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Arabian Peninsula Media Roundup (October 6)

[ ["Destroyed house in the south of Sanaa 12-6-2015-1" by Ibrahem Qasim, via Creative Commons/Wikipedia.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Arabian Peninsula and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Arabian Peninsula Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.]

Regional and International Relations

Saudi Objections Halt U.N. Inquiry of Yemen War
Nick Cumming-Bruce reports on Saudi Arabia’s efforts to halt a UN inquiry into the war on Yemen.

Saudi Impunity Continues as UN Ditches Probe Into Yemen War Crimes
Sarah Lazare reports on Western countries’ decision to abandon a proposal for a UN inquiry into human rights violations committed by Saudi Arabia in Yemen.

Looking the Other Way in Yemen
Adam Chandler examines how the United States allowed Saudi Arabia to block the UN inquiry into the thousands of deaths in the war.

Yemeni man denied apology from US for drone strike that killed his family
The US Justice Department rejects Faisal bin Ali Jaber’s offer to drop his federal lawsuit in exchange for an apology from the United States. 

UK and Saudi Arabia 'in secret deal' over human rights council place
Owen Bowcott argues that leaked documents suggest a vote-trading deal was conducted to enable states to secure a seat at the United Nation’s influential body.

Corbyn: UK must drop Saudi prison bid in light of activist's death sentence
Jeremy Corbyn calls for the British Ministry of Justice to drop its bid for a Saudi prisons contract, citing the case of Ali Mohammed al-Nimr.

US judge clears Saudi Arabia in 9/11 lawsuit
A US judge has dismissed Saudi Arabia as a defendant in lawsuits brought by families of victims of the 11 September 2001, attacks. 

Saudi Arabia Protests Inclusion Of Gay Rights In UN Development Agenda
Saudi Arabia protested the references to homosexuality in a sweeping new agenda for global development, saying it runs “counter to Islamic law.”

Saudi Arabia says there is 'no future' for Assad in Syria
The Saudi foreign minister says that there are no circumstances where Bashar al-Asad can remain in power.

Gulf states plan military response as Putin raises the stakes in Syria
Emma Graham-Harrison and Saeed Kamali Dehghan argue that Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey are likely to increase military aid to anti-Asad groups they support. 

Bahrain expat group seeks Israeli help to improve kingdom's image
A pro-government advocacy group in Bahrain has signed a “memorandum of understanding” with the Israeli-linked Middle East Media Research Institute to change the image of the country as a hotspot for human rights abuses. 

Bahrain expels Iranian regime’s ambassador over ‘meddling’
Bahrain has recalled its ambassador from Iran and ordered the Iranian regime’s envoy to leave the country. 

Yemen government denies cutting ties with Iran
The government of Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi denies a report that it severed its relations with Iran.

Reports and Opinions

Saudi royal calls for regime change in Riyadh
Hugh Miles reports on a letter written by King Abdulaziz’s grandson as falling oil prices, war in Yemen, and loss of faith in authority buffet the leadership of King Salman. 

Saudi Arabia is worried – and not just about its king
Brian Whitaker asserts that not only are many Saudis jumpy about the king, the world surrounding the Gulf is also changing in all the ways they fear.

In Mecca I saw little of Islam’s compassion, but a lot of Saudi Arabia’s neglect
Sabreena Razap Hussain urges all Muslims to protest the inhumane treatment of pilgrims.

The collapse of Saudi Arabia is inevitable
Nafeez Ahmed argues that deep-rooted structural realities mean that Saudi Arabia is on the brink of protracted state failure, a process likely to take place over the next few years.

Repression in Bahrain

Bahrain unearths huge weapons and explosives haul
Bahrain says it uncovered one of the biggest finds of explosives and weapons since the uprising erupted in 2011. 

Bahrain: Economy in tatters as rulers spend island nation's coffers crushing dissent
Sayed Ahmed Alwadaei writes on the ongoing crackdown on human rights activists in Bahrain.

Crisis in Yemen

Airstrikes hit wedding in Yemen; as many as 135 dead
A Saudi airstrike on a wedding in southern Yemen has left more than a hundred civilians dead.

The orphans of Yemen's war
Charlene Anne reports on the impact of the Saudi war on Yemen on Yemeni children. 

Over 500 children killed in Yemen conflict, says UN
More than five hundred children have been killed since Saudi Arabia began its war on Yemen. 

Saudi FM on civilian casualties in Yemen: "This is warfare"
The Saudi foreign minister says that collateral damage is “extremely regrettable” following the news of the attack on the wedding.

How America’s Drone War in Yemen Strengthens al-Qaeda
Conor Friedersdorf argues that US drone strikes in Yemen are strengthening al-Qa‘ida in Yemen.

Aden's war devastation shows extent of Yemen's human crisis
Angus McDowall reports on the dire situation in Aden.

Hajj Stampede

Hajj stampede: Saudi officials clarify toll after questions
Saudi authorities deny reports that more than a thousand people died in the stampede.

The Saudi royal family is protecting VIPs while letting ordinary pilgrims die
Vijay Prashad asks why the Saudi ruling family does not spend some of their oil wealth on making the hajj safer instead of wasting it on a cruel war in Yemen.

Hajj stampede: Iran death toll rises to 464
A news report on the number of Iranian pilgrims who died in the stampede.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says Saudi Arabia should apologise for Hajj deaths
Iran’s supreme leader calls on Saudi Arabia to accept responsibility for the deadly stampede.

Hajj stampede: Iran victims' bodies repatriated
A news report on the arrival of the bodies of Iranian pilgrims in Iran.


