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Syria Media Roundup (February 16)

[Image from Menassat] [Image from Menassat]

Recent articles and analysis on Syria, representing diverse positions:

Virtual and on-the-ground changes to Syria’s streets and squares

Chatham House on Syria (1)

Chatham House on Syria (2)

Some tribal history for Syria

Syria, Spin and Propaganda on Al-Jazeera’s The Listening Post

The real Syrian opposition...? on Syria Comment

Nir Rosen on ‘The Battle for Homs’

BBC : US Government positions on Syria, Aleppo bombings

BBC’s on-the-ground reporting from Homs

Debate and comment on options for Syria

Palestinian intellectuals in support of Syria sign up to the Syrian Writers Association

Roula Khalaf analysis for the FT on opposition’s political manoeuvring

Homs refugees in hiding in Damascus

Syrian Human Rights group tries to shake off imposter

Wadah Khanfar argues that, despite the regional and international politics, “Syrian’s have become the most important actors” in their future

Joseph Massad’s second piece on Syria, imperialism and a third way

But not everyone agrees with Massad; a response here

A Foreign Policy article by Stephen Walt on whether the Libyan case thwarts Syria’s chances

Chatham House’s Rime Allaf in the New York Times

Responsibility to protect?

The argument against intervention, from Seamus Milne

And an attack on the Milne apologetics

UNICEF on Syria’s children

New York Times Editorial on Syria

With the Syrian Free Army in Lebanon

An important debunking of claims that YouGov Siraj poll shows 55% of Syrians support the regime

The Angry Arab: a nod to the Syrian uprising (1) . . . and on the problematic of Western media coverage of same

Not so recent, but important, Hamid Dabashi on Arab revolutions and Syria and the end of post-colonial status quo

Ian Black gives a relatively more nuanced analysis in The Guardian on anti-regime positions

Joshua Landis and Steven Heydemann debate, after UN veto

Financial Times analysis on Syria’s economy (requires registration to view)

#Tweepoftheweek goes to @DavidCButter for considered commentary on Syria

#citizenjournalist extraordinaire goes to activist Danny Dayem reporting from Homs


Arabic Language Articles:

Peter Harling, of International Crisis Group, in Assafir newspaper

An article by Syrian writer Odai al-Zu’bi

Alain Greish at a Syria seminar in Paris

Sectarianism and Syria by Yassin Haj Saleh in Annahar

Syria and foreign intervention by Khalid Hroub, Cambridge University


Recent Jadaliyya Articles on Syria

Crocodiles of Arabia

مفتاح منطقة القلب

Turkey's Foreign Policy Towards the Middle East: An Interview with Asli Bali (Part 2)

The Israeli Position Toward Events in Syria

Palestinian Intellectuals to Syrian Regime: Not in Our Name!

On Vetoes, Negotiations, and Syria: RT Interview with Jadaliyya Co-Editor Mouin Rabbani

While You Were Sleeping, Again

New Texts Out Now: Joshua Stacher, Adaptable Autocrats: Regime Power in Egypt and Syria

One Morning in Homs

The Syrian Revolution on Four Packs a Day

Seven Hours in Hama

US on UN Veto: "Disgusting", "Shameful", "Deplorable", "A Travesty..." Really?


Cynicism Around Syria: Russia as Smokescreen

Nothing But My Words

خطاب الجعفري ...دريفوس معتقلاً

بدأت ثورة شعبية، ولكن هل استطاعوا حرفها؟

The Transformation of the Syrian Revolution: Al Jazeera English Interview with Bassam Haddad

This is Damascus

ديناميتان للثورة السورية: المستقبل في الحاضر

سينما في ساحة الحرية

الثورة السورية نحو مزيد من التعقيد: تصريحات برهان غليون "غير المدروسة" للوول ستريت جورنال

القيمة الأخلاقية للثورة العربية

هنا دمشق

The Idiot's Guide to Fighting Dictatorship in Syria while Opposing Military Intervention

In the Suburbs of Damascus

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