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Egypt Media Roundup (January 30)

[Tahrir Square on the sixth anniversary of the 25 January uprising. Photo from Aswat Masriya.] [Tahrir Square on the sixth anniversary of the 25 January uprising. Photo from Aswat Masriya.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Egypt and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Egypt Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.] 

Political Rights

17 people arrested on sixth anniversary of January 25 revolution Despite the notable absence of protests across the country, seventeen people were arrested Wednesday in Cairo, Alexandria, and Tanta on the sixth anniversary of the 25 January revolution.

In pictures - Nothing but the police on sixth Jan. 25 anniversary Quiet loomed over Tahrir on Wednesday noon as police vehicles and a few cars circled the Square on the sixth anniversary of the 25 January uprising that toppled President Hosni Mubarak.

Four scenes of the Egyptian revolution in Alexandria: A microhistory of January 25 How a series of contingencies walked us to the revolution.

HRW criticises placement of over 1,500 people in Egypt on terrorists list International watchdog Human Rights Watch criticized the placement of hundreds of Egyptians on terrorists list, in an official statement on Tuesday.

Rights lawyer Negad al-Borai issued travel ban Rights lawyer Negad al-Borai was prevented from boarding an international flight at Cairo International Airport on Thursday.

Activists call Sisi’s announcements on Nubia insufficient While President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi laid out a number of decisions during the second monthly youth conference in Aswan on Saturday that will affect Nubians in the country’s south, activists contend that the measures remain short of the action required of the state.

Egypt falls in Transparency International’s 2016 Corruption Perceptions Index Egypt was ranked 108th of 176 countries reviewed in the Transparency International’s 2016 Corruption Perceptions Index published on Wednesday.

Prosecution renews detention of finance ministry adviser Supreme state security prosecution renewed detention of finance minister adviser for fifteen days pending investigations.

State responds to recent labor protests with heightened repression and exceptional legal measures Recent nationwide labor protests have found themselves confronted by extraordinary measures of repression as the country continues to weather economic struggles, austerity measures and rising inflation.

Families of men killed in Arish say they are living with fear and injustice On 13 January, the Interior Ministry released a statement announcing the killing of ten young local men in an exchange of fire after security forces stormed a militant hideout in Arish. The Interior Ministry’s statement was met by wave of rage from citizens of Arish, with many asserting that those listed had been detained and forcibly disappeared months ago.

Families of Aqrab Prison detainees report maltreatment and torture Families of prisoners accused of involvement in an assassination attempt on Deputy Prosecutor General Zakareya Abdel Aziz reported incidents of maltreatment in Cairo’s maximum security Aqrab Prison on Tuesday.

Parliament extends un-elected labor union federation’s board for another year Egypt’s parliament extended the term of the state-controlled Egyptian Trade Union Federation’s board on Sunday by another year, despite elections already being more than five years overdue.

Default election resolves 2-year conflict over Dostour Party presidency Following nearly two years of internal crises and political deadlock, the Dostour Party has announced the election of new president Khaled Daoud, the party’s former media spokesperson. Daoud was chosen by default, in the absence of any other candidates.

Former presidential candidate Abu Ismail sentenced to 5 years in prison An Egyptian court has sentenced on Sunday Islamist politician Hazem Salah Abu Ismail to five years in jail on violence charges in 2012. 

Pharmacists call for urgent meeting over 'profit margin' crisis Pharmacists’ Syndicate called on Saturday for an urgent meeting on Monday after the presidency's two-week grace period to solve their crisis ended with no solution.


Military production minister: We want to expand our civilian business partnerships Military Production Minister Mohamed al-Assar has announced that the ministry plans to increase its local and international business partnerships with non-military companies, stressing the necessity of boosting Egypt’s local industries following the pound’s devaluation. 

How can Egyptians relieve the money stress from soaring prices? In the wake of the current unprecedented wave of price increases, Egyptians are faced with budget shortfalls, especially due to salaries that haven’t been increased for the last few years which cause stress, over thinking and depression.

Foreign Relations

Hamas leaders on first official Cairo visit since 2013 A delegation from the Gaza-based Hamas organization continued talks with Egyptian authorities on Tuesday, as part of an official visit led by the head of the movement’s political bureau Ismail Haniya that started Sunday night.

One year on from the last station: A timeline of the Giulio Regeni case A year later, the details of Regeni’s death remain a mystery, although traces of the truth have started to emerge.

Egypt to allow Italian experts to examine CCTV footage in Regeni murder investigation Egypt's public prosecutor agreed on Sunday to allow experts from Italy and a German company that specializes in salvaging CCTV footage to examine cameras in Cairo as part of the investigation into last year's murder of Italian student Giulio Regeni.

Egypt’s policy in Libya: A Government of National Accord by other means Despite gestures toward politically inclusive discussion, Egypt’s wager on the Libyan National Army strongman continues.

Trump and Sisi discussed fighting terrorism in phone call - statement Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi discussed fighting terrorism and extremism with U.S. President Donald Trump in a telephone call, and Trump applauded Egypt's efforts on those fronts, Sisi's office said on Monday.

EgyptAir asked to implement Trump travel ban - Reuters EgyptAir received a request to prevent U.S. immigration visa holders from seven countries from boarding flights to the U.S., an official at the Cairo-based carrier told Reuters. 

Possible resumption of Egypt-Russia flights could start with Cairo: Russian deputy PM Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said that a possible resumption of Russian passenger flights to Egypt would start with Cairo International Airport first then followed by Red Sea resorts' airports.

Egypt passes agreement with Saudi Arabia to develop Sinai President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi passed in a new decree on Thursday a Memorandum of Understanding between Egypt and Saudi Arabia to develop the Sinai Peninsula. 

Domestic Security

Egypt’s Sisi commemorates Police Day, discusses unrest in Sinai On the sixty-fifth commemoration of Police Day, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi expressed gratitude and appreciation for the efforts undertaken by security personnel in what he described as a war that Egypt is waging "on its own".

Egypt extends state of emergency in North Sinai Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi issued a republican decree on Tuesday extending the state of emergency enforced in North Sinai for three more months.

5 soldiers killed in militant attack in central Sinai Five soldiers were killed by militants in Sinai late Sunday, according to military spokesperson Colonel Tamer al-Refai.

20 militants, four army personnel killed in North Sinai raids - statement Military spokesperson announced on Saturday that twenty militants were killed, and others injured during a number of security raids over the past five days.

From Jadaliyya Egypt

January 25 at Six To mark six years since the onset of the 25 January Revolution, Jadaliyya offers its readers a series of articles that bring to focus salient questions and narratives pertaining to the diverse struggles that 25 January has come to symbolize.

The Egyptians: A Radical History of Egypt’s Unfinished Revolution - Afterword An edited extract from Jack Shenker’s book, published in the UK as The Egyptians: A Radical Story and in the US as The Egyptians: A Radical History of Egypt’s Unfinished Revolution.

Revisiting the “Blue Bra” Incident: Towards a New Agenda for Researching Politics and Popular Culture in Egypt December 2016 marked the fifth anniversary of an iconic moment in the Egyptian revolution, when soldiers were filmed and photographed brutally beating a female protester in Tahrir Square, dragging her by her abaya to reveal her torso and her blue bra. The photograph became iconic because it was emblematic of the ongoing military violence against Egyptian protesters. A new project explores key events in the aftermath of 25 January 2011, such as the “blue bra” incident, together with revolutionary and counterrevolutionary dynamics through the prism of popular culture.

Mapping the Counter-Histories of Port Said: A Critical Reading Into a Communal Mapping Project Ali Mossallam and Nermin el Sherif examine the results of a "social history-mapping" experiment that took place in a larger public history workshop in the city of Port Said.

هل غير الخدمة المدنية الاقتصاد السياسي للأجور في مصر Mohammad Gad examines and deconstructs the notoriously complex government wage system in Egypt.


منع المحامي الحقوقي نجاد البرعي من السفر بناء على قرار من قاضي التحقيقات Security authorities banned Egyptian human rights lawyer Negad al-Borei from travel on Thursday.

محام: النيابة تحجز 4  تظاهروا بمناسبة الذكرى السادسة لـ 25 يناير Four protestors were arrested ahead of the 25 January anniversary.

بالصور- الذكرى السادسة لـ25 يناير.. لا شيء سوى الشرطة  Security vehicles surrounded Tahrir Square ahead of the sixth anniversary of the 25 January uprising.

السيسي يوافق على برنامج السعودية لتنمية سيناء بقيمة 1.5 مليار دولار President Sisi issued a presidential decree approving the memorandum of understanding signed between Egypt and Saudi Arabia to invest in the Sinai Peninsula.

بمناسبة عيدي الشرطة وثورة 25 يناير.. زيارة استثنائية لأسر نزلاء السجون حتى 23 فبراير Prisoners were allowed to meet their relatives in custody across Egypt on the occasion of the National Police Day and the 25 January Revolution anniversary.

«نوستالجيا» الذين ثاروا.. دموع على أعتاب «25 يناير»  The 25 January anniversary was commemorated amid calls on social media to organize protests on January 25 to mark the sixth anniversary of the 2011 uprising that ousted Hosni Mubarak.

في ذكرى الثورة.. نار الأسعار تحرق حلم المصريين بالعيش والحرية  Egypt continues to suffer from price hikes amid concerns regarding an expected increase in poverty rate in 2017.

أحزاب "25 يناير" المصرية بعد الانقلاب  Following the 3 July 2013 coup, Egypt’s political scene became more volatile.

مصر:قضية ريجيني إلى الواجهة مجدداً  The General Prosecutor, Nabil Sedki, declares Egypt’s approval to allow Italian and German experts to examine cameras in Cairo Metro for further investigation into Regeni’s case.

مصر | أزمات «التعويم» مستمرة... زراعةً وصناعةً واستيراداً  The devaluation of the Egyptian pound continues to impact the economy. 

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