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Media on Media Roundup (November 17)

[Trump following his election victory on 9 November 2016. Photo from Wikimedia Commons] [Trump following his election victory on 9 November 2016. Photo from Wikimedia Commons]

In this week’s Jadaliyya “Media on Media” roundup: The United States has elected Donald Trump. As the dust settles from last Tuesday’s elections, global media outlets have reacted differently to Trump’s victory, including Arab media outlets, whose reactions varied according to their respective political affiliations.

Many have criticized the Arab media’s coverage of the US presidential race, claiming that they have adopted the American liberal media’s narrative. Moreover, criticism has also been directed towards pro-Sisi media outlets in Egypt, after they joyfully cheered Trump’s victory.

Turkey’s representative for Reporters Without Borders will be placed on trial with two other campaigners after being accused of creating PKK terror propaganda while guest-editing a Kurdish-leftist newspaper.

In other news, a group of five Saudi female game developers have built "Wojdan," a game that aims to spread the beauty of the Arabic language.

All of these stories and more are available below in further detail.

Media and Politics

US election: World media digests Trump election win
Source: BBC
Global media outlets react to Trump’s victory in the elections, including newspapers across the Middle East.

Fear and loathing in the Arab media: Trump's election
Source: Ynet News
Ynet News rounds up the contradicting reactions to Trump’s victory by a number of prominent Arab media outlets.

Netanyahu's media "reform" will sabotage Arab-Israeli press
Source: Al-Monitor
Netanyahu is undermining anti-Zionist media outlets that serve the Palestinian population of northern Israel by establishing another Arabic-speaking outlet that promotes the Zionist narrative.

إسرائيل تستضيف إعلاميين مغاربة لتجميل صورتها
المصدر: الجزيرة
تتحدث هذه المقالة عن زيارة عدد من الإعلاميين المغاربة إلى الأراضي المحتلة بعد دعوة من وزارة خارجية العدو الإسرائيلية، وذلك في ظلّ موجات غضب شعبية ترفض التطبيع والتعامل مع العدو.

إدانات بالمغرب للتطبيع الإعلامي مع إسرائيل
المصدر: الجزيرة
تلقي هذه المقالة الضوء على موجات الغضب المستنكرة للزيارة التي قام بها الإعلاميون، مطالبين الجهات الرسمية بتنفيذ أحكام القضاء عليهم.

«ترامب» يعبر.. والجنون يتمكن من إعلام السيسي!
المصدر: القدس العربي
توجّه هذه المقالة انتقاضاً مباشراً ولاذعاً للوسائل الإعلامية المصرية الموالية للرئيس عبدالفتاح السيسي، التي هلّلت من بعد فوز ترامب بالإنتخابات الرئاسية الأمريكية.


Oscar Foreign-Language: Middle East Grows More Competitive
Source: Variety
Two film submissions from the Middle East carry Oscar potential in the foreign-film category: Hany Abu-Assad’s The Idol and Asghar Farhadi’s The Salesman.

How Gaza's female filmmakers rebel against reality
Source: Al-Monitor
Filmmakers and festival-goers explored the lives of Palestinian women in Women for Change, a film festival in Gaza, which approached varying topics facing Palestinians, women in particular.

Editor pioneers gay media in Arab world
Source: Global Journalist
Khalid Abdel-Hadi, editor of My Kali, discusses the challenges of running an LGBT magazine in Jordan.

A digital documentary from BBC Arabic explores shame and honour in the online world
Directed towards the Arab millennial audience, BBC Arabic has recently released a series of "shareable" social media documentaries focusing on the issues surrounding honor-based violence in conservative societies across the Middle East.

Arabic visual novel aims to celebrate the language’s beauty
Source: Kill Screen
A group of five Saudi female game developers have built "Wojdan," a game which aims to spread the beauty of the Arabic language.

The 50th Anniversary of "The Battle of Algiers" and the Film’s Impact on the Black Radical Imagination
Source: Alternet Project
Fifty years after its release, The Battle of Algiers has influenced black radical imagination in the United States and transnationally.

نوبية في شوارع القاهرة: الكاميرا في خدمة التنوّع
المصدر: جريدة السفير
فيلم وثائقي جديد يحمل عنوان «نوبية في قاهرة المعزّ»،يهدف لنشر ثقافة التنوع والاختلاف في مصر وذلك من خلال تبيان ردات فعل المجتمع المصري في القاهرة للمرأة النوبية.

Freedom of Journalists/Expression

Reporters Without Borders representative on trial in Turkey for "terror propaganda"
Source: Deutsche Welle
Turkey’s representative for Reporters Without Borders has been put on trial with two other campaigners, on the grounds of making terror propaganda for the PKK after guest-editing a leftist Kurdish newspaper.

Turkey arrests head of opposition newspaper: Report
Source: Middle East Eye
In their continuous campaign against the media and freedom of expression, Turkish authorities have recently arrested the head of the board of opposition daily Cumhuriyet, on charges related to “terrorist activities.”

تركيا تواصل قمع الإعلام .. وتعتقل صحفياً فرنسياً
المصدر: صحيفة الأهرام
تقدّم هذه المقالة نظرة شاملة حول وضع الإعلاميين في تركيا في ظل الضغوطات وعمليات القمع التي تنوعت بين الاعتقال وبين النفي.

Social Media

Arabs react on social media to Trump victory
Source: Deutsche Welle
This article looks at Arab Twitter users’ reaction to Trump’s victory in the US presidential elections.

Jordan Snapchat star teaches Arabic to international followers
Source: Al-Arabiya
This Jordanian Arabic teacher is using Snapchat to spread Jordanian culture and values, and most importantly to teach her international audience how to speak Arabic.

Media Practices

2016 RSF-TV5 Monde Press Freedom Prize: Prize awarded to Syrian and Chinese journalists, website
Source: Reporters Sans Frontiers
The article recognizes the winners of this year’s award, among them Syrian freelance journalist Hadi Abdullah, who has covered the Syrian conflict in areas where others have not entered.

Chris Hedges Recounts His Life as a War Correspondent With The New York Times
Source: TruthDig
Pulitzer prize-winning author and journalist Chris Hedges recalls his time covering the Iraq War and how his radical approach to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the invasion of Iraq set him apart from other Times correspondents.

Media and information literacy—shortest path to countering extremism
Source: Jordan Times
This article stresses on the importance of introducing media and information literacy into the educational curriculum of Arab countries, hoping it will eradicate extremism and religious fundamentalism.

In search of the facts, and a fixer, in Syria
Source: OpenCanada
Journalist Deborah Campbell recounts the months she spent looking for her missing fixer and translator in Damascus. She speaks with OpenCanada's Catherine Tsalikis about her search, the Syrian conflict and the problems plaguing today’s foreign news coverage.

هل ساهم الإعلام في تضخيم الدعوة إلى 11 / 11؟
المصدر: صحيفة الوسط
تطرح هذه المقالة مسألة دور الإعلام المصري قبيل المظاهرة التي دعت لها المعارضة، في ظل الأزمة الإقتصادية التي تمرّ بها البلاد.

إنتخاب "ترامب" درس للإعلام العربي
المصدر: صحيفة عكاظ
تنتقض هذه المقالة كيفية تعاطي وسائل الإعلام العربية مع الإنتخابات الأمريكية، وبالأخص كيف انها تأثرت مباشرة بالوسائل الإعلامية "الليبرالية" دون أن تتمكن من عرض الأمور بحرفية وموضوعية.

From Jadaliyya Media Roundups

Reporters Without Borders labels Sisi a ‘press freedom predator’
Source: Jadaliyya Egypt Media Roundup
The Paris-based international organization Reporters Without Borders has included Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on a list of “predators of press freedom.”

Egypt's press union sends list of 29 detained journalists to win pardons
Source: Jadaliyya Egypt Media Roundup
The freedoms committee of Egypt's press syndicate has submitted a list of twenty-nine detained journalists to a new committee that President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi tasked with reviewing the cases of young people held in pretrial detention.

A Cinematic Classic of Resistance Returns To The Big Screen
Source: Jadaliyya Maghreb Media Roundup
The Battle of Algiers, first released in 1966, returns to theaters in a new digital restoration for audiences to appreciate this seminal work in world cinema and protest art. 

[The "Media On Media Roundup" is an initiative to survey published material in the news and broadcast media that deals with journalism, coverage, or mass communication practices about the region. These roundups are produced and curated in collaboration with the American University of Beirut's Media Studies Program. The items collected here do not reflect the views of Jadaliyya or the editors of the Media Page]

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