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Maghreb Media Roundup (September 21)

[Touareg celebration of Sbiba, by Magharebia (Flickr, Creative Commons)​] [Touareg celebration of Sbiba, by Magharebia (Flickr, Creative Commons)​]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Maghreb and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Maghreb Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each roundup to]


ميناء مستغانم يعود لركوده A lack of activity returns to Mostaganem Port in northwest Algeria after directing resources to importing automobiles.

قرار الحكومة الجزائرية بتوحيد الأذان يثير جدلا دينيا The Algerian government decided to control the timing of the call to prayer, causing controversy within the country.

Algeria: Stop Persecuting a Religious Minority Human Rights Watch reports on prosecutions of Ahmadis, a religious minority group within the majority Sunni Muslim country.   

Algeria to reopen its Tripoli embassy “soon”: report Algerian Foreign Minister, Abdelkader Messahel, plans to reopen its embassy in Libya.

Algérie : Fali, leader ahmadi condamné, libéré et toujours poursuivi, symbole d’un acharnement d’État Mohamed Fahli, leader of the Ahmadis, is still under investigation by Algerian authorities for “taking unauthorized gifts” and offending the prophet of Islam.

Algérie : « L’économie souffre encore des tabous présidentiels » Jeune Afrique interviews the economist Hassan Haddouche about the current prime minister’s economic program.


How Libya's Fezzan Became Europe's New Border International Crisis Group admonishes European policymakers to address governance, economic, and security issues in southern Libya’s Fezzan region.

Brazzaville AU Libya mini-summit breaks no new ground The African Union has not ended a stalemate over the Libya situation.

Entre Libye et Italie, petits arrangements contre les migrants Italy struck a deal with Libya’s militias to slow illegal migration across the Mediterranean.

Libye : un prince propose la royauté pour sortir du chaos Former Libyan prince, Idris Al-Senussi, calls for the 1951 constitution to be restored. This would give control back to Libya’s three historic provinces over their internal affairs.

أطفال داعش في السجون الليبية Two wars against Daech in western Libya have resulted in the detention of women and children accused of ties to terrorism.

مدينة زوارة الليبيّة تسعى إلى وقف تهريب المهاجرين The northwestern Libyan city Zuwarah seeks to stop the smuggling of migrants.


Prière de Vendredi Interdite ! Local authorities try to prevent prayers in a Tadreyssa mosque due to lack of proper authorization.

Mauritanie: un investissement de 590 millions de dollars pour l’extension de la mine d’or de Tasiast Kinross Gold Corporation, a Canadian company confirmed the expansion of the Tasiast gold mine set to begin in January 2018.

موريتانيا تبرر منع دخول ناشطين أمريكيين أراضيها Mauritania justifies its refusal to allow entry to US anti-slavery activists.

موريتانيا: مطالب بوقف الإجراءات ضد بعض النقابيين Mauritanian trade unions demand the release of unionists held by the government, calling their imprisonment an attack on public freedom.

Syrian refugees in Mauritania dream of resettlement A profile of Syrian refugees in Mauritania, where 428 Syrians currently live according to UN figures.

Mauritania: Team of lawyers battles for drop of legal case against 13 senators A team of lawyers has embarked on legal proceedings to drop cases against 13 Mauritanian senators accused of taking money from the President’s cousin Mohamed Bouatmatou, known as an opponent of the Mauritanian ruler.


The rise and fall of Morocco’s opposition leader, legal cannabis advocate Joseph Hammond reports on the unexpected resignation of Ilyas El-Omari, former head of Morocco’s Authenticity and Modernity Party.

Morocco Court Postpones Northern Protest Trials: Lawyers  The government has postponed the trials of the protesters in Al-Hoceima charged with conspiring against the state until October.

Mille ans d’histoire de la monarchie marocaine revisités par un ethnologue A review of Raymond Jamous’s recent work Le sultan des frontières, which offers a new reading of Morocco’s political history.

