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Jadaliyya Launches New Political Economy Page

We are especially excited today to launch the new Political Economy Page on Jadaliyya. This page is co-produced with the Political Economy Project. It serves as a space for producing critical work in political economy, as well as a resource for researchers, educators, and students interested in the field. We will regularly review and publish submissions related to any facet of political economy in accordance with the mission statement of the Political Economy Project, with some variation that is intended to stimulate productive discussions and debates. This page will publish material in English and in Arabic, as well as other languages, and will increasingly feature resources useful to researchers in this domain.

Jadaliyya comes full circle to embrace the page that was originally intended to be the project that Jadaliyya is today. That is, the original plan in 2009/2010 was to produce a website/blog on political economy. After some discussion, we opted to start from a broader vantage point and build the political economy page independently (which now developed in part into the Political Economy Project), or within the pages of Jadaliyya. And here we are, delayed for a few years by the Arab Uprisings that started only three months after the official launch of this publication.

We are aiming for this page to be a vibrant representation of the best research and commentary out there on the topic. E-mail your contributions to

A few words about the the Political Economy Project are in order.  As discussed above, ​The Political Economy Project (PEP) is an evolving focus of the Arab Studies Institute and its affiliate scholars,, with research, pedagogic, and advocacy objectives. Our founding workshop took place in April 2015 at the Arab Studies Institute in Virginia and was followed by several workshops, conferences, research projects, resource building efforts, and other activities. The workshop and preparations for it spawned an initial membership of more than sixty researchers and scholars of political economy from the Middle East and beyond.PEP’s evolving cluster of activities revolve around research, pedagogy, training, network-building, and advocacy. Our network grows through nominations by existing members. A cornerstone of PEP is to provide opportunities and training for students and emerging researchers both from the region and beyond.

Read more about the project here.

Finally, we are pleased to launch the page with a sellar roundtable on War Economies, organized by one of our page editors, Omar Dahi and Pete Moore. You can find the introductory post to this roundtable here.

Political Economy Page Editors

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Jadaliyya Launches its

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