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Maghreb Media Roundup (November 12)

[Image from Bizerte, Tunisia. Image by Iklil Bouhmouch] [Image from Bizerte, Tunisia. Image by Iklil Bouhmouch]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Maghreb and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Maghreb Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Tuesday night of every week] 


A Cinematic Classic of Resistance Returns To The Big Screen The Battle of Algiers, first released in 1966, returns to theaters in a new digital restoration for audiences to appreciate this seminal work in world cinema and protest art. 

Algeria and Cuba allied by a shared revolutionary struggle The shared socialist ambitions of Algeria and Cuba in the Third-World moment of the 1960s is at the root of their diplomatic relationship, which continues to shape their foreign policies today.

الجزائر: ارتفاع صادرات النفط والغاز 9% بـ 10 أشهر Amid dropping oil prices, Sonatrach, the largest oil and gas company in Algeria and Africa, reported an increase in oil production and exports from last year. 

Violence/ Les nouvelles cités sous l’influence des gangs Urban crimes committed by Algeria’s young are reportedly on the rise, while civil society organizations were called upon to discuss solutions to Algeria’s growing problem. 

Le complot contre l'Algérie prend forme The leader of Al Mourabitoune--a branch of al-Qa’ida--recently released a tape pledging allegiance to the Islamic State. This declaration of a cooperation between the terrorist cells has raised great concern all over the nation.

Algeria: 1 November's Values to Remain Rooted in Algerians' Memory In celebration of national independence day, Ramtane Lamamra speaks to the importance of maintaining the memory and spirit of those who battled against the French occupation.


West urges key figures in Libya to compromise as economic chaos looms The current political impasse between the United Nations backed government in Tripoli and Libya’s elected parliament in Tobruk poses serious challenges to security and resource management.

Kerry, UK Foreign Secretary Host Meeting on Libya Stalemate Amid political fragmentation and declining oil revenues, John Kerry and Boris Johnson met with Libya’s designated prime minister, Fayez Serraj, to address economic and security issues facing the country.

ليبيا.. مبعوث الأمم المتحدة يدعو الى وقف فوري للاقتتال بمدينة الزاوية: Special Representative and Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, Martin Kobler, calls for the immediate end of clashes in Zawiya, an important port city west of Tripoli.

الولايات المتحدة تقدم مساعدات بمليون دولار لدعم المهجرين داخل ليبي USAID’s Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance has donated one million dollars to support the International Organization For Migration’s humanitarian assistance to vulnerable internally displaced persons.

“La Libye est devenue la plaque tournante d’un gigantesque trafic d’êtres humains” Mexican photojournalist Narciso Contreras discusses his experience photographing victims of human trafficking in Libya. 

Libye: la conférence de Londres visait l’examen de toutes les possibilités de sortie de crise Fayez Serraj participated in a two-day long conference on Libyan politics and economy in London with the goal of benefiting from the perspective and suggestions of international experts. 


Tunisie-Mauritanie: Lancement du programme exécutif de formation et d’emploi 2016-2018 - The executive program of cooperation in the field of training and employment between Tunisia and Mauritania was launched to provide an exchange of skills and expertise between the two countries. 

African Union hearing on child slaves hailed as milestone for Mauritania Two brothers, who had been enslaved at birth to a wealthy family in Nouakchott, escaped with the help of a local anti-slavery movement and a family member. With an African Child rights organization by their sides, the two have testified against, and successfully prosecuted their abusers.

Mauritanie : des milliers de manifestants à Nouakchott contre un changement de Constitution Following discussions about constitutional changes such as increasing the number of presidential terms authorized, millions of Mauritanians take to the streets in protest.

Mauritanie : les changements des symboles du pays critiqués Suggestions of alterations to the Mauritanian flag and national anthem were met with great disapproval. 

Desert Locust situation update Locust infestations are worsening in Mauritania, and spreading to neighboring countries Morocco and Sudan.

موريتانيا تعلن إحرازها تقدما كبيرا في مؤشرات مناخ الأعمال The Mauritanian government has announced significant progress in national business climate, with Mauritania rising from the twentieth to the fifteenth in the Arab world ranking, and thirty-ninth to thirty-third in Africa. 


Balance commerciale, Le déficit se creuse davantage Morocco's trade deficit rose 133.75 billion dirhams in the first nine months of 2016, compared with the same period a year ago, due to higher imports. Equipment imports rose 22.1 percent to 84.93 billion dirhams 

Mohammed VI attendu en Ethiopie, au Rwanda, et en Tanzanie King Mohammed VI began the first leg of a regional tour in East Africa in Rwanda to establish stronger political ties and launch an economic partnership between the two countries’ institutions and private sectors.

Beat and dust: Tangier's tang of history The Tangier of the beat imagination lives on in sites--the cafes, hotels, streets, and museums--that pepper the contours of a changing urban center characterized by a constant stream of new construction projects.

Refugees in Morocco set sights on Europe A photo essay depicts daily life in Morocco’s Bolingo camp, where sub-Saharan refugees gather to attempt crossing the land border into Spanish territory.

مدير "الوادي الأخضر" يصف المغرب بجنة الاستثمارات الإماراتية Ali Saeed Al Salami, General Manager of Green Valley International Real Estate Group, describes Morocco as an Emirati investment paradise, where the company will continue to expand its involvement in real estate and tourism.

In Echo of Arab Spring, 1000s Protest in Morocco After Garbage Truck Fatally Crushes Fish Seller The gruesome death of a fish vendor in Al Hoceima shocks Morocco, provoking protests around the country. 

SM le Roi conseille à la famille de Saad Lamjarred que Me Eric Dupont Moretti assure la défense du chanteur marocain King Mohamed VI stands by pop star Saad Lamjarred in his rape trial in France, taking on the expenses and recommending a lawyer.

Marrakech: Arrestation de deux filles mineures pour "homosexualité" After being caught kissing, two minors were arrested for homosexual behavior. 


Mohsen Marzouk reçoit l’ambassadeur de France en Tunisie Tunisian politician and secretary general of the movement Projet pour la Tunisie (MPT), Mohsen Marzouk, met with the French Ambassador to Tunis to address relations between the two countries, ahead of Tunisia 2020, the International Conference for the support of economic development this November. 

Harcèlement sexuel : La Tunisie s’engage dans une campagne internationale Tunisian campaigns aim to bring attention to the issue of sexual harassment, and to encourage women to fight back. 

Tunisia, Through the Eyes of Its Artists and Intellectuals  A photo essay and illustrative description of Tunisia by local artists and thinkers.

PICS: Tunisia pins hopes on wine industry Tunisia revives its wine industries in order to increase cultural tourism and to repair its damaged economy. 

الاتحاد الأوروبي يدعو للاستثمار في تونس ويعتبره "أولوية استراتيجية"  In her meeting with the Tunisian foreign minister, the European Union foreign minister states that investing in Tunisia is a strategic priority.

اعداد دراسة في 2017 حول واقع وافاق التجارة الالكترونية في تونس The Chamber of Commerce and Industry announces an upcoming study concerning the possibility of launching e-commerce in Tunisia, an initiative which could potentially positively impact national economy. 

Western Sahara

Droits de L'Homme au Sahara: pourquoi les Etats-Unis relancent leur offensive contre le Maroc Heather Chase, political advisor for human rights at the US Embassy in Rabat, traveled to Laayoune as part of preparations for the next State Department’s Human Rights Report. She will meet with unionist and activists of the Polisario. 

مسؤول أممي يزور الصحراء الغربية في محاولة لاحتواء التوتر بين المغرب والبوليساريو United Nations official to visit the Western Sahara in an attempt to contain the crisis between Morocco and the Polisario. 

جمعية صحراوية تندد باستثمار شركة ألمانية في الصحراء الغربية بترخيص من المغرب The Association for the Monitoring of Resources and the Protection of the Environment in Western Sahara criticizes German Company, DHL, for investing in the Western Sahara with Moroccan authorization. 

Saharawi ambassador to Mozambique meets AU special envoy to Western Sahara The Sahrawi Ambassador to Mozambique met with the Special Envoy of the African Union to the Western Sahara for the purpose of discussing the current situation in the Western Sahara, and recent human rights violations by Morocco. 

Le "Watching Sahara occidental" est né Journalists and Sahrawi activists battle Morocco’s media blockade on the Western Sahara by organizing a “Western Sahara watch” program, in which they aim to gather primary sources such as videos and photographs to send them to Human Rights organizations and international journalists.

UN Agencies in Algeria Appeal for Continued Food Assistance to Western Saharan Refugees The United Nations World Food Program faces budget cuts, and struggles to provide Sahrawi refugees in Algerian camps with food supplies.

Recent Jadaliyya Articles

Why Is a Moroccan History Professor Being Charged with "Endangering State Security?" Sam Metz interviews Moroccan history professor, Maati Monjib, on his case, where he and six others face charges for "endangering state security."

The Death of a Nomad Matthew Porges delves into the death of Shmad Bad July, situating the incident within the context of ongoing efforts to bring the Western Saharan territorial dispute to a resolution.

New Texts Out Now: Jonathan Wyrtzen, Making Morocco: Colonial Intervention and the Politics of Identity An interview of Jonathan Wyrtzen, writer of Making Morocco: Colonial Intervention and the Politics of Identity.

التراجيديا التي تحاصر مجالنا البصري Ahmed Jaride discusses the inspirations and themes of his abstract art. 

الحركة النسائية في المغرب: مقابلة لبرنامج الوضع Naima Benouakram discusses the feminist movement in Morocco in an interview by Fateh Azzam.

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