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Syria Media Roundup (February 23)

[Image from Menassat.] [Image from Menassat.]

Sunday Times reporter Marie Colvin, killed in Syria on Wednesday reminds us all of the importance of front line reporting (1) along with a French photographer, Remi Ochlik and, on the previous day a Syrian citizen journalist Rami Al-Sayed (2)

‘Phone Calls to Hell’: Syria’s citizen journalists, including Rami Al-Sayed

‘Damascus Launching the Syrian Journalists Association after Decades of Oppression’

‘Syrian Security Forces Target Doctors’, in The Guardian

‘Red Cross tries to broker Syria truce as tanks move on Homs’

‘Officials killed in Syria’s Idlib Province’, report by Al-Jazeera English

‘Syria: Razan Ghazzawi and female colleagues freed’, in Global Voices update

‘Syria: my enemy’s enemy is not my friend’, a spat within the UK Left emerges on Syria

‘Syria disintegrating under crippling sanctions’: Faisal al-Qudsi interviewed by the BBC

‘Syrian forces fire on funeral procession’ in The Wall Street Journal (1) and see footage here from Mezze (2)

‘China backs Syria’s referendum, calls for end of violence by all sides’

Wallerstein on the ‘Syrian impasse’

British government announces humanitarian aid package for Syria; it feels unable to confirm who the 3 humanitarian agencies are as this might hinder implementation in Syria

Live streams from Homs via Bambuser are now being blocked by the Syrian government

The director of the Council for the Advancement of Arab British Understanding has a letter in The Economist: setting up a buffer zone is not the answer and will not be a safe haven for civilians

‘UN Syria resolution which countries voted no’

‘Syrian rebel refugees in Jordan nurse wounds and plan a fightback’, in The National newspaper

‘American reporter Anthony Shadid dies in Syria’ (1); read his NYT obituary here (2)

Fears for Damascus activists arrested says Amnesty

UN Resolution on Syria, 16 February (1), and see the digital boards at the UN vote here (2)

If you want, you can now access all CNN’s Syria coverage from one site

‘Syrian refugees get help across the border’ report from Turkey in Spiegel online

‘Why Israel should intervene in Syria’: had to include this gem.  Nathan, perhaps stick to fiction?

‘Secretary General castigates Syria ahead of General Assembly vote’, in the New York Times

They are pushing Syrian into a religious war that they will certainly get’, in-depth reporting by the Guardian’s Martin Chulov

‘Syria blocks texts with Dublin made gear’ in Bloomberg




Arabic Language Articles:

معارض سوري: كيف يمكن لشعب أن يقبل الحوار والمسدس مصوَّب نحو رأسه

ملاحظات على مشروع الدستور السوري الجديد

1/2 مسارات غير مطروقة: التأمل في تبعات الديناميكيات السورية

2/2 مسارات غير مطروقة: التأمل في تبعات الديناميكيات السورية

إستفتاء الأحد في سوريا: أول مرة بلا %99.98 

عن الدين والدولة والدستور السوري الجديد… بقلم علي المير ملحم 

دستور سوري مدني أم «عثملّي» ديني؟

بيــن مؤشــرات الركــود و«المناعــة» الاقتصاديــة

سورية بانتظار خطاب التنحي

بعد أن وصلت إلى 12 ساعة .. وزير الكهرباء: تقليص تقنين الكهرباء إلى 6 ساعات يوميا بداية الأسبوع القادم 

المقدم خالد الحمود: نرفض عسكرة المدنيين ونطالب بتسليح الجيش الحر 

ملامح من الوضع الراهن للأزمة السورية

        تمرْكُس الظواهري وتأسْلُم غيفارا! 

علي فرزات: كي تكون حراً …يجب أن يكون الآخر حراً

الجمعية العامة تؤكد اليوم «عزلة» سورية


Social Media/Video clips

The Times front cover for Wednesday 22 February “Syria slays its children” on its Facebook site

Very witty tweets from!/SameralAtrush in the last week, especially commentary on Nasrallah’s speech (Thursday 16 March) and insight into family arguments on Syria:

After prolonged negotiations with my Baathist uncle we have agreed that there is someone shelling Homs. Now negotiating over who is shelling (14 Feb)

See Malek Jandali’s Qashoush Freedom Symphony on YouTube tweeted by @JKhashoggi

Art and the politics of foreign powers collide in this video


Recent Jadaliyya Articles on Syria

الاستفتاء على الدستور السوري: النظام الفردي كما هو 

لا شيء يفنى أو يُخلق من عدم 

حين يكون الكوكب بأسره ضد الثورة

The Real Me and the Hypothetical Syrian Revolution - Part 1 

Syria's Islamic Movement and the Current Uprising: Political Acquiescence, Quietism, and Dissent

Remembering Anthony Shadid

Our Friend Anthony Shadid's Stories

Anthony Shadid Is No Longer with Us

Syria: Razan Ghazzawi Arrested...Again

كامل نص الدستور السوري الجديد الذي تسلمه بشار الأسد

The Insha'at Exodus

Jadaliyya Launches Syria Page 

Is It Time to Intervene in Syria? NPR Discussion with Bassam Haddad and Others

Sowing the Seeds of Dissent: Economic Grievances and the Syrian Social Contract’s Unraveling

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