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Bombast of Mass Slayer

[Art by Serwan Baran] [Art by Serwan Baran]

My name is Mass Slayer.

I live in bombs and bullets,

in cannons and rockets.

I live in the nucleus of you.

I could be an army, a lone wolf,

or a terrorist band.

I need not toil,

pay individual visits,

like the everyday Reaper.

I stun as many as I can, in one go,

I stun them on a street, in a bar,

in a temple, in the battlefield,

in the comfort of their homes--

and you could be there.

Nothing pleases me though

more than being in the news,

and nothing pleases the news more than my exploits.

What a joy to star in a movie,

to be shared and streamed,

flashing my motto, Viva La Muerte!

Drench me with tears and condemnations,

I thrive on mass prayers

and flowers galore. 

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