صدّ هجوم جديد على مأرب... ومواجهات مع الجيش السعودي في الخوبة
The Yemeni army and the “popular committees” stop a ground attack on Marib by the Saudi-led coalition.

معركة مأرب ترسم خيارات المرحلة المقبلة

Abdullah al-Sharif argues that the battle for Marib will be crucial to the next stage of the Saudi war on Yemen. 

قوات الغزو تغرق في مأرب... ومحمد الحوثي في تعز
Ali Jahiz reports on the failure of the Saudi-led coalition to occupy Marib. 

الخيارات السعودية تضيق... وموسكو تدنو من تغيير قواعد الاشتباك
Mohannad Obeid argues that Saudi Arabia’s options in Yemen are decreasing. 

صراع «الإصلاح» و«الحراك الجنوبي» صدى للخلافات السعودية الإماراتية
Ibrahim al-Siraji maintains that the conflict between al-Islah and the Southern Movement reflects the differences between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. 

وجهة نظر | انتصار الشعب اليمني حتمي
Mohammed Al-Shari’ writes on the Yemeni people’s steadfastness in the face of the Saudi aggression on Yemen. 

وجهة نظر | هادي من نيويورك: ظهور مرتبك بلا جديد
Mohammed al-Warith says Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi appeared perplexed during the UN General Assembly. 

القوات اليمنية تتقدّم في جيزان وعسير
The Yemeni army makes advances in Jizan and Assir. 

وضع مأساوي في صعدة
A news report on the tragic situation in Saada. 

مفاوضات مسقط إلى فشل
A news report on the failure of the Yemeni dialogue in Muscat. 

حكومة هادي متورطة في سرقة مساعدات اللاجئين
The government of Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi is involved in stealing aid for refugees. 

اليمن: حكومة هادي تقطع علاقاتها الديبلوماسية بإيران
The government of Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi severs its diplomatic relations with Iran. 

«التحالف» يطلق معركة باب المندب: المبادرة للجيش اليمني و«أنصار الله»
The Saudi-led coalition starts the battle to occupy Bab al-Mandab. 

ابن ملك البحرين ربما أصيب في اليمن

A news report on the possibility that the son of the Bahraini king was injured in Yemen. 

اليمن: الغارة السعودية على الزفاف تقتل 131 شخصاً
A Saudi-led airstrike on a wedding in Yemen kills more than one hundred civilians. 

عن اليمن و«العاصفة».. ووحدة السلاح
Abdullah Zubaib provides an assessment of the Saudi war on Yemen. 

السعودية والتحول الكبير (1)
Rabi’ Barakat argues that the Saudi war on Yemen reflects changes in the kingdom’s regional strategies. 

العدوان في صلب صراع الأجنحة داخل أسرة آل سعود
Lockman Abdullah asserts that the war on Yemen is deepening differences within the Saudi ruling family.

تظاهرة حاشدة في صنعاء تنديداً بالعدوان
A news report on a big demonstration in Sanaa against the Saudi aggression on Yemen. 

العدنيون تحت وطأة الجرائم والفساد: «سلام الله على الحوثيين!
A news report on life in Aden after the ousting of the Houthis. 

السعودية تطالب روسيا بوقف ضرباتها في سوريا
Saudi Arabia calls on Russia to stop its airstrikes in Syria. 

قطر: الأسد السبب الرئيسي للإرهاب
The Qatari foreign minister asserts that the Syrian president is the main source of terrorism. 

البحرين: ضبط مخزن أسلحة وتوقيف مشتبه فيهم
Bahraini authorities find a weapons depot inside a house, and arrest several suspects. 

البحرين تطرد السفير الإيراني بعد ضبط مصنع للمتفجرات
Bahraini authorities expel the Iranian ambassador after finding a weapons depot. 

لقاء بين تركي الفيصل ولبيد: مؤتمر سلام إسرائيلي ـ عربي!
Hilmi Musa reports on a meeting between Prince Turki al-Faisal and Year Lapid, an Israeli politician, in New York. 

السعودية وإيران: «اليمن» وكارثة الحج ترفعان منسوب التوتر
The tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran over Yemen and the hajj stampede intensifies. 

خامنئي يتوعد السعودية برد عنيف إذا لم تعد جثامين الحجاج
Ali Khamenei threatens to respond violently if Saudi Arabia does not return the bodies of the Iranian pilgrims who died during the hajj stampede. 

اتفاق بين الرياض وطهران لإعادة جثامين الحجاج الايرانيين
Riyadh and Tehran agree that Saudi Arabia will return the bodies of the Iranian pilgrims. 

الحصانة تمنع مقاضاة السعودية في أحداث 11 ايلول
A US judge rules that victims of 11 September 2001, cannot sue Saudi Arabia because it enjoys immunity. 

وفاة المستشار الخاص للملك السعودي
The special advisor of the Saudi king passes away. 

توقيف شخصين يصنعان متفجرات في الرياض
Saudi authorities arrest two people in Riyadh on charges of making explosives. 

كوربن ينتقد الدعم المتملّق للسعودية
Jeremy Corbyn calls upon the United Kingdom to stop its uncritical support of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. 

الكويت الإفراج عن موقوفين بتهمة «التخابر مع حزب الله»
Kuwaiti authorities release people arrested on charges of having links with Hizballah. 

"العوجا" السعودية تُقرصن "مجتهد" ولا تكشف هويته
A news report on the hacking of Mujtahid’s account.

السعودية: مقتل اثنين يشتبه بانتمائهما لـ«داعش»

Saudi authorities assert that they killed two men suspected of belonging to the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria. 

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