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Maghreb Media Roundup (March 3)

[Image of graffiti in Misrata, Libya. Image by joepyrek] [Image of graffiti in Misrata, Libya. Image by joepyrek]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Maghreb and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Maghreb Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Tuesday night of every week]


Higher education reform in Algeria: reading between the lines “The application of massification policies in the MENA region led to a trend of favoring quantity over quality.”

Algeria to seek consensus on oil price Algeria is seeking to enter discussions with the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to stabilize the oil market and to raise market prices, as well as seeking a consensus to cut production levels.

الجيش الجزائري: حدودنا مع موريتانيا خطيرة ِAlgeria’s army is concerned over potential security threats along its border with Mauritania.

Algeria supports only UN-led counter-terrorism operations: minister “Algerian officials on Monday stressed after meeting the visiting US assistant secretary that any counter-terrorism operation should be within a United Nations framework, in light of US airstrikes against the Islamic State (IS) in Libya on Friday which killed more than forty, according to APS news agency.”


Libya could soon run out of life-saving medicines: U.N. “Libya faces severe shortages of life-saving medicine and about one million people will soon be in dire need of help, a UN humanitarian official warned, as warring factions hamper efforts to end chaos and form a unity government.”

Libya abuses: UN report documents killings and torture United Nations report highlights the severe Human Rights abuses, killings, and torture throughout Libya.

Le jeu trouble de la France en Libye… Blog post on the France’s ambiguous role and intentions in its intervention in Libya.


Mauritania Travel Warning The US Department of State has updated a travel warning on Mauritania due to dangers of kidnappings and the threat of terrorist activities from al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM).

Mauritania vows no abuse by soldiers in C. African Republic “Mauritania’s defense minister vowed on Sunday that his country’s peacekeepers will never be implicated in the type of sex abuse allegations that have rocked Central African Republic’s UN mission in recent months.”

Mauritania ministry official charged with corruption Mauritania's Interior Ministry secretary-general Mohamed El Hadi Macina was charged with corruption concerning a bribery scandal with a British company operating in Mauritania.

Hot, free and dangerous: A train ride in Mauritania Bronwen Latimer writes a picture piece on his travels on Mauritania’s only train track that transports many of the country’s major goods and services.


Inside the movement: what is left of Morocco’s February 20? Middle East Eye analyzes the impact of the 20 February Movement five years into its start.

Les 22 photos les plus époustouflantes du Maroc prises par National Geographic Moroccan blogger compiles best National Geographic pictures of Morocco.

PROSTITUTION IN MOROCCO? SHOCKED! SHOCKED! Newsweek story on the daily-lives of Moroccan sex-workers

La représentante d’Avocats sans frontières « expulsée » du Maroc Lawyers Without Borders representative Nisma Bounakhla expelled without justifications from Morocco.


Lamia Choucair Photo report on Lebanese designer Lamia Choucair, now based in Tunis.

Les bijoux tunisiens et maghrébins à l'honneur à l'Institut du monde arabe Temporary exhibit at the Institut du Monde Arabe on Tunisian and Maghrebi traditional jewellry.

في بادرة هي الأولى في تونس: عاملات مصنع أعلن إفلاسه يتولين ادارته بمعية النقابة لانقاذه  Factory workers recover the production unit after their boss’ departure, beginning a self-managing experiment.

Western Sahara

بان كي مون في الجزائر قريبا لبحث ملف الصحراء الغربية Ban Ki-Moon is planning to visit Algeria to investigate relations with the Western Sahara.

Participating in Sahara-Marathon is another form of support to Sahrawi people’s fight Sahara Press Service writes on the participants in the sixteenth Western Sahara marathon competing to show their support to the Western Sahara.

Canadian Companies buying Non-renewable Resources from Moroccan-occupied West Sahara “In violation of international law two major Canadian companies are buying the non-renewable resources of Africa’s last remaining colony.”

Recent Jadaliyya Articles on the Maghreb

The Dashed Hopes of the Tunisian Revolution: Complicity between Nidaa Tounes and Ennahda Khadija Mohsen-Finan writes on the recent political developments in Tunisia in light of the fifth year anniversary of the uprising.

New Texts Out Now: Mona Harb and Sami Atallah, Local Governments and Public Goods: Assessing Decentralization in the Arab World Jadaliyya interviews Mona Harb and Sami Atallah on their recently published book Local Governments and Public Goods: Assessing Decentralization in the Arab World. 

لم يعد في المدى متسع An installment from a special series on Libyan poetry. Read the three additional parts here, here, and here.

The Fantasies of Kamel Daoud A group of historians pen a response to journalist and writer Kamel Daoud over statements he has recently written concerning sexual violence.

Awled Amreeka? Heather Jendoubi reviews a Tunisian television series, examining its perception of gender and socioeconomic related issues in Tunisia.

The Impeccable Narrative Around Tunisian Workers' Syndicate Massimo Di Ricco deconstructs the rosy narrative around Tunisia's major labor union, delving into its historical role into today's political landscape.

« Les organisations policières se trouvent en position de force » entretien avec Emmanuel Blanchard Thomas Serres interviews historian Emmanuel Blanchard on the heightened security in France and the ramifications.

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