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Maghreb Media Roundup (July 20)

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Maghreb and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Maghreb Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each roundup to]


Stagnation, oil and oligarchy: a look at today’s Algeria After leading anti-colonial initiatives and internationalist cooperation, Algeria adopted market reforms in the 80s and 90s that have contributed to current political stagnation.

Algeria to grant African migrants work permits amid surge in racism Algeria responds to a shortage of workers by granting job permits and residency rights to Sub-Saharan migrants while combating racism and anti-migrant sentiment.

الجزائر تحتفي سينمائيا بالأمير عبد القادر The historical documentary film Abdelkader was recently screened in Algiers to commemorate the 134th anniversary of the anti-colonial military leader’s death.

تطابق وجهات النظر بين الجزائر و موريتانيا في جميع المجالات In a statement to the press after his conversation with Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, Algerian Prime Minister Abdelmadjid Tebboune pointed to "a convergence of views between Algeria and Mauritania in all areas of cooperation, especially security and economic."

Algérie. Une caméra cachée qui dévoile les dessous de l'audiovisuel Enrique Klaus discusses the Ennahar TV controversy and Boudjedra scandal, which demonstrates the Algerian audiovisual field’s voyeurism, populism, and conservatism.

1962, le miracle de l'indépendance algérienne Malika Rahal offers an historical analysis of the year 1962 and the events that led to the independence of Algeria.


European anti-migration agenda could challenge stability in Niger EU anti-migration intervention targets the Niger-Libya migration route, threatening to upset the delicate balance of power between the north and south of Niger.

"Whoever Controls Benghazi Controls Libya" Frederic Wehrey discusses the aftershocks of Haftar’s military campaign to rid Islamist militias from Benghazi.

Zuwara, the Libyan city working to stop migrant smuggling At-Wellol and Azref are two civil society organizations that aim to stop smuggling and promote Amazigh culture and language in Zuwara.

الولايات المتحدة الأميركية تنسق مع مصر لتوسيع نفوذها في ليبيا The United States coordinates with Egypt to expand its influence in Libya after the retreat of extremist groups from Benghazi.

السراج يدعو لإجراء انتخابات رئاسية وبرلمانية في ليبيا العام المقبل Prime Minister Serraj calls for presidential and parliamentary elections next year.

La reprise de Benghazi est-elle une bonne nouvelle? Courrier International discusses different Libyan news articles about Khalifa Haftar and the consequences of his “liberation” of Benghazi.


Mauritania Suspends "Suspicious" Qatari Projects Mauritanian authorities issued a circular suspending all Qatari projects in a display of solidarity with Saudi Arabia.

إضراب عمالي يشل عمل شركة "توتال موريتانيا" A workers strike paralyzes “Total Mauritania,” which has operated in Mauritania for nearly twenty years.

موريتانيا في عصر الانقلابات.. ذكريات وملاحظات Memories and observations about Mauritania in the era of coups.

Slice Up, l’association qui veut changer l’image de l’Afrique dans les médias The Slice-Up initiative aims to change stereotypes about Africa in the media by training Mauritanian bloggers and journalists.

Mauritanie : selon un rapport de l’ONU, les trois quarts du pays vivent dans une extrême pauvreté The Special Rapporteur Philip Alston presents at the UN Human Rights Council a report which states that ¾ of the population suffer from extreme poverty.

Réforme constitutionnelle en Mauritanie: "Un référendum inutile et dangereux" The constitutional referendum would divide Mauritanians while avoiding debates about crucial issues, such as the return of Mauritanian refugees from Senegal.  


مجموعة الأربعة لوزراء الداخلية يشيدون بجهود المغرب في مجال الهجرة ومكافحة تهريب المخدرات State-owned news channel Med1TV discusses Morocco’s efforts to combat drug trafficking and migration flows.

حراك الريف يستمر بلا هوادة في المغرب Moroccan historian Maati Monjib discusses the instrumentalization of religious discourse to challenge protests in the Rif.

Is Morocco Headed Toward Insurrection? Hisham Aidi weaves together his family history with domestic and international conflicts in northern Morocco.

Morocco/Western Sahara: Torture Allegations Cast Shadow Over Trial In a trial related to clashes that erupted in Gdeim Izik in 2010, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International reject evidence obtained by torture.

Moroccan women vow to continue protests Women activists protest in Casablanca and Rabat for the release of prisoners from the Hirak movement.

Quand la presse marocaine appelait au boycott des juifs Mohammed Hatimi analyzes the consequences of the Six-Day War for Jews in Moroccan society, from integration to marginalization.


Phosphate: A Blessing or a Curse?  Gafsa’s economic and social situation has deteriorated despite phosphate revenues.

Couscous, capitalism and neocolonialism in Tunisia  Belen Fernandez critiques the documentary Couscous: Seeds of Dignity by Habib Ayeb about agricultural dependency in Tunisia.

تونس: من ضحايا إلى متهمين Human Rights Watch has documented a series of cases in which people who allege police abuse face retaliatory charges of insulting the police.

الدرك الجزائري يقتل ثلاثة مسلحين تسللوا من تونس Algerian gendarmerie forces kill three militants who fled to Algeria after exchanging fire with Tunisian border guards in Kasserine.

A Tunis, les bibliothèques humaines pour lutter contre les préjugés Inspired by the Human Library project in Denmark, a Tunisian association is fighting stereotypes and prejudices.

Tunisie: quand la révolution s'évapore dans la fumée du haschich A report on drug use among Tunisian youth analyzes its social causes and the lack of response to this public health issue.

Western Sahara

Ould Salek dubs "victorious" AU's firm commitment in favor of Sahrawi cause The Sahrawi Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohamed Salem Ould Salek welcomes the African Union’s commitment to the Sahrawi cause at the Addis Ababa summit.

Le Maroc adopte des textes pour s'attribuer l'espace maritime face au Sahara Occidental Morocco has adopted legislation to appropriate the maritime space close to Western Sahara.

L'unique solution au Sahara occidental doit passer par le référendum d'auto-détermination The lawyer Olfa Ouled advocates for a self-determination referendum as the only solution to solve the conflict.

المجموعة البرلمانية حول الصحراء الغربية بالبرلمان الأوربي تعبر عن تضامنها مع معتقلي الصف الطلابي European Parliament expresses solidarity with Sahrawi students detained in Morocco for political organizing.

Morocco's OCP says to refuse role in S.Africa phosphate trial A South African court recognized Polisario Front charges that OCP illegally extracted a phosphate shipment from the Western Sahara.

Recent on Jadaliyya

Sur l'utilité de se concentrer sur Alger Rachid Sidi Boumedine replies to his commentators by explaining why his book focuses on shantytowns, specifically in Algiers.

في صحبة ابن رشد: الفلسفة فن عيش وأسلوب تعبير حجاجي An essay reflecting on the relevance and purpose of philosophy today.

مسار الحراك المثلي في تونس: مقابلة لمجلة الوضع مع بدر بَعبو Status Audio journal hosts an interview with activist Badr Baabou about gender and homosexuality in Tunisia.

A Lyrical Cruise in Tunis Lana Salman’s field notes from pre-dissertation fieldwork in Tunis.

Des bidonvilles aux villes de béton : une somme sur l’évolution urbaine d’Alger Eric Verdeil reviews Rachid Sidi Boumedine’s book about shantytown in Algiers.


Morocco's Hirak Movement: The People Versus the Makhzen Fatim-Zohra El Malki discusses the state’s reaction to an expanding protest movement in Morocco.

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