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Nationwide Vote for Party-Coalition Lists (Stage 1)

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Party/Coalition List Votes % Votes
Freedom and Justice* 3565092 36.62321885
Al-Nour** 2371713 24.3639615
Egyptian Bloc 1299819 13.35268647
Al-Wafd 690077 7.088973018
Al-Wasat 415590 4.269242848
Revolution Continues 335947 3.451092006
Reform and Development 185138 1.901872235
National Party of Egypt 153429 1.576134317
Freedom 136784 1.405144767
Adl 76769 0.788627022
Conservative Party 76743 0.788359931
Egyptian Citizen 67602 0.694456929
Democratic Peace 51704 0.531141106
Al-Ghad 39999 0.41089883
Union 39527 0.406050102
Nasserist 39257 0.403276466
Egyptian Revolution 36975 0.379834102
Democratic Front 33293 0.342009919
Egyptian Arab Union 31233 0.3208481
New Egypt Party 27106 0.278452553
Egypt Revolution 26804 0.27535019
New Independents 10793 0.110873549
Revolution's Guards 5875 0.060352274
Citizens and Human Rights 4436 0.045569819
Social Peace 3416 0.035091637
Wai 3180 0.032667274
Arab Party for Justice and Equality 3165 0.032513183
Constitutional Social Liberal 3047 0.031301001
Total 9734513 100


*Freedom and Justice list includes candidates from the parties of the "Democratic Alliance for Egypt".

** Al-Nour's list includes candidates from the parties of the "Islamist Bloc".

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1 comment for "Nationwide Vote for Party-Coalition Lists (Stage 1)"



thank you for updating us so efficiently. since the FJP and Nour numbers are actually for the coalitions led by FJP and Nour, do you mind specifying that?

Wikipedia is citing you as a reference, and there is some ongoing controversy regarding if what you state as Nour and FJP are just these parties or their respective coalitions

houssam nassif wrote on December 07, 2011 at 02:46 PM

If you prefer, email your comments to


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