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Jadaliyya Turns "One!"

[Design by Jadaliyya Editors] [Design by Jadaliyya Editors]

Jadaliyya was launched officially a year ago (see cheesy launching moment below) on September 21st, 2010 (yes, we missed the bday by one day. Oh well). However, we started posting two months prior, on July 2nd, so we would launch with some content (see early screenshots below). We were fortunate enough to have a dedicated and volunteer-based team of Co-Editors as well as an extremely supportive and resourceful network. Within a few days, we developed a steady readership of 500 to 1000 readers daily, which continued to rise steadily along with the number and quality of articles we posted. We gradually started to build pages and sections and to expand our categorization and tagging to provide a varied and searchable publication. We were happy and satisfied, even if overworked.

Then came the Arab uprisings in December/January to change the region and catapult Jadaliyya into the forefront of electronic publications/websites covering the region. We were overtaken by the uprisings on the streets and overwhelmed with the volume of contributors and visitors who found in Jadaliyya a refuge from mainstream reporting and a new reference point for contextualized analysis. To our shock, we were attracting 10,000-14,000 visitors a day. Jadaliyya came close to colonizing our lives just as following the uprisings had done. We were all better for it.

To date, Jadaliyya has never paid a penny to an editor or a contributor. In line with the development of the Arab Studies Institute, Jadaliyya's parent organization, all operations are based on volunteer labor and resources, following the principle "from each according to their capacity . . ." As time goes by, and as Jadaliyya and its sister organizations develop (namely Arab Studies Journal, Quilting Point, and FAMA-Forum on Arab and Muslim Affairs), we are finding it necessary to seek institutional funding and support. We hope to be able to continue our journey based on the same goals and principles that we put forth since the early 1990s when we launched the Arab Studies Journal (1992).

Thanks to everyone who supported us in one way or another (a proper thanks is coming soon!), but mostly thanks to you, our readers, for keeping us all motivated to do what we do.

More soon!

Jadaliyya Editors


[First screenshots of our baby!]


[1 minute after launching Jadaliyya on September 21, 2011]

4 comments for "Jadaliyya Turns "One!""


Thank you guys for a great, in-depth online magazine with intelligent and suprising angles, thorough analysis and some of the best features from the Arab uprisings. You should indeed be proud of yourself.

I hope you'll get the funding and support you need to stay around - and grow bigger.

I'm spreading the Jadaliyya-word here in the (freezing) northern Europe.

The best from Denmark, Peter

Peter Krogh Andersen wrote on September 23, 2011 at 03:01 AM

Congratulations to the wonderful team of editors and the diverse contributors.

You're right to say that readers have found in Jadaliyya "a refuge from mainstream reporting and a new reference point for contextualized analysis" - this couldn't be more true. As a young white Australia Christian it has been difficult to sift through the layers and layers of information, misinformation, conjecture, propaganda and disagreements to find anything resembling a reliable "truth." What I appreciate about Jadaliyya is the way it comes from the thought-life of the very regions and people.

To anyone who has contributed I am truly greatful to be hearing "your" voice. Every article that I have read so far has been refreshing and provocative. I'm greatful.

Omar Barghouti has described an "Arab Renaissance". At least from my corner of the world it feels like there is a renaissance. I can feel my thinking about and vision for the world becoming much richer as I meet cultures and people (the writers) who were before so distant.

Thank you. Alex

Alexander Holmes-Brown wrote on September 23, 2011 at 07:14 AM

Dear Jadliyyaites Congratulations though there are no candles and cakes it is a celebration worth it. Don't be dismayed by the small number of comments here. There are a number of unnamed readers like me who absorb the ideas from genuine discussions like the ones in Jadaliyya. We are forming our opinion and seasoning our understanding with the critical readings that you provide. WE in India, especially those in colleges and universities are looking at the events bewildered and in great expectations. Through this site you all behind it are floating some ideas that need much more attention and it deserve to long live

AYYOOB wrote on September 27, 2011 at 05:07 AM

Today is my first exposure to this e-magasine; you have definitely become part of my knowledge form dealing with Middle-Eastern topics; hope to read more informative articles dealing with both current political events as well as robust historical research. Thank You for giving me, a "westerner", worse, a timid canadian [reference to Canada,s fearful foreign policies] some much needed balance and depth in your coverage of all things Arab!!!!!!

simon leblanc wrote on September 29, 2011 at 11:30 AM

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