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Egypt Media Roundup (March 5)

[Tahrir Square in Cairo. Image from Wikimedia Commons.] [Tahrir Square in Cairo. Image from Wikimedia Commons.]

“Spectacle and political power in Egypt”
The military's responses to recent unrest shows it is learning to use manipulate events to its own political advantage.

“The Arab media paradox”
Despite the general Arab decline in the press freedom rankings, the region’s media have, in many ways, actually become freer, argues Khaled Diab.

“The CSF Riots Anniversary and the enemy within”
Zenobia looks into the CSF rioting of 1986.

“The Brotherhood and Gulf security”
Al-Qassemi discusses the Gulf’s fears of the Muslim Brotherhood exporting the revolution East and regional initiatives to normalize relations with the organization. 

“Political figures, lawmakers reject FJP proposal for constituent assembly”
Key political figures object to election criteria set out by the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party which gives parliament significant control over choice of members for the constituent assembly

 “Of patriotism and pyramid schemes” 
Al Malky’s take on the “Egyptian Aid” schemes following US NGO crisis threats to cut aid.

“Activists testify in virginity tests case, verdict expected March 11”
The virginity test trials continue, as activists and journalists are allowed to testify in court in support of Samira Ibrahim. 

“In Translation: “Between Revolutionary and Foolhardy,” Ezzedine Shukri Fishere, al-Tahrir, 19 February 2012”
A translation of Fishere’s piece criticizing the tendency of part of the revolutionary forces to make unreasonable decisions, especially concerning important issues such as putting forward a presidential candidate.

“Islamists, secularists set to clash over who pens constitution”
Tensions in the parliament intensify, as disagreements over the make-up constituent assembly surface. 

“An Eritrean refugee talks about being tortured in Sinai – video”
Mogos Redae was tortured by smugglers in the Egyptian Sinai region for nine months until his family sold their homes to raise enough money to secure his release – $14,000. 

“Hosni Mubarak's mafia ending”
Ahdaf Soueif reflects on the meaning Mubarak’s trial has taken: a distraction or a call for justice?

“Porn storm reveals cleft in Egypt attitudes”
Alastair Beach comments on the controversy over Al-Nour Party’s proposal to ban pornography.

“In Egypt, reporting raises suspicion of foreigners”
Amid heightened xenophobia in Egypt, an otherwise normal government interview is thwarted by spokesman's suspicion of foreign press.

“The next fight in Egypt and Tunisia will be among the Islamists”
Kinninmont predicts the fracturing of Islamist parties as a result of internal tensions.

“Egypt’s Judges in a Revolutionary Age”
Nathan Brown discusses the implication of proposed legislation to guarantee the independence of the Egyptian judiciary and its effect on the cohesion of the state

Book Reviews: 
The Struggle for Egypt: From Nasser to Tahrir Square. By Steven Cook. And Liberation Square: Inside the Egyptian Revolution and the Rebirth of a Nation. By Ashraf Khalil.

“Brotherhood denies McCain allegations it helped US NGO workers leave Egypt”
McCain thanks the MB for help on release of NGO workers, senior MB members react angrily.

“Egypt presidency polls slated for 23 May”
The Supreme Committee for Presidential Elections sets the date for Egypt’s presidential elections.

“Spanish court orders extradition of Mubarak associate”
Spain's National Court has ordered the extradition to Egypt of an associate of former President Hosni Mubarak.

“Muslim Brotherhood lawmaker: Arab Spring headed to Iran”
Zvi Bar'el’s take on the Brotherhood’s attitude towards Iran.

 “How Some Egyptian Christians Are Rediscovering Egypt”
The Big Pharaoh reflects on the raising political participation of Egyptian Christians and its historical connections.

“In Egypt, even the police want to reform the police”
Police unions await legalization, while former senior officers call for improving working conditions.

“Egypt's parliamentary hypocrisy”
Sarah Moussa questions the honesty of recent actions of the Muslim Brotherhood in the new Egyptian Parliament

 “Why the U.S. won’t cut military aid to Egypt”
Shana Marshall argues that Washington would not cut aid to Cairo because pressures of interest groups in the weapons business.

 “Debts closed in on Egypt man who died hanged in his jail cell”
The Egyptian revolution might have toppled Hosni Mubarak, but every day human tragedy of poverty stricken majority continues. 

 “Political powers divided on electing constituent assembly”
Disagreement in the Parliament over criteria for electing members of the constituent assembly continues.

 “Update: Egypt to restart NGO trial 8 March, Parliament to probe travel ban lifting”
The Parliament steps up its inquiry into the “foreign-funded” NGOs case.

“What went wrong? Egypt's secular parties assess Islamists' parliamentary triumph”
Liberal and leftist parties ponder reasons for electoral losses to their Islamist rivals in Egypt's first post-Mubarak parliamentary contests

“Parliament Review: Of the past and the future”
Sarah Carr gives an overview of the actions and discussions of the Egyptian Parliament  on corruption, the economy and recent slander cases.

“Egypt's cobra and mongoose” 
Robert Springborg looks into the relations between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian military.

“Egypt and the aid backlash: Lessons for the rest of the world”
Scot Long’s take on the foreign-funded NGO scandal in Egypt.

“The truth about Fayza” 
Khaled Fahmy looks at the foreign-funded NGO scandals and asks questions about the ulterior motives of the main players.


In Arabic:

“تقرير سرى عن مرشح توافقى”
In a “replica letter,” Alaa Al-Aswani writes on the danger of a “consensus candidate” for the presidential elections set-up by the military 

“منصور حسن: سأصوت لـ «نبيل العربى» إذا رشح نفسه للرئاسة”
Al-Tahrir newspaper quotes Mansour Hassan, the head of the Advisory Council of SCAF as saying he would vote for Al-Araby and suggest he might be the “consensus candidate” of the MB and SCAF

 “حقيقة الإسلاميين”
Samira Ibrahim’s criticism of the Islamists in power

 ""تفاصيل 8 قضايا يواجهها ضباط 8 أبريل: الإضراب “عدم انضباط” والشكوى “عصيان” والموبيل “جريمة””
AlBadil gives an overview of the charges against army officers who joined the protests at Tahrir on April 8

 “قانون الإخوان ينضم إلى قانون العسكر في حظر الإضراب"
.A criticism of the new draft law proposed in the Parliament to regulate labor strikes and protests

“الداخلية» تتراجع أمام «لحية الضباط» بعد انضمام «الرتب الكبيرة» لأصحاب اللحى | الدستور الأصلي”
.The article discusses the recent scandal over the pre-revolution ban on officers growing beard

“القرضاوي: دعمي الكامل لـ«أبو الفتوح» لأنه «بشوش» و«الأولى سنًا وخبرة”
.Qardawi endorses Abou Al-Fotouh as the “better candidate” for president

 “إذا أردت السياسة فعليـك بالاقتصاد”
Wael Gamal criticizes the continuation of the neoliberal economic direction set by Gamal Mubarak and the previous regime


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