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Maghreb Media Roundup (September 21)

[Image taken in Tunis, Tunisia. Image by Iklil Bouhmouch] [Image taken in Tunis, Tunisia. Image by Iklil Bouhmouch]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Maghreb and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Maghreb Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Tuesday night of every week]


Obstacles to ISIS Expansion Dalia Ghanem-Yazbeck breaks down the reasons for the Islamic State's unsuccessful expansion in Algeria.

Algeria: 2-Year Sentence for Facebook Poem Despite the constitutional right to freedom of speech, a journalist was imprisoned for two years due to a Facebook poem deemed insulting to the president.

Algérie: un homme de confession chrétienne poursuivi en appel pour “outrage à l’islam” A Christian Algerian man imprisoned for a series of Facebook postscriticizing Islam in 2014.

L’hyène rayée ressort des bois Striped hyenas, previously classified as endangered, have been spotted more frequently in the past few months.

الجزائر ترسل شحنة نفط إلى كوبا Algeria prepares to send a crude oil shipment to Cuba for the first time.


Power struggle rages in Libyan oasis town A conflict backed by local and international forces in Ubari, Libya displaces the town’s inhabitants.

Libyan Desert An enchanting photo series depicting life in the Libyan desert.

Libya’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ William Denver’s political analysis of Libya’s current crisis state.

Libya’s prison and detention system is in chaos: report A large number of Libya’s inmates have been detained in overcrowded and underfunded prisons, without prosecution or sentence.

قفزة غير مسبوقة لمعدل التضخم في ليبيا خلال 6 أشهر (تحليل) Libyan inflation rates have risen immensely since the beginning of the ongoing conflict.


Mauritanie: la police interrompt une manifestation des ressortissants Sénégalais Senegalese immigrants in Mauritania protest against the many injustices they face, only to be ignored by the Senegalese embassy in Mauritania.

Mauritania: visite polémique de parlementaires français Members of the French parliament plan a controversial visit to Mauritania with the goal of improving relations between the nations.

Conflict Debunking Mauritania’s Islamist militancy mythology Chris Simpson’s critical analysis of Mauritania’s US-backed anti-radicalization and anti-terrorism efforts.

Mauritanie : les avocats de 13 militants anti-esclavagistes dénoncent le projet de transfèrement de leurs clients The lawyers of thirteen activists arrested for anti-slavery militancy speak out against the transfer of their clients to a different prison.

استعدادات العيد في موريتانيا: زحام وغلاء Mauritanian Muslims bustle to prepare for Eid Al Adha in their own way.


Morocco: Trial opens for Islamist 'sex scandal' couple After their failure to appear in court, a trial is opened for the two members of the Movement of Unity and Reform--described as the ideological arm of the ruling Justice and Development Party.

Le Maroc à la traîne en matière d’éducation UNESCO reports conclude that Morocco will not be able to meet its primary school attendance goal by the end of the century.

Manifestation anti-Bongo devant l'ambassade du Gabon au Maroc A group of Gabonese people living in Morocco protested the re-election of Ali Bongo in front of the Gabonese embassy in Rabat.

African Ambassadors Meet in Morocco Ahead of COP 22  The African Development Bank and the UN Economic Commission for Africa met for an information session on 31 August in preparation for COP22.

المغرب: رفض لحصر الشباب والنساء في لائحة انتخابية خاصة  Morocco moves to diversify its parliament by applying a quota regulation stemming from the aftermath of the 20 February ovement protests in 2011.


Tunisia parliament approves unity government of Youssef Chahed A new government including “Islamists, leftists, unionists and independents” with prime minister Youssef Chahed has been approved by the parliament, and will attempt to solve the country’s economic issues.

Tunisian president moves against party threatening to 'cut off heads'  President Beji Caid Essebsi reacts urgently to Hizb at-Tahrir’s threat to cut off the heads and hands of “the criminal government and their English masters.”

Tunisie : élan de solidarité pour les victimes du drame routier à Kasserine Tunisians act in solidarity with the victims of the Kasserine road accident by donating blood and offering shelter.

Témoignage : être une femme féministe en Tunisie A Tunisian woman’s account on being a feminist in Tunisia.

تونس تحيي اليوم الوطني لحماية الصحفيين Human Rights organizations remember disappeared journalists Sofian Chourabi and Nadhir Ktari on the National Day for the Protection of Journalists.

Western Sahara

Sahrawi protesters recount recent abuses Sahrawis peacefully fighting for their independence discuss the many abuses encountered during protests.

Growing international recognition of Western Sahara offers new hope for Africa’s Last Colony As more and more nations recognize the Western Sahara’s right to independence, Sahrawi hope grows.

Inondations : Plus de 8000 enfants sahraouis regagneront l'école à El-Aiun (Unicef) Despite the destruction of many schools by recent floods in the Laayoune refugee camp,, Sahrawi children will be starting their school year on 6 September.

Les prisonniers politiques sahraouis du groupe de Gdeim Izik entament une grève de la faim Political prisoners protest against inhumane conditions with a forty-eight-hour hunger strike.

تقرير أمريكي: استمرار الجمود بشأن الصحراء الغربية أكبر عقبات التعاون في مكافحة الإرهاب An American political analysis describes the ongoing occupational conflict in the Western Sahara as the largest obstacle to the path toward a peaceful Maghreb.

Recent Jadaliyya Articles on the Maghreb

التراجيديا التي تحاصر مجالنا البصري Ahmed Jaride discusses the inspirations and themes of his abstract art.

الحركة النسائية في المغرب: مقابلة لبرنامج الوضع Naima Benouakram discusses the feminist movement in Morocco in an interview by Fateh Azzam.

The Western Sahara and Football: A Path toward Self-Determination? Aubrey Bloomfield and Sean Jacobs discuss the value of football in the Sahrawi struggle for independence.

A Brief History of Fortress Europe Hassan Ould Moctar points to Europe’s colonial and imperial history as a root for the ongoing European refugee crisis.

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