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Maghreb Media Roundup (February 19)

[Image from Azrou, Morocco. Image by Kaylee Steck] [Image from Azrou, Morocco. Image by Kaylee Steck]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Maghreb and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Maghreb Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Tuesday night of every week]


Algeria free of landmines Algeria has officially declared itself free of landmines, meeting the nation’s obligations from the Ottawa conference.

Un chercheur algérien fait une percée dans la lutte contre le cancer et… l’exploration de la planète Mars Algerian scientist Noureddine Melikchi has recently discovered a method of analysis using lasers, which may revolutionize research on the cure for ovarian cancer, as well as the exploration of the planet Mars.

Cinéma/Bientôt un film sur Matoub Lounes Algerian film director Bachir Derrais will be dedicating an upcoming film to legendary Amazigh singer Matoub Lounes.

Algeria's shale gas dreams are a nightmare for locals BBC contributor Kieran Cooke assesses the shale gas project in Algeria and the limits to developing its fracking industry.

هل عقد الإسلاميون في الجزائر صفقة مع النظام؟ Islamist parties in Algeria form strategic alliances ahead of upcoming elections.

الأحمدية في الجزائر.. خطر حقيقي أم تضخيم إعلامي؟ In 2016, Algerian security authorities uncovered Ahmadiyya networks and arrested many of the sect’s followers. The authorities have been monitoring Ahmadi sect members, who authorities believe are spreading radical religious ideology.


UN envoy: 'Inhumane things are happening in Libya' An interview with United Nations Special Envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, on the conditions in Libya as well as possible solutions to the migrant crisis.

La Libye dans l'impasse six ans après sa révolte populaire Six years after their revolution, Libya has reached a dead-end with constant changes in government, a failing economy, and the reign of warlords.

Libye: 700 migrants interceptés Seven hundred refugees were stopped by the Libyan coastal guard on their way to Europe.

Is 'grand political bargain' in store for Libya? Russia’s increasing public support for Libyan National Army commander Hiftar has emboldened his offensive against militias in southwestern Libya.

واشنطن تعرقل تعيين فياض مبعوثا أمميا إلى ليبيا The United States objected to the United Nations Secretary-General’s choice of Salam Fayyad, former Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, as Libya envoy.

أوروبا تستغل الصراع في ليبيا لتوطين المهاجرين A new clash between the Government of National Accord and the Libyan House of Representatives after the former signed a bilateral agreement with Italy regarding the fight against illegal immigration.


Au Maroc, plus de la moitié des personnes actives n'ont pas de diplôme New statistics reveal that more than half of Morocco’s working force does not have a diploma.

Le festival Gnaoua fête ses 20 ans The annual Gnawa music festival will be celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year.

'Intimate' photos capture the daily life of Moroccan women A photo series by Ali Chraibi depicting the daily lives of Moroccan women behind closed doors.

قرى بدون رجال في المغرب Villages without men in Morocco: An Al Jazeera Documentary looks at the economic pressures facing families, and specifically women, in isolated towns of the Atlas Mountains.

تقرير: المغرب أحد أقوى المستثمرين بإفريقيا The Centre Marocain de Conjoncture predicts that development in infrastructure, energy, and services will fuel economic growth in Morocco and Africa more broadly.

Morocco Brings the Western Sahara Issue Back to the AU The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace reports on Morocco’s bid to rejoin the AU and its potential to enhance the Kingdom’s geostrategic goals.


Tunisie : Thala aura sa centrale électrique éolienne Wind power plants will be installed in Mateur, Sejnane, Joumine, and Béja this year.

Tunisie Poésie Ouled Ahmed : Promotion de la culture à l’école Tunisian Poetry Association Ouled Ahmed has signed an agreement with the ministry of education to help promote art and culture in schools.

UN condemns poor prison conditions in Tunisia Following his visit to Tunisian prisons, United Nations rapporteur Ben Emmerson raised concerns over abuses such as overcrowding and torture.

How Tunisia's young entrepreneurs are hoping to boost the economy Sarah Souli reports on co-working spaces in downtown Tunis and their potential to boost Tunisia’s entrepreneurship sector.

فيتش تخفض تصنيف تونس الائتماني لتراجع السياحة Fitch lowered Tunisia’s credit rating due to the retreat of tourism and slumping investment.

منصر يتهم بن تيشة بالوقوف وراء الحملة ضد المرزوقي Adnen Manser, former chief of the presidential cabinet under Moncef Marzouki, accuses Noureddine Ben Ticha, Essebsi’s policy advisor, of being behind the campaign against Marzouki.

Western Sahara

Tu navegador utiliza un bloqueador que impide que esta página funcione correctamente The stories of Sahrawi refugees, and the suffering inflicted upon them by the wall dividing the occupied nation.

Nous devons nous battre pour faire appliquer la loie  The president of the Western Sahara Resource Watch Joanna Allan announces that their next challenge will be ensuring the application of the law which excludes the Western Sahara from the free trade deal between Morocco and Europe, therefore refusing to recognize the nation as part of Morocco.

By Letting Morocco Back In, The African Union Ignores Colonisation The readmission of Morocco into the African Union had led some to question the integrity of the Union, which pledged its solidarity to the Sahrawi Democratic Republic in 1966.

Moroccan police expels Spanish photographer from Western Sahara The Moroccan police force interrogated, detained, and expelled a Spanish photographer following his interaction with Sahrawi activists.

وقف الشركات الدانمركية واردات الملح من الصحراء الغربية انتصار للشعب الصحراوي The Danish salt importer Dansk Vejsalt declared that it will no longer be importing de-icing salt from the Western Sahara.

جدار من الرمال والألغام يقسم الصحراء الغربية ويفصل بين عائلاتها France 24 reports that the wall of sand and mines that separates the the Western Sahara also separates families.

Recently published Jadaliyya articles

لمحة من أحداث الحملة الانتخابية في المغرب: مجلة الوضع مع نبيلة منيب Jadaliyya co-editor Samia Errazzouki provides a glimpse of the Moroccan election campaign trail, featuring a speech from Nabila Mounib, head of the Federation of the Democratic Left and the first woman to lead a major political party in the country.

الذاكرة المجروحة Rachid Yamlouli comments on the Moroccan political experiment, the persistence of the Makhzen, and those who have made a lasting impression on the wounded national memory.

Why History Matters in Post-2011 Morocco Susan Gilson Miller offers a salutary reminder of the importance of historical memory to an understanding of the events unfolding in Morocco after the Arab revolts.

Imider vs. COP22: Understanding Climate Justice from Morocco's Peripheries In preparation for the COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco polished the most visible parts of the city and lifted its partial ban on social media, attempting to appear environmentally conscious and politically moderate. In reality, it was only hiding its social and environmental crimes in villages such as Imider, three hundred kilometers south of the environmental convention.

Why Is a Moroccan Professor Being Charged with "Endangering State Security?" An interview with history professor and 20 February Movement participant Maati Monjib, subject to a travel ban in August 2015.

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