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Maghreb Media Roundup (March 23)

[Image by Kaylee Steck, Ouzoud Falls, Morocco] [Image by Kaylee Steck, Ouzoud Falls, Morocco]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Maghreb and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Maghreb Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Tuesday night of every week]


IMF Staff Completes 2017 Article IV Mission to Algeria The IMF End-of-Mission press release reports on preliminary findings after a visit to the country. It emphasizes Algeria’s handling of the oil price shock and the need for fiscal consolidation.

Paramilitary force fights to keep Algeria French – archive, 1962 An archived article from 1962 describes the French Secret Army Organization’s terrorist campaign to keep Algeria French.

الجزائر والتقارير الغربية بين الحقيقة والافتراء Western media coverage of the situation in Algeria has angered authorities, but an Algerian academic believes that the government bears part of the responsibility.

الجزائر: أول ظهور لبوتفليقة في التلفزيون الرسمي منذ إلغاء زيارة ميركل Ailing president Bouteflika appeared on television for the first time after canceling a meeting with German chancellor Angela Merkel.

Des députés algériens veulent une loi contre les femmes qui s’habillent de façon “provocante” The Algerian parliament holds a shocking debate, in which they consider the punishability of a woman’s vestimentary choices.

DIJON : Un 19 mars pour réconcilier la France et l'Algérie The french city of Dijon organizes an event commemorating the Algerian victims of the independence war.


Inside Libya: The war for oil The division of political actors in Libya is a major challenge to managing the country’s oil production and rent distribution.

ليبيا: مهربون تسببوا بموت وفقدان 33 مهاجرا Three people drowned and thirty others went missing during an attempt to rescue a group that was abandoned by smugglers off the coast of Libya.

الوطنية لحقوق الإنسان ترفض تصريحات وزير الداخلية الإيطالي The Libyan National Commission for Human Rights rejects the statements of the Italian interior minister to establish migrant camps in Libya.

Young Libyan artists grow in vision and number in the midst of civil conflict In the middle of an ongoing conflict and a growing generational gap, young Libyans turn to art for personal and social healing.

Libye: les femmes interdites de voyager seules In Libya, women under the age of sixty are no longer allowed to travel outside of Libyan territory without a male chaperone.

Libya – UN Human Rights Council should prioritize justice and accountability Human Rights Watch calls on the United Nations Human Rights council to place more emphasis on justice and accountability in Libya.


For struggling Syrians in Mauritania, Finland offers fresh hope Amidst growing concern for Syrian refugees in Mauritania, UNHCR has set up an outreach program to inform the Syrian community of their rights and provide them with assistance.

Germany keeps blocking activist training — this time for a Mauritanian German LGBT support group Hamiam invited a Mauritanian activist to Cologne for a training, but the German authorities failed to grant a visa.

الغرفة الأولى ببرلمان موريتانيا تؤيد تعديل الدستور The Libyan National Assembly recently voted to support constitutional amendments to abolish the Senate and to change the national flag..

احتجاجات في موريتانيا على تغيير مرتقب للعلم والنشيد الوطنيين Thousands of protesters have gathered in Nouakchott to demonstrate against constitutional amendments.

Le tambour des larmes : les sables de Mauritanie Mauritanian author and former journalist Mbarek Ould Beyrouk’s new novel showcases desert life and features a young female heroine.

Les villageois sans terre de Mauritanie, obligés d'aller enterrer leurs morts au Sénégal In a village on the south-western border of Mauritania, black Mauritanians who have had their ancestral lands taken from them no longer have space to bury their deceased.


Morocco’s king just named a new prime minister, in case you forgot who’s in charge In The Washington Post, Mohamed Daadaoui analyzes the king’s recent political move in Morocco after months of gridlock and stalled negotiations over the formation of a coalition government to run the country.

Politician Abdellatif Merdas shot dead in Casablanca Abdellatif Merdas, member of the Constitutional Union party was shot outside of his home in Casablanca.

جمعية إسعاد تسعد وترسم البسمة على شفاه أطفال إيموزار كندر في مبادرة إنسانية نبيلة Members of Association Essad organized a medical and social convoy in Immouzer Kandar that delivered specialist care to 1,127 people.

قروض صغيرة.. خدعة كبيرة : المطلوب عمل و تشغيل للنساء، لا القروض Since early 2011, women in Ouarzazate and Dadès Valley have been involved in a struggle against micro-credit institutions, which they accuse of creating unbearable loan conditions.

Un bébé de 5 jours en instance d’expulsion ! A Congolese mother on her way to Germany accused of holding a false visa was forced to give birth in Casablanca and deported with the five day old child in her arms.

Les USA et le Royaume-Uni interdisent les laptops et tablettes sur plusieurs vols After the United States banned the cabin transport of tech items larger than smartphones from flights out of Morocco’s largest airport, the United Kingdom decided to follow suit.


Tunisia’s Partisan Path to Transitional Justice Fatim-Zohra El Malki examines the challenges facing Tunisia’s Truth and Dignity Commission.

Tunisia’s Unwritten Story Monica Marks provides an in-depth analysis of Tunisia’s transition, exploring flaws in the popular narrative about Tunisia's post-revolution experience.

تقرير: مسار تونس نحو "العدالة الانتقالية".. هل تعيد التجاوزات الحالية ممارسات النظام القديم؟ A year before the expiration of the mandate for Tunisia’s Truth and Dignity Commission, the path to transitional justice is undermined by current violations and a volatile political situation.  

السبسي: جمع كل الليبين ورفض التدخل الأجنبي "روح" مبادرة تونس حول ليبيا In a national broadcast, the Tunisian President Essebsi reaffirmed the country’s commitment to dialogue to end the Libya crisis without foreign interference.

Ce jour-là : le 20 mars 1956, la Tunisie accède à l’indépendance On the anniversary of Tunisian independence, details of the independence story are recounted.

La Tunisie voit un rebond de 30% du tourisme cette année Tunisia’s tourist industry begins to recover after the terrorist attacks in 2015, with a thirty percent increase in tourists this year.

Western Sahara

Runners in grueling marathon persevere, as do Sahrawis The annual Sahara Marathon is a chance for runners to show solidarity with the Sahrawi people and draw attention to their cause.

Western Sahara should be able to negotiate a fisheries partnership agreement with the EU An opinion piece concerning the right of Sahrawis to negotiate fishing rights and trade deals with the European Union.

رئيس الجمهورية يطالب مجلس الأمن بالتعجيل بوضع حد لسياسة التصعيد والاستفزاز المغربية The President of the Sahrawi Republic stressed the need for the Security Council to assume full responsibility to end the Moroccan policy of provocation.

المغرب يتهمهم بالتورط في قتل 11 أمنياً عام 2010.. ما مصير الصحراويين المتابَعين في قضية "اكديم إزيك"؟ After several delays, the trial of 25 Sahrawis accused of killing 11 Moroccan security forces has been resumed in the Sale Court of Appeal.

Sahara occidental : comment le Maroc utilise l’immigration comme moyen de pression sur l’UE The Moroccan government employs a new strategy against the European Union, reducing surveillance of the Spanish-Moroccan border in retaliation for the EU’s position and policy concerning the Western Sahara.

Manifestation dans la Grande Canarie pour protester contre le pillage du sable du Sahara occidental occupé The Spanish islands off of the coasts of Morocco and the Western Sahara protest against their government’s illegal pillaging of Sahrawi sand.

Recently published Jadaliyya articles

لمحة من أحداث الحملة الانتخابية في المغرب: مجلة الوضع مع نبيلة منيب Jadaliyya co-editor Samia Errazzouki provides a glimpse of the Moroccan election campaign trail, featuring a speech from Nabila Mounib, head of the Federation of the Democratic Left and the first woman to lead a major political party in the country.

الذاكرة المجروحة Rachid Yamlouli comments on the Moroccan political experiment, the persistence of the Makhzen, and those who have made a lasting impression on the wounded national memory.

Why History Matters in Post-2011 Morocco Susan Gilson Miller offers a salutary reminder of the importance of historical memory to an understanding of the events unfolding in Morocco after the Arab revolts.

Imider vs. COP22: Understanding Climate Justice from Morocco's Peripheries In preparation for the COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco polished the most visible parts of the city and lifted its partial ban on social media, attempting to appear environmentally conscious and politically moderate. In reality, it was only hiding its social and environmental crimes in villages such as Imider, three hundred kilometers south of the environmental convention.

Why Is a Moroccan Professor Being Charged with "Endangering State Security?" An interview with history professor and 20 February Movement participant Maati Monjib, subject to a travel ban in August 2015.

The Death of a Nomad The murder of forty-eight year old Sahrawi Shmad Bad July (Joo-li) by Moroccan soldiers, a clear violation of the cease-fire, was inadequately addressed by the United Nations.


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