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Documentary Video Clip (DVC) Section: Clip from "Arabs and Terrorism"

[Image from [Image from "Arabs and Terrorism"]

We are hereby launching our DVC section, Documentary Video Clips, courtesy of Jadaliyya’s sister organization, Quilting Point (QP), which is also run by the Arab Studies Institute. Quilting Point is a Documentary/Film Production Collective that was established in 2003, and produced 4 research-based documentaries, About Baghdad (2004), What is said about . . . Arabs and Terrorism (2006), The Other Threat: Arab and Muslim Immigrants in Europe (2007), and Notes on the War (2007).

The DVC series will involve posting weekly clips from our various documentary projects. Clips will be released in conjunction with particular events, or simply as a way of making them available to our readers/watchers in open source format. You are free to reproduce them with attribution to the source. Often, we will post full interviews conducted in more than a dozen countries on salient topics, from the occupation of Iraq, to the Lebanon war, Arab immigrants in Madrid, and the vagaries of the “War on Terrorism.”

We will also welcome clip submissions from other released and to-be-released documentaries that are produced independently. Simply send your clips/links with a short blurb to, along with the release form found here.

More often than not, we would like the clips to speak for themselves, but there may be text and/or links accompanying submissions if need be.

This first DVC is a 7-minute clip from the first episode of What is said about . . . Arabs and Terrorism. In this clip, the camera and narrative moved from a discussion of the dominant discourse on terrorism in Washington to events on the ground in Palestine, and back to a presentation and “dialogue,” in a Washington institution. The clip ends with a commentary by Tariq Ali. This three-part documentary was filmed in 11 countries and features more than 125 interviewees (see incomplete list below). Should you wish to find out more about the film, visit the film’s website The DVD can be purchased at Arab Film Distribution and is available on Netflix, Amazon, and elsewhere. A New York Times review summary of the film can be accessed here. The Quilting Point team working on DVC includes Maya Mikdashi, John Warner, Issam Salameh, and Ziad Abu-Rish.

Clip from "What is said about . . . Arabs and Terrorism" (Episode 1) from Jadaliyya on Vimeo

Clip from "What is said about . . . Arabs and Terrorism" (Episode 1). Edited by Bassam Haddad and Issam Salameh.




What is said about . . . Arabs and Terrorism

I n t e r v i e w e e s (incomplete list)

[Complete bios can be found on]



United States

  1. Jeane Kirkpatrick, Senior Fellow, American Enterprise Institute (AEI), Washington

  2. Talal Assad, Professor, CUNY

  3. Edward Walker, President, Middle East Institute (MEI), Washington

  4. Jonathan Schanzer, Terrorism Analyst, The Washington Institute for near East Policy (TWI), Washington

  5. Bob Jensen, Prof. of Journalism, University of Texas-Austin, New York

  6. Anthony Cordesman, Burke Chair in Strategy, CSIS, Washington

  7. Daniel Pipes, Middle East Forum, Philadelphia

  8. Stephen Zunes, Chair, Peace and Justice Studies Program, University of San Francisco, San Francisco

  9. Ryme Katkhouda, Senior Producer, Pacifica Radio WPFW, Washington

  10. Jim Lobe, Washington Bureau Chief, Inter Press Service, Washington

  11. Michael Scheuer (Anonymous Author of Imperial Hubris), Former CIA Senior (Al-Qa`ida) Analyst, Washington

  12. Khaled Abou El Fadl, Professor of Law, UCLA, Los Angeles

  13. Boaz Ganor, Director, International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism (Isr.), Washington

  14. Meyrav Wurmser, Director, Center for Middle East Policy, Hudson Institute, Washington

  15. Clifford May, President, Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, Washington

  16. David B. Cole, Professor of Law, Georgetown University, Washington

  17. As`ad Abukhalil, Professor of Political Science, California State University Stanislaus, San Francisco

  18. Raymond Tanter, Middle East Expert, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Washington

  19. Martha Crenshaw, Professor of Government, Wesleyan University, Washington

  20. Leroy Baca, Sheriff, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles

  21. Saree Makdisi, Professor of English, UCLA, Los Angeles

  22. Avi Dicter, Former Director, Shin Bet (Israeli Security Service), Washington

  23. Michael Hudson, Professor of Political Science, Georgetown University, Washington



  1. Nawwaf Musawi, Head of International Public Relations, Hizballah, Beirut

  2. Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah, Shi`ite Grand Cleric, Beirut

  3. Ousama Hamdan, Representative in Lebanon, Hamas, Beirut

  4. Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General, Hizballah, Beirut

  5. Jibran Twayni, Editor-in-Chief, An-Nahar Newspaper, Beirut

  6. Anwar Taha, Representative, Islamic Jihad, Beirut

  7. Talal Salman, Publisher, As-Safir Newspaper, Beirut

  8. Rami Khouri, Editor-in-Chief, The Daily Star, Beirut

  9. Marwan `Abdel `Al, Representative, PFLP, Beirut

  10. Sheikh Abdul Karim `Obeid, Shi`ite Cleric, Beirut

  11. Muhammad Fneish, Cabinet Minister (Hizballah), Beirut



  1. Muntasir Al-Zayaat, Lawyer for Islamic Jihad, Cairo

  2. Mahdi `Akif, Head of Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, Cairo

  3. Hani Shukrallah, Editor-in-Chief, Al-Ahram Weekly Newspaper, Cairo

  4. Muhammad Wakid, Leader, Egyptian Anti-Globalization Movement, Cairo

  5. Hisham Qasem, President, Misr al-Yawm Newspaper, Cairo

  6. Fahmi Huweidi, Prominent Egyptian Journalist, Cairo

  7. Dina Hishmet, Activist, Anti-Globalization Movement and Human Rights, Cairo

  8. Jalal Amin, Professor of Economics, American University in Cairo (AUC), Cairo

  9. Khalid Safwat, Human Rights Lawyer, Cairo

  10. Muhammad `Abla, Painter and Artist, Cairo

  11. Dina Khawaja, Professor of Political Science, American University in Cairo (AUC), Cairo

  12. Nawal Sa`dawi, Feminist Leader and Novelist, Cairo



  1. Buthaina Sha`ban, Syrian Minister of Expatriates, Damascus

  2. Khalid Mish`al, Head of Political Bureau, Hamas, Damascus

  3. Ramadan Abdullah Shallah, Secretary General, Islamic Jihad, Damascus

  4. Mahir Tahir, Secretary General, PFLP, Damascus

  5. `Imad Shu`aibi, Political Analyst, Damascus

  6. Sadiq Al-`Azm, Professor of Philosophy, Damascus University, Damascus

  7. Ibrahim Hamidi, Bureau Chief, Al-Hayat Newspaper, Damascus

  8. Muhammad Al-Bouty, Sunni Cleric, Damascus

  9. Omar Amirali, Filmmaker, Damascus



  1. Angel Lossada, Director, Terrorism Affairs, Foreign Ministry, Madrid

  2. Javier Couso, Activist, Brother of Journalist José Couso (Killed in Iraq), Madrid

  3. José María Irujo, Journalist, El País Newspaper, Madrid

  4. Beatríz Barcia Carregal, Public Representative, Assn. for Victims of Terrorism, Madrid

  5. Francisco Cavali, Organizer, CNT Worker’s Union, Madrid

  6. Haizam Amirah Fernandez, Snr. Analyst, Arab World Prgm., Real Elcano Institute, Madrid

  7. Mohammed Haidour, Comisiones Obreras (CCOO), Madrid

  8. Roderigo Gavilan, Spokesperson for the Confederation of Spanish Police, Madrid

  9. Munir El-Messery, Imam of Madrid Mosque, Madrid

  10. Juan Aviles, Professor, University of Distance Education, Madrid

  11. Antonio Elorza, Professor, University of Complutense, Madrid

  12. Ina Collado, March 11 Victims Association, Madrid

  13. Aida Abella, Former President, Union Patriotica in Colombia, Madrid



  1. Nasr Hamid Abu-Zaid, Professor of Islamic Studies and Politics, U. of Leiden, Amsterdam

  2. Nabila, Lebanese-Born Swedish Rapper/Movie Star, Amsterdam

  3. Muhammad Salamah, Professor of Arabic Literature, U. of Leiden, Amsterdam

  4. (Anonymous) Dutch Flight Attendant, United Airlines


United Kingdom

  1. Jeremy Corbyn, Member of Parliament, Labour Party, London

  2. Alasdair Palmer, Columnist and Public Policy Editor, Sunday Telegraph, London

  3. Tariq Ali, Author and Public Intellectual, London

  4. William Dalrymple, Historian and Journalist, London

  5. Nigel West, Counter-Terrorism Expert and Historian, London

  6. Sir John Butterfill, Member of Parliament, Conservative Party, London

  7. Nazir Ahmed, Labour Peer, House of Lords, London

  8. Robert Biel, Director, MSC Development Administration & Planning, University College London

  9. Peter Hitchens, Columnist, The Mail on Sunday, London

  10. Yvonne Ridley, Political Editor, The Islam Channel, London

  11. Anjem Choudary, Leading Figure, Al-Ghurabaa, London

  12. Azzam Tamimi, Institute of Islamic Political Thought & Muslim Association of Britain, London

  13. Ahdaf Soueif, Novelist, London

  14. Doug Jewell, Campaigns Coordinator, Liberty, London



  1. Jean-Jacques Moscovitz, Criminal Psychiatrist, Paris

  2. Guy Millière, Professor of Political Science, Paris VIII University, Paris

  3. Yves Roucaute, Professor of Political Science, Paris X University, Paris

  4. Aurélien Véron, Treasurer, La Fédération Liberté Chérie, Paris

  5. Jean-Charles Brisard, Terrorism Expert and Author, Paris

  6. Alain Gresh, Politics Editor, Le Monde Diplomatique, Paris

  7. Burhan Ghalyoun, Prominent Intellectual and Professor of Sociology, Sorbonne University, Paris

  8. Jean-Francois Bayart, Research Director, Centre D’Etudes et de Recherches Internationales (CERI), Paris



95. Zeev Boim, Deputy Defense Minister of Israel (Likud Party), Tel Aviv

  1. Admiral Ami Ayalon, Former Chief of the Navy and Security Service, Haifa

97. Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin, Professor of History, Ben Gurion University, Jerusalem

98. Shlomo Aronson, Professor of Political Science, Hebrew University, Tel Aviv

99. Haim Ramon, Minister without Portfolio, Member of Knesset (Labour Party), Jerusalem

100.         Ephraim Sneh, Former Civil Administrator in the West Bank, Tel Aviv

101.         `Azmi Bishara, Member of Knesset, NDA, Jerusalem

102.         Roman Bronfman, Member of Knesset and Head of the Democratic Choice Faction, Yahad Opposition Party, Jerusalem

103.         Shaul Yahalom, Member of Knesset, National Religious Party, Tel Aviv

104.         Amira Hass, Journalist, Haaretz Newspaper, Jerusalem




105.         Walid Al-Omary, Bureau Chief of Al-Jazeera, Ramallah

106.         Mahdi Abdul Hadi, Chairman, PASSIA (The Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs), Ramallah

107.         Hanan Ashrawi, Palestinian Legislative Council, Ramallah

  1. Khalida Jarrar, Al-Dameer, Prisoner Rights NGO, Ramallah









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