Maroc: sommet contre le réchauffement climatique Morocco hosted the second global summit against global warming in Agadir on September 13th.

سلطات الدار البيضاء تشن حملة واسعة لطرد مُحتلي المِلك العمومي Casablanca municipal authorities launched a campaign to expel the sellars who occupy public spaces.

الرئيس التونسي مستاء لترحيل أمير مغربي Prince Moulay Hisham Alaoui, cousin of King Mohammed VI, was deported from Tunisia for undisclosed reasons.  


How this Tunisian startup is digitizing cash registers Taher Mestiri created a cash register app aimed at helping neighborhood retailers manage their businesses.

Tunisia lifts the ban on Muslim women marrying non-Muslim men Tunisia lifted the 1973 ban, allowing women the right to chose their spouse.

Tunisie : les élections municipales finalement reportées sine die The government has postponed the first post-revolution municipal elections due to delays in ballot preparation.

En Tunisie, le retour feutré d’anciens de Ben Ali Le Monde analysis of Tunisia’s new government and the return of Ben Ali era officials.

تونس ستسمح بفتح حسابات بالعملة الأجنبية  Tunisia is now allowing foreign currency banking in hopes of increasing economic growth and to boost the country’s foreign currency reserves.

صغار في السجن رغما عن أنفهم The online journal Correspondents offers a glimpse of life for women and children inside Tunisian prisons.

Western Sahara

Western Sahara Trade Dispute to be heard in the Court of Justice of the European Union The Grand Chamber of the Court of Justice of the EU has called for an oral hearing of a case against the UK’s allowing products originating from or processed in Western Sahara to be imported into the UK under a trade agreement with Morocco.

Ambassadors, international experts support Western Sahara people’s right to self-determination Ambassadors and International Law experts stressed the importance of implementing UN human rights policy in Western Sahara in a meeting of the UN Human Rights Council on September 13th.

سلطات الاحتلال المغربية توقف الناشطة والاعلامية الصحراوية مريم زفري Moroccan authorities arrest Marian Zafri, a Sahrawi activist, after attending Summer University of Sahrawi executives.   

القضية الصحراوية حاضرة في احتفالات الشعب الكوبي بثورته التاريخية
Sahrawi students participate in July 26 Revolution celebrations, thanking Cuba for the support of an independent Western Sahara

Discours royal: le retour du Maroc à l'UA a eu un impact positif An analysis of royal discourse in the king’s two recent speeches on Throne Day and King & People’s revolution day.

Sahara occidental: Le Polisario disponible à coopérer avec l’émissaire du SG de l’ONU The Polisario front met with UN envoy Horst Kohler in New York to discuss the UN process for Western Sahara in hopes of reaching a solution guaranteeing the inalienable right of Saharawi people to self-determination.

Recent on Jadaliyya

'The King Is Good, the Political Class Is Bad': A Tired Myth Mounia Bennani-Chraibi questions the dominant political narrative in Morocco and considers the adaptive capacities of political parties.

Manich Msamah and the Face of Continued Protest in Tunisia Manich Msamah, a Tunisian protest movement, delays votes on the controversial Economic Reconciliation Law.

La moustache de fer (A Song of Mustache and Technocracy) Thomas Serres discusses implications of Ahmed Ouyahia’s return to the premiership of Algeria.

تونسيات محرومات من اختيار أزواجهن Tunisian journalist Mabrouka Kathir comments on women’s freedom of choice in marriage, which is limited by a 1973 decree that prohibits Tunisian women from marrying non-Muslim men.

حراك الريف: النظام يراهن على الحسم الأمني Moroccan journalist Imad Stitou analyzes the Makhzen’s response to the Hirak movement in Northern Morocco

Sur l'utilité de se concentrer sur Alger Rachid Sidi Boumedine replies to his commentators by explaining why his book focuses on shantytowns, specifically in Algiers.

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