saudi-led war in Yemen provokes Humanitarian Crisis, 1.2 mn. displaced Kitty Stapp reports on the number of Yemenis displaced due to the Saudi aggression on Yemen.

Yemen: amid food crisis, UN expert warns of deliberate starvation of civilians The United Nations warns of a famine in Yemen.

Doctor Who Tried To Tell World About Yemen's War Pays Heavy Price Charlotte Alfred reports on the kidnapping of Abdul Kader al-Guneid.

Yemen anti-Houthi forces take Taiz government buildings Troops loyal to the ousted Yemeni president capture security headquarters in Taiz.

Yemen: Ripe for a solution? Ibrahim Fraihat argues that the Saudi breakthrough in Yemen could lead to a political solution between the Houthis and loyalists to the ousted Yemeni president.

Saudi-led warplanes hit Yemeni port, aid group sounds alarm A news report on Saudi Arabia’s bombardment of Hodeida.

Saudi-led Yemen raid 'kills 13 teaching staff, four children' A Saudi airstrike in Amran kills seventeen civilians.

U.S. Official: Saudis Have Used Cluster Bombs in Yemen A news report on Saudi Arabia’s use of cluster bombs in Yemen.

Yemen: More Than 65 Civilians Killed in Saudi-Led Airstrikes in Taiz Today A Saudi airstrike in Taiz leaves sixty-five people dead.

Human Rights

Dispatches: Saudi Women Registering to Vote is a Start Adam Coogle, from Human Rights Watch, welcomes Saudi authorities’ decision to allow women to vote.

Yemen: Set UN Inquiry Into Violations by All Sides Human Rights Watch recommends that the United Nations Human Rights Council create a commission of inquiry to investigate war violations in Yemen.

Saudi Arabia: Prominent Writer Detained Human Rights Watch deplores Saudi authorities’ detention of Zuhair Kutbi.

UAE: Human rights defender and former member of the “UAE5” Dr. Nasser Bin Ghaith arrested The Gulf Center for Human Rights deplore the arrest of Nasser bin Ghaith.

NGOs Condemn Arrest of Former al-Wefaq MP Sheikh Hasan Isa The Bahrain Center for Human Rights expresses concern over the arrest of Sheikh Hasan Isa.

Nine-Year-Old Boy Shot in Eye by Bahraini Police The Bahrain Center for Human Rights reports on the Bahraini police shooting of Mohammed Ali Habib.

Authorities accuse human rights activist Doctor Maytham al-Salman of inciting hatred against the regime The Bahrain Center for Human Rights condemns the arrest of Sheikh Maytham al-Salman.



«الكورنيت» يدخل حرب اليمن... ومحرقة دبابات إماراتية
A news report on the ground operations in Yemen following the Emirati and Saudi invasion of southern cities. 

هادي: الشرعية والقرار 2216 أساس أيّ حل في اليمن
The ousted Yemeni president asserts that United Nations Resolution 2216 should be the basis for any solution to the crisis in Yemen. 

إصابة رئيس البرلمان ووزير سابق في معارك أبين
The Yemeni deputy speaker of the house and the former interior minister sustain injuries when Houthi rebels ambushed them in Abyan. 

اليمن: تصلّب سياسي يرافق التغيّرات الميدانية
Following the Saudi and Emirati ground invasion, the ousted Yemeni president promises to defeat the rebel groups. 

«التحالف» يستعد لمعركة صنعاء
The Saudi-led coalition is getting ready for the battle of Sanaa. 

«الكورنيت» الحوثي.. الملاذ «الممانع» الأخير
Abdullah Zughaib analyzes the Houthis’ military capabilities. 

تقدم في مفاوضات مسقط: «أنصار الله» خارج الجنوب
Ali Jahiz reports on the negotiations in the Omani capital between a Yemeni delegation and the UN special envoy to Yemen.

وثيقة تفاهم بين "أنصار الله" والمبعوث الأممي إلى اليمن
The Houthis and the United Nations special envoy to Yemen sign a document of understanding. 

اليمن: قوات هادي توسع سيطرتها في الجنوب
Troops loyal to the ousted Yemeni president manage to take control of five cities in the south. 

اليمن: "التحالف" يقصف ميناء الحديدة
The Saudi-led coalition bombs the city of Hodeida.

«أنصار الله»: الحرب لم تبدأ بعد!
The Houthis assert that the war with Saudi Arabia has not started. 

اليمن: هجوم لـ «داعش» يستهدف قوات هادي عند الحدود السعودية
The Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria claims responsibility for an attack near the Yemeni-Saudi border on troops loyal to the ousted Yemeni president. 

السعودية أمام الخيارات الصعبة: هجوم واسع داخل جيزان
Ali Jahiz argues that Saudi Arabia is facing difficult choices in Yemen. 

النفط الصخري و «الانهيار» القادم في السعودية
Amer Mohsen writes on Saudi Arabia’s imminent “financial fall” due to its inability to manage its resources. 

محمد بن سلمان ملكٌ قيد التنصيب؟
A news report on Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s ambitions to become a king. 

«داعش» في جزيرة العرب
Tariq Abboud analyzes ISIS's influence in the Arabian Peninsula. 

السعودية: إعدام تشاديين من "القاعدة" بتهمة قتل فرنسي
Saudi authorities execute two Chadian citizens on charges of killing a French citizen. 

البحرين: محاكمة الأمين العام الأسبق لـ «وعد»
Bahraini authorities will try an unnamed opposition figure on charges of instigating regime change. 

البحرين: اعتقال خمسة على صلة بتفجير سترة
Bahraini authorities arrest five people suspected of having links to the explosion in Sirt in July. 

البحرين: هجوم بـ"المولوتوف" على دورية للشرطة
A Bahraini police patrol comes under attack in the village of Sind. 

الجبير: نطرح رحيل الأسد للحفاظ على الدولة السورية
The Saudi foreign minister says that the removal of Bashar al-Asad will protect the unity of the country. 

الكويت تسمح لـ 5000 طالب من البدون بالدراسة في "التعليم العام
Kuwaiti authorities allow five thousand Bidoon students to join public schools. 

الكويت: ضبط كمية كبيرة من الأسلحة والمتفجرات
Kuwaiti authorities seize weapons and explosives that were smuggled from Iraq. 

القاهرة ترفض وساطة الدوحة... ومرسي يلوّح بمحاولة تصفيته
Cairo rejects Qatar’s efforts to mediate between the Egyptian government and the Muslim Brotherhood. 